What to see in Pattaya, the most exclusive destination in Thailand

    What to see in Pattaya, the most exclusive destination in Thailand
    A week in Pattaya, Thailand. Not just beaches, but also Thai culture, history and art, from the Art in Paradise Museum to Buddhist monasteries.

    Give yourself a trip to Thailand to live a complete and fulfilling vacation from all points of view. You will find perfect spaces to have fun, others suitable for relaxing and you will also find numerous cultural sites to visit. Pattaya is all this. This city is the second most visited in Thailand, after the capital, and in this guide we will show you some of the reasons why tourists like it so much.

    As your first approach to this charming area of 鈥嬧婽hailand, immerse yourself in the waves of the sea that washes the beaches and try it right away. Pattaya Beach. It is a 4 kilometer long strip of sand, bordered by a thick presence of maritime vegetation and protected by a row of buildings.

    On this beach you can practice many sports, from jet skis to snorkeling, or take a swim in its perfectly transparent waters. In addition, between one bathroom and another you will have numerous services at your disposal. Here you have many of the spectacular ones. Restaurants and bars from Pattaya, where you can try typical Thai cuisine.

    If you are romantic or curious to see Pattaya with just a glance, try the Horizon Rooftop for an evening drink and watch the sunset from its splendid rooftop. Or try Mantra and its international cuisine. This is an elite venue, so expect noble treatment and see Thailand's best chefs put to the test.

    Two other famous clubs in Pattaya, also in its southern area, in Pattaya Beach, are Tiffany's Cabaret and Mixx. The first is the oldest cabaret theater in the city, where great artists will show off their choreographic skills, immersing you in an authentic whirlwind of colors. The second, highly sought after by young people, is one of the largest and most exclusive nightclubs in Thailand. Every night at Mixx, Pattaya's youth and tourists who spend their best days of the year here will find fun in the name of dancing and entertainment.

    Let's move from the field of entertainment to that of culture, although in the next place you visit you will be able to experience both dimensions. Take one of the famous songthaew, Pattaya's local buses, cheap and very useful for tourists and residents, and head north to Museum of Art in Paradise. You won't believe your eyes: an endless series of three-dimensional paintings and photographs are displayed on the walls of the museum ready to free all your senses.

    In many of the works on display, the visitor is asked to identify with the work, sitting inside among very extravagant imaginative choreographies. Famous works of art are reproduced and creatively modified - you can't help but take photos of yourself and your loved ones in this strange museum. You yourselves will be works of art. This museum is highly recommended for anyone traveling to Thailand with children or teenagers.

    Continue your visit by moving 4 km north to visit one of the most amazing places in Pattaya, the Sanctuary of Truth. It is impossible not to be surprised. It is one of the most beautiful Buddhist shrines in Thailand and has a fascinating location: it is situated in a small rounded peninsula from where you have a splendid view of the sea.

    The sanctuary extends 105 meters high and among the particularities two will surprise you: it is made entirely of wood and is under continuous construction. You will be able to admire it in each part, but you will not fail to notice new details of its very fine finishes. Small statues, symbols of buddhist culture, windows and vaulted ceilings: all its parts come together harmoniously to form a true work of art. You can also come in and have the reasons for some architectural choices and symbols explained to you.

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