Krabi, paradise of Thailand

    Krabi, paradise of Thailand
    White, deserted beaches, crystal clear waters populated with corals and limestone rocks emerging from the sea. Welcome to one of the most pristine places in the East.

    If you know the sea and the beaches of Thailand you will know very well how wonderful they are. But if you don't want to immerse yourself in the confusion of Phuket, this is your destination: Krabi. It is situated on the mainland, overlooking the beautiful waters of the Andaman Sea, but includes wells Islands 83 that have nothing to envy of the best-known destinations.

    Krabi's climate is dry from November to March, the best time for lovers of the calm sea, travel and diving. The monsoon season begins in April, cooling sunny days with rain, which becomes more frequent in May and June. This is the "Green Season", less suitable for those who want to spend a beach holiday but recommended for those looking for a relaxing holiday at an affordable price.

    Between the most spectacular beaches or Ao Nang Beach, the largest and easiest to access. However, it remains uncrowded and very quiet, ideal for those looking for total relaxation. The view of this beach is impressive: limestone rocks emerge from the water, creating unique plays of light and shadows. The water is shallow and is also great for bringing children.

    It is another beautiful beach. Sombrero Noppharat Thara, which is part of a parque natural marino which also includes the renowned Phi Phi Island, used as the set of the film The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio. When the tide is low, it is possible to walk to the nearby islands.

    South of Ao Nang there are two small beaches. Railway e Tham Hat. According to experts, Rai Leh is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. As it is not easy to get to (the ideal is to arrive by boat), they are very isolated and therefore even more so. celestial. The territory here is more varied, with rock formations and hills. It is a paradise for rock climbing lovers.

    For everyone else, however, don't miss them. cave of Rai Leh where you can admire stalactites and stalagmites. A footpath connects Rai Leh with Phra Nang, a beach surrounded by majestic rocks and transparent waters, excellent for doing dive. The finest and whitest sand, however, is found in Poda Beach, not far from Ao Nang.

    Even in Krabi there is no shortage of busy beaches. AND' Muang Klong Beach, dominated by five-star hotels and luxury resorts. However, the water is still clear and beautiful.

    To the south of Krabi province are the first 50 islands, those of withered group, accessible by ferry. Among the largest is Koh Lanta Yai, with very long beaches and bungalows on the sand. On Koh Taleng Beng, the beach is only present during low tide: then it disappears, swallowed by the waters.

    Excellent for diving among the corals They are the five islands of Mu Koh Hah and the three islands of Ngai, Rock Nai and Rock Nok.

    Another group of islands is Phi Phi, one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. But this is another trip...

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