Koh Kood, the wildest island in Thailand

A very green island, a place to trek between mountains and waterfalls that then open up in front of a wonderful sea: welcome to Koh Kood
Koh Kood, the wildest island in Thailand
Khlong Hin Bay on Koh Kood Island

Thailand is a destination loved by tourists from all over the world. Devastated practically all year round, it is a true tropical paradise in which each of us can find our ideal dimension. But there is one island, generally less chaotic than the others, that is a true explosion of nature, a piece of wild land that will conquer the hearts of all its visitors: koh kood.

Where is Ko Kood?

La maravillosa same Ko Kood It is located in the Gulf of Thailand, not far from Cambodia, in the province of Trat. Also called Ko Kut, is the fifth largest island in Siam and is part of the Mu Ko Chang archipelago, which is characterized by a total of 52 islands that are practically almost deserted.

Visiting it is like taking a trip to the most authentic Thailand, the one of yesteryear, the one it was before it became such a sought-after tourist destination. This means that it has no particular tourist attractions, nightclubs or similar: it is a true explosion of exotic nature, wild flora and fauna, crystalline turquoise sea and long beaches of soft white sand.

Making a stop at koh kood You will find yourself on a truly particular island that stands out for its wild and exuberant interior embellished by a continuous alternation of mountains, steep peaks and waterfalls, and then reach virgin bays and lagoons that come to life between cliffs of granite rock and volcanic lava. . There are also plenty of white sand beaches bathed by a crystal clear sea, coral reefs and tropical fish of a thousand colors.

Long neglected by the Thai government, it has only since the early 2000s begun to develop a tourist principle and can currently be reached with one of the many daily ferries, by air 1 hour from Bangkok in the town of Trat , or by land privately. in approximately 4/5 hours to the port of Laem Sok.

Koh Kood, the wildest island in Thailand
Ao Tapao beach on Koh Kood island

The uncontaminated nature of Koh Kood

Choose as destination koh kood You should keep in mind that here you will not find museums or temples to deepen your knowledge of the local culture. Taking a trip to these places, in fact, means choosing to immerse yourself in a considerable number of enchanting places but where you can let yourself be lulled by the infinite wonders of nature.

On the south coast, for example, you can challenge yourself with a series of steep rock walls that you can climb. There is no shortage of trekking routes that delve into the jungle of mangroves and tropical trees.

Being an island crossed by several streams and small water courses, koh kood It is also full of splendid waterfalls. One of these is the Cascada Klong Yai Kee, but there is no less Klong Chao where it is possible to take a dip in emerald waters with turquoise reflections.

This area, among other things, is inhabited by monkeys, wild boars, macaques, roe deer, parrots, falcons and many other colorful birds.

You can't lose either Sai Yai and Makayuk, two huge ancient trees (200 to 500 years old) located in the interior of the island. They are incredible shrubs that are capable of giving life to aerial roots that swing from the branches, touch the ground and become additional stems. A peculiarity that makes these trees truly gigantic.

Koh Kood, the wildest island in Thailand
Klong Chao waterfall

The towns you can't miss

Anyone who wants to know a little more about the local population cannot miss making a stop in the town ofand Ao salad where the main dock is. It is characterized by being a beautiful town inhabited mainly by fishermen who live in stilt houses.

Equally typical is the town of Ao Yai, also home to fishermen, which stands out for being very colorful and full of suggestive bridges.

The most beautiful beaches on the island.

It is practically impossible to take a trip to Thailand and not think about its charming sea. And as we told you before, the island is full of beaches that are a real dream. The main stretches of fine white sand are found along the west coast, but those found elsewhere are no different.

The first ones we recommend are Secret Beach and Haad Klong Yai Kee Beach, Two beautiful beaches that are a little difficult to reach by road but are worth it. Haad Klong is the smallest and is bathed in green/blue water. Secret Beach, as its name suggests, is hidden behind a rocky promontory. With water so clear that it looks like a diamond, it is located in front of another extraordinary Thai pearl: theIsland of Koh Raet.

The most central and popular is Playa de Ao Klong Chao which is characterized by the presence of very fine white sand and by being surrounded by tropical forest mangroves. You can also stay here as it is home to most of the famous resorts.

Equally fascinating is Playa Soneva Khiri, a private beach that gives its name to the adjacent hotel. The perfect place to enjoy various sports activities such as snorkeling, underwater fishing and kayaking.

Koh Kood, the wildest island in Thailand
One of the beaches of Koh Kood.

Definitely more intimate Playa Yak Kee, which is not that far from the beautiful waterfall of the same name. It is important to know that it can be difficult to get there due to the bumps in the road to access, but once you arrive you will be happy you did.

Then there are Playa Tapao, another very interesting beach, approximately one kilometer long, where numerous tall coconut trees stand out.

The journey to discover the fantastic beaches of this island continues with Playa de Ao Ngam Kho, a bay of approximately 650 meters of white, rough and porous sand. A point where the low tide does not reach much, and therefore ideal for unforgettable dives.

Finally, although the island's beaches do not end here, Ao Phrao Beach, one of the most pristine on the island.

Finally, it is good to know that the Best time to go to Ko Kood Island. It runs from November to April with some exceptions in May as it is a transition month between the warm season (November to April) and the rainy season (May to October).

The archipelago in which it is located.exceptional island of Thailand It is particularly exposed to the monsoon winds that come from the southwest. This means that from May onwards the rains become more and more frequent and, in particular, in August, September and October they are very insistent.

Koh Kood, the wildest island in Thailand
Koh Kood sunsets
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