Thailand: Ko Lipe and the Tarutao Archipelago. Beaches, sea and snorkeling.

    Thailand: Ko Lipe and the Tarutao Archipelago. Beaches, sea and snorkeling.
    Coral islands inhabited by the Chao Lee, sea gypsies, located in the extreme southwest of Thailand, in the Andaman Sea.

    An archipelago of approximately fifty islands scattered on the extreme edge South west of Thailand, precisely in andaman sea: Tarutao Islands.
    To the southwest of the archipelago, linden, un delicious gem nestled in colorful miles of Coral reef inhabited by the people of chao lee, the sea gypsies. An island where nature chill out marks the days.

    Il Tarutao National Park is first marine reserve, established by the Thai government in the 1970s. The Tarutao archipelago borders Malaysia (from Ko Lipe you can see the island of Langkawi on clear days), Indonesia and Myanmar.

    Ko Taurato (ko in Thai means island and tarutao in Malay, which is similar to the language of the Chao Lee, means “mysterious and ancient”) is the largest of all and the closest to the mainland. For years it was a prison for death row inmates and political prisoners. More than for its seabed, Tarutao is beautiful for its waterfalls, cave where pirates they hid the treasures and for some types of animals that prefer this island to go to spawn: the turtles (September to April). The lush rainforest that covers Tarutao, an island inhabited only by Thai park rangers and passing tourists, is home to a wealth of birds, reptiles, insects, monkeys and squirrels.

    Il Item group, the group of islands and islets located to the west of the archipelago, is mainly composed of: Ko Adang, Ko Raw and the smallest, but now the most famous and inhabited, Lip.

    The smallest, but no less precious, are: Jabang, Hin Ngam, Dong, Yang, Laja, Klang, Bit Si and other minor ones. The notoriety of Ko Lipe, some friends explained to me. chao lee, was born when the news spread that Lipe, despite being in front of Banda Aceh (on the island of Sumatra), the epicenter of the disaster caused by tsunami de 2004, was not not even scratched of the tsunami. While Pak Bara (from where ferries leave for Lipe), Ko Lanta and other neighboring islands have been partially destroyed.
    lipe has become the island kissed by fortune, protected by the stars.
    Regarding the possible causes of the event, it is hypothesized that the type of conformation of the coral reef (not flat, but rising), the low tide and certainly the shield of islands that protect it could have been an advantage: Rawi, Adang and the little ones.

    linden, in thai language, Palaos Nipish Chao Lee (i.e. flat island) is a charming gem nestled among miles of colorful coral reefs. Its main beach Pattaya, is a long strip of white coral sand, to the touch it looks like talcum powder, where long tail of fishermen (elongated boats, typical of these islands) and where you can find bangalows, restaurants and bars on the beach. Lipe's smooth nightlife takes place here in Pattaya.
    Lipe, like Ko Bulon and Adang, are islands given in usufruct by the Thai government to the people of chao lee, the sea gypsies, who in the past were mainly fishermen, now excellent guides for snorkeling and diving.

    Initially animists, the Chao Lee were conventionally divided into Buddhists (Ko Lipe and Ko Adang) and Muslims (Es Bulon Lae, also from the Tarutao archipelago, about twenty kilometers from the port of Pak BarĂĄ, In the province of Satun, in southern Thailand).
    He told me stories in front of the fire Cheng, friend and snorkel guide Chao Lee, who once lived not on land but perpetually on boats in the long tail, a life they still lead during the monsoon months: for days they fish, eat and sleep on the boat.
    Es a peaceful town and very kind, the women have the power in the house while the men are in charge on the boat.
    Life in Lipe passes calm and serenetwilight It is a spectacle that fascinates every day, pastel colors They surround sand, sea and sky.
    Except for tourists who are passing through Lipe and have little time to admire this island, travelers who have the opportunity to stay for a few days are recommended not to miss the underwater views offered by the seabed of the neighboring islands: from Adang to Rawi. , of Koh Peng a Koh Khai, by Ko Hing I am a soy bean. They are just names, but the his treasure is unmissable. Just contact a local snorkel guide for an unforgettable day, perhaps because he spots an eight-foot shark, I think a silvertip shark!

    In short, an island where nature and relaxation They mark the days and evenings, after a delicious dinner a base of Roasted Fish, They pass calmly while enjoying the splash of the sea in the hammock, on the terrace of a spartan and economical bungalow.
    How to get
    From Langkawi (starting this year there is a direct ferry to Lipe)
    From Pak Bara (domestic flight from Bangkok to Hat Yai, from Hat Yai by shared taxi to Pak Bara Peer. From Pak Bara port you can go to Ko Tarutao, Ko Bulon and Ko Lipe)
    Best time
    From November to April, the monsoons arrive in early May.
    To leave Thailand there is one. 500 baht flat rate. In the airport remember to leave the sum asideOtherwise you won't be able to leave Thai soil!

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