What to do on Ko Samet, an enchanted island in the Gulf of Thailand

    Ko Samet is a small and splendid island in the center of the Gulf of Thailand, a paradise of white beaches, sea and leafy palm trees.

    What to do on Ko Samet, an enchanted island in the Gulf of Thailand

    Which same It is a suggestive island with a curious "T" shape about 200 kilometers from Bangkok in the center of the Gulf of Thailand, a place well known for its white sand beaches, splendid coral seabed and clear, crystalline waters. Compared to other more famous places on the Thai coast, Ko Samet has had tourism development since the XNUMXs and for this reason has not yet been a victim of excessive urbanization as happened with nearby Ko Samui and Ko Chang.

    Until 1981 the island was known only to the Thais and only after this date, when the entire territory was declared naturalist park, the possibility of access was opened to tourists from all over the world, who quickly fell in love with its splendid beaches.

    Local legends say that Ko Samet was once a hideout for pirates and marauders and that a priceless treasure is still hidden on one of the island's sandy beaches. Culturally, Ko Samet has become a very famous place in Thailand after Sunthorn Phu, the country's most famous poet who lived between the 18th and 19th centuries, included the island among the haunted places in his collection. of epic poetry. Phra Aphai Manee (“The story of princes, mermaids and giants”).

    From a climatic point of view, it is important to know that although Ko Samet is located a few kilometers from the continent, it is located within a very particular oasis where microclimate produced by the currents in the Gulf of Thailand generates a drier area compared to neighboring areas.

    For this reason, Ko Samet receives much less rainfall each year than the rest of eastern Thailand, making it a suitable destination for beach tourism all year round. The only period in which rainy days are concentrated is from May to July, although the monsoon rains that affect the other regions of the country never occur. Southeast Asia. In this guide we will discover the secrets and destinations that you cannot miss on a trip to Ko Samet, the enchanted island in the Gulf of Thailand.

    Ko Samet is a small island, stretching approximately 7 kilometers long and 4 kilometers wide, so exploring its territory can be easily done on foot, by bicycle or by renting a motorbike. following me s and the dirt roads that branch along the main road of the island, which runs along the north-south axis, you can reach and visit some of the smaller and more isolated beaches and even reach the forested area of ​​the southern part where it is located The natural environment is very suggestive.

    Before renting a means of transportation you should know that most of the island streets They are dirt and quite hilly, making the route quite difficult, especially when the humid Thai climate makes the road surface muddy and slippery. It is best to first travel the route on foot to check the situation and only at this point venture out by bicycle or motorcycle.

    The main attraction of Ko Samet are the splendid tropical beaches, which respond perfectly to the cover image with very white sand, crystal clear sea and palm trees along the coast creating a pleasant shade. Most of the beaches are found on the eastern side of the island, where erosion by atmospheric agents has created countless small bays and inlets where coral sand has accumulated, while the western coast, due to the rocky morphology of the territory, is less suitable. to take a bath.

    The most beautiful beaches of Ko Samet.
    Sombrero Sai Kaew, one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in all of Ko Samet, a splendid strip of white sand 1 kilometer long and 30 meters wide where you can find all the tourist and coastal services imaginable. Since much of the beach is occupied by beach clubs and restaurants, by visiting Hat Sai Kaew you sacrifice the more naturalistic side of Ko Samet to enjoy all the comforts of the trendiest resorts.

    In addition to relaxing on the beach or swimming, Hat Sai Kaew offers an incredible number of activities including jet skiing, windsurfing, surfing and many other water sports, plus the possibility of diving in the nearby coral reef. Hat Sai Kaew which in Thai literally means “crystal clear sand beach”.

    Ao Hin Khok e to the father They are a compromise between the liveliness of Hat Sai Kaew and the tranquility of less frequented places. In fact, there are fewer spa establishments here and long stretches of free beach which, during the high season, often become the natural setting for concerts and events with the famous fire dancers during the festive nights.

    Water Cloud, a perfect destination to spend a quiet day by the sea, far from the noise and chaos of the busiest beaches. Although it is a little further from the main road that crosses the island, it is worth getting here to admire the still unspoiled landscape of Ko Samet. A short distance from the beach there is an important diving center where you can take an excursion to visit one of the most spectacular coral reef areas on the entire island.

    Ao Prao, probably the quietest beach on the island, where, especially during the low season, you can stop on a wonderful tropical beach in complete solitude and admire the natural spectacle of crystal clear water lazily breaking over the white sand. Ao Prao is one of the most popular destinations to admire the sunset and the wonder of the sun dipping into the ocean, dyeing the entire panorama a thousand shades of red.

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