Trip to Kanchanaburi, the secret Thailand

    Trip to Kanchanaburi, the secret Thailand
    Two hours from Bangkok, near Myanmar, it is famous for the bridge over the River Kwai, but also for its parks, tigers and aquatic complexes.

    The one with the Kanchanaburi, on the border between Thailand y Myanmar, is a region practically unknown to Italian tourists, who have chosen it as a destination for years Bangkok o Phuket and the other islands by the splendid Andaman Sea. However, it can easily be reached just a two-hour drive from the Thai capital and is therefore a destination worth considering, especially if you frequently travel to Thailand and want to visit somewhere new.

    The Kanchanaburi area is that of the famous bridge over the river kwai, which became famous thanks to a 1957 film that tells the true story of a group of English prisoners in a Japanese concentration camp forced, during World War II, to build a railway line of which the bridge was also part. The place can still be visited, as can the barracks where the prisoners lived, the war museum and the cemetery where all those who died during forced labor were buried. 

    Precisely because it is divided in two by the River Kwai, this region is rich in beautiful landscapes, natural and archaeological sites to see. Good seven national parks with caves and waterfalls, including the most famous, the en Erawan, within the park of the same name. The waterfalls unfold over seven levels and are truly a must-see attraction. Adventure seekers can try rafting, it should be a lot of fun. Another place worth visiting is tiger temple, Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua. It is not a real temple as you might think, but a tiger protection center.

    However, there are many Buddhist temples, some of them very unusual, created inside caves with huge Buddha statues made of marble, such as the temple at Wat Wang Wiwekaram. Others rise among the hills and valleys. He Three Pagodas, for example, mark the border between Thailand and Myanmar.

    Very characteristic of the region are the cabins on the water, many of which have been transformed into elegant resorts. The advice, therefore, is to stay at least one night in one of these typical barge houses floating on the river. The best time to go to Kanchanaburi is from February to May, then the wet season begins and the rains arrive.

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