Koh Kradan: Advice and Information

Koh Kradan is located in southern Thailand and is one of the most beautiful islands in the country.

Here you will find beaches of white sand, transparent waters never seen before, seabeds rich in marine fauna and finally a jungle that covers a large part of the island.

A place still far from mass tourism, with zero evening life and only a few places to sleep.

In this guide I will give you all the information to plan a trip to Koh Kradan: we will see how to reach the island, when to go, where to stay, what to do etc. In addition, you will find many beautiful photos and a video about this paradise.

Why Go to Koh Kradan

Koh Kradan is a small island of about 4 km long by 1 km wide, where there are no roads but only beaches, a lush jungle and lots of nature.

If you love the sea, if you want to enjoy the wonderful nature and tropical beaches, if you want to experience a peaceful atmosphere without fleets of tourists, Koh Kradan is the island for you. In particular it is recommended for couples and families.

How to get to Koh Kradan

The easiest and quickest way to get to Koh Kradan is to fly to Trang and travel to Pak Meng Port, where speedboats leave for the islands.

Alternatively you can get to Koh Kradan starting from other islands such as: Koh Lanta, Koh Ngai, Koh Mook, Koh Lipe

When to Go to Koh Kradan

As we have also seen for the neighbor Koh Ngai, the best time to stay on Koh Kradan is between November and April.

In fact, consider that from May to October most of the resorts close and there are a limited number of ferries and speedboats, due to the often rough sea.

Where to stay on Koh Kradan

There are not many accommodations on Koh Kradan, less than 10, and honestly the costs are quite high for an island in Thailand.

All the facilities are located on the main beach, except the Paradise Lost Resort which is located on the other side of the island near Sunset Beach, but in a too isolated position.

I therefore recommend choosing one of the main beach resorts.

We decided to stay at the Kradan Beach Resort, the cheapest on this beach. The location is really great right in front of the sea, in a wonderful point of the island. Honestly the bungalows are not worth the price they cost, they are quite rustic and need updating, but for a few days it can be fine.

In any case, I recommend the bungalows in the first row, both for the exceptional view and because they have hot water.

However, if the budget allows it, there are certainly better alternatives, including the The Reef Resort and Coral Garden, both of medium-high range, but with a better value for money.

Please note: book the hotel well in advance as there are few, the best deals end quickly.

What to do on the island of Kradan

 In addition to the wonderful beaches and the sea among the most beautiful in Thailand, Koh Kradan offers a number of activities that will make your stay on the island even more enjoyable.

One of them is definitely snorkeling, a few meters from the beach you will find a coral reef like few in the world, with a crazy variety of colorful fish.

Koh Kradan: Advice and Information

Another activity not to be missed is Kayaking, with which you can tour the small island and discover hidden beaches.

Of course, you can also explore Koh Kradan on foot, crossing a path immersed in the jungle that leads from the main beach to Sunset Beach.

Finally, if you have a few more days, I recommend an excursion to the nearby islands: Koh Mook and Koh Ngai

The beaches of Kho Kradan

Koh Kradan: Advice and Information

The main beach of the island is located on the eastern side, also known as Paradise Beach it is a long strip of sand bathed by transparent waters that come and go according to the tides. Sometimes at low tide you can walk up to the coral reef.

Koh Kradan: Advice and Information

Proceeding north on Paradise Beach and crossing the cliff you will find a stretch of beach, called Ao Pai Beach, practically deserted.

With a path inside the jungle in about 15 minutes you arrive on the west coast of the island, where there are two beautiful beaches: Sunset Beach and Ewu Beach, where you can admire the dream sunsets.

Koh Kradan: Advice and Information

Various services: Advice

In addition to a few restaurants (all of the resorts) and 2 mini markets, there is nothing else on the island of Koh Kradan; there are no ATMs, pharmacies, medical services or police, there is only a station of the Rangers, who are in charge of controlling the island.

Other islands Near Ko Kradan

  • Koh Lipe
  • Ko Ngai
  • Koh Lanta guide

Conclusions: Driving to Koh Kradan

In this guide we have seen all the information for planning a stay on the island of Koh Kradan. For other tips you can comment on the article or write me privately.

Koh Kradan: Advice and Information

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