What to see in Thailand: entry documents, destinations and cities you can't miss

    What to see in Thailand: entry documents, destinations and cities you can't miss
    Thailand: journey to discover the artistic and natural beauties of this eastern land overlooking the emerald green waters of the Indian Ocean

    La Thailand It is a beautiful country overlooking the Indian Ocean and bordered by Myanmar and Vietnam to the north and west. To get there it takes approximately 12 hours of flight from the main Italian airports. Its capital is Bangkok, a metropolis that is partly chaotic and partly spiritual, thanks to the presence of numerous very beautiful Buddhist temples to visit. To go to Thailand you need a passport and for some countries you also need a tourist visa. For us Italians, if we decide to go on vacation, it is enough to request a visa once we arrive in the country. The visa lasts for thirty days for those arriving at the airport, while it lasts for fifteen days if entering Thailand from a land border. For longer-term visas, perhaps to work, study or visit a family member, you must apply at the Embassy or Consulate. In this case, to obtain the visa you must present your passport, a photocopy of it, two recent color passport-sized photographs, the completed application form and the round-trip flight reservation.

    It takes two days to get it. In Italy you can apply directly at the Embassy in Rome or at the Consulate General in Milan. If you are going to spend a holiday in Thailand, the first mandatory stop is Bangkok. In the city you can admire the Great Royal Palace, the beautiful temples of Wat Arun and Wat Phra Kaew. If you love museums, we recommend visiting the Jim Thompson House Museum or the Bangkok National Museum. If you are traveling with teenagers or children it will be very fun to visit the Zoological Garden and the Safari Park, while if you love nature we suggest taking a walk through the Lunpghini Park. The floating market held on numerous small boats moored along the river is very interesting, but if you love shopping we recommend the beautiful MBK Center shopping center. Once you have spent a few days in the chaos of the capital, we advise you to choose destinations such as Phuket or Koh Samui, two magnificent islands located in the Indian Ocean that belong to Thailand.

    Both are characterized by splendid beaches of light sand and an emerald green sea, with turquoise blue reflections, a true paradise of nature. In addition to the beautiful beaches, these islands are rich in natural beauty to visit and resorts filled with people from all over the world. From here it is possible to organize excursions to the Andaman Islands, or to the tiny island of Isla Phi Phi, a truly charming place that can be reached by boat. We remember that it was the location of the famous film with Leonardo di Caprio, The Beach. The northern part of Thailand is part of the so-called Golden Triangle and is characterized by lots of nature and beautiful temples. In fact, the region is characterized by valleys, mountains and lakes surrounded by thick and lush vegetation. Chang Mai province is the main province in this part of the territory and is one of the most suitable places for lovers of nature excursions on foot or by bicycle. The town of the same name is very picturesque, rich in art and mystical atmosphere. You can admire the remains of the Wang Kum Kam temples and the 14th century Lanna Wat Prha Singh temple.

    At night it will be very interesting to take a walk among the stalls of the Night Bazaar. chang mayo, where you can find numerous local crafts, spices, tea and handmade jewelry. The ideal place to buy souvenirs to take with family and friends on vacation. Don't miss a visit to Doi Inthanon National Park for a trip out of the city. Here is the highest mountain in the region and excursions can be organized along hiking trails suitable for the most experienced. The Tribal Museum and the National Museum are also worth seeing. Another splendid Thai city to visit during your vacation in the country is Ayuthaya, the ancient capital of the kingdom of Siam, the ancient name of Thailand. There are some beautiful temples to admire, such as Wat Phra Meru, characterized by architecture that resembles a real fortress. There are two of the most popular tourist places in Thailand, Pattaya and Hua Hin, appreciated and known throughout the world. The most remote city in the country and equally beautiful to visit is Mae Hong Son, where Thai culture mixes with the Burmese culture of Myanmar. An interesting, characteristic and very informative place to visit during your stay in Thailand.

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