Tourist visa for Thailand: where to apply, costs and duration

    Tourist visa for Thailand: where to apply, costs and duration
    Visa for Thailand: when do you need it, how and where to apply for it, what is its cost and what is the duration of this permit to go on vacation to this pearl of the Indian Ocean

    Il tourist visa for thailand It is not necessary for stays of less than 30 days and upon entering the country a free permit will be printed in your passport that allows you to stay in the territory for one month if you arrived by plane and 15 days if you arrived by land. It is necessary to bring with you a Air ticket that certifies that the actual date of return is included in that period. This free permit can be extended for another 30 days. The cost of the extension is approximately 48 euros; If your extension request is not accepted, you will only be able to stay in Thailand for another 7 days.

    If your stay exceeds 30 days you must apply for a tourist visa Thailand at a Thai embassy or consulate in your country. This type of visa can be applied for with a single entry, for 60 days, after which it can be extended for another 30, therefore a total of 90 days. All procedures are processed at the Immigration Office of Thailand by paying 48 euros, approximately 1900 baht. The double entry tourist visa is valid for 6 months. The single or double entry visa does not require the presentation of a return airline ticket to prove the duration of the stay.

    Il visa The single-entry tourist ticket costs about 30 euros. This permit must be used within 90 days from the date of issuance, 180 for double entry permits. It is activated upon entering Thailand according to the seal in the passport of the authorities. If you remain in the country with an expired visa, you will face a fine of 12 euros per day for each additional day of stay, up to a maximum amount of 500 euros. The Thai Embassy in Rome is at your disposal for any clarification regarding the tourist visa.

    The form to submit the question It can be downloaded online and must be attached to the passport with 6 months remaining validity, to the photocopy of the passport, to 2 recent color passport-type photographs and to the photocopy of the plane ticket. Once you have obtained these documents you can go at the thai embassy of via Nomentana in Rome. We advise you to check the closing days in the corresponding online section. Foreign citizens who are not residents of Italy and must travel to Thailand should consult the list of nations exempt from the obligation to present an entry visa.

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