The Similan Islands, the new paradise of the East

    The Similan Islands, the new paradise of the East
    The Thai archipelago, made up of nine granite islands, is becoming an emerging destination thanks to its wild beauty

    The most beautiful and fascinating islands of Thailand? With all due respect to the famous. Isla Phi Phiellos son the similar found in the andaman sea. These islands, considered one of the most beautiful diving spots in the world, are located 100 km from Phuket and can be reached in three hours by boat. Made up of granite islets, this archipelago It is extraordinary both below and on the surface of the sea. Name "Similarly(in Thai “sembilan” means “nine”), in fact, there are nine islands that follow one another towards the north. With a very fine talc-colored sand and bathed by the crystal clear waters ofindian ocean, from group Similan es un marine park whose coasts have enormous rocks that sink into the sea. Completely uninhabited and incredibly green, these little known islands They appear in all their wild beauty, in a pristine, crystalline sea, rich in flora and fauna. Two islands of the archipelago, precisely Koh Payan e Koh Huyong, are inhabited only by sea ​​turtles and, by directive of the National Park, they are closed to visitors to maintain their natural state unaltered. Eden. The granitic composition of the Similans gives them a rare beauty and cliffs falling vertically In transparent waters they have an indescribable charm. This off-course archipelago is becoming an emerging destination, thanks to its wild and pristine beauty. The ideal time to visit this new oriental paradise It is between November and April.

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