Where to shop in London

    Where to shop in London
    Regent Street, Carnaby Street and other shopping streets

    London, a city where you can immerse yourself in culture and entertainment but not only: the ideal place for shopping. Many visitors, in addition to wanting to discover its irresistible attractions, come here with the intention of buying. Their motto could be summarized as “shop until you drop”, that is, do it yourself. buying until exhaustion. The City has always been at the forefront when it comes to fashion and new trends.

    In the West End we find the oldest shopping street in Europe, which in addition to splendid shops has some of the most beautiful architecture in London: it is Regent Street, for which there is a free guide of the same name in the form of an application for smartphones. Then there is calle carnaby, homeland of SwingingLondon. These are undoubtedly the best-known fashion streets, but there is no shortage of alternative areas that are home to emerging British designer boutiques and plenty of markets.

    Five minutes by bus from Stratford, in the district of Newham, is Green Street, London's most famous address for Asian fashion, to the point that it is defined Asian Bond Street. Here you will find an incredible and colorful offer of jewelry, saris, silk dresses for all tastes and prices. Beauty and hair salons, offering henna tattoos and fabulous manicures, and ethnic restaurants complete the area's offering. San Martin Courtyard it's a'urban oasis and a true paradise for shopping lovers, who will find shops and restaurants here. As well as international brands, there are independent boutiques and some of the biggest British fashion brands.

    Variety, originality and surprise are the three elements that characterize the Newburgh neighborhood. An eclectic mix of fashion, lifestyle and entertainment make this historic London district a favorite destination for lovers of the avant-garde and those looking for something special. The best talents from the British and international scene are here. fashion, jewelry and accessories. Among the frequenters of the Newburgh Quarter there are numerous VIPs. One New Change is a shopping centre, a modern glass structure with a panoramic outdoor terrace overlooking St Paul's Cathedral and the London skyline. The fusion between shopping and restoration.

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