Lanzarote Green Lake

Il Green Lake is one of the most suggestive and particular attractions of Lanzarote, it is located near the village El Golfo and is also known as Charco de los Clicos or Charco Verde. It is a green lagoon located within a protected area: il The Volcanoes Natural Park.

The Green Lake, like all the wonderful surrounding landscape, is in fact the result of a series of volcanic eruptions.

The Green Lake is not only considered a place not to be missed during a trip to Lanzarote (also because it is completely free) but also represents a real symbol of an island sculpted by nature.

El Golfo: The Green Lake of Lanzarote

Lanzarote is full of spectacular attractions that combine the charm of nature with the artistic work of man. In this case, man has nothing to do with it, the Green Lake is a work created solely by nature.

What was once an ancient volcanic crater today is nothing more than a green half-moon shaped lagoon a few meters from the ocean, from which it is separated by a thin strip of black sand. The lake was created thanks to the sea water that filters through underground passages.

Lanzarote Green Lake

The landscape is something absolutely unique, a mixture of incredible colors: the deep green of the lake, the blue of the ocean, the black sand and the brown of the volcanic wall.

The original name Charco de los Clicos, or "cyclos pool", from what the locals say, derives from a species of molluscs particularly known on the island, but which unfortunately are now extinct.

Lanzarote Green Lake

The green color, on the other hand, is due to the presence of minerals and plant organisms that live in the lagoon. Depending on the time of year, the lake can take on different shades of green, which tend to emerald especially during the sunniest days.

On the beach that separates the lake from the ocean it is possible to find olivine, a green stone typical of the island, with which handmade jewels are made that you will find for sale at the stalls of the famous Teguise market.

Important: remember that it is a nature reserve and bathing in the lake is prohibited.

Lanzarote Green Lake

Visit the Green Lake

Lanzarote Green Lake

The best way to visit Lago Verde is to go in the direction of the El Golfo village and stop in the free car park which is located near the restaurant The Sirocco. From here you will have to take a path of about 50 meters that leads to a panoramic point from which to admire the lake. You can also enjoy a spectacular view of the cliff overlooking the ocean

A great memento to visit the Green Lake is about an hour before sunset, you can enjoy an even more beautiful view and take incredible photos.

A visit recommended also and especially with children, just be careful when walking the path along the cliff. Less suitable for people with walking difficulties.

Lanzarote Green Lake

Other Attractions Near The Green Lake

The Green Lake of Lanzarote is located in the southwestern part of the island, in an area full of wonderful attractions that you cannot miss. I recommend a visit to the fishing village El Golfo, not far from the lake there are also the cliffs of Los Hervideros.

You could also combine a visit to the Green Lake with the Timanfaya volcanic park and the incredible vineyards of the Geria. In any case in the article what to do in Lanzarote, find all the best attractions and tips for visiting the island.


I love the island of Lanzarote very much and the Green Lake was one of the most beautiful experiences, a unique place of its kind. If you decide to visit it I'm sure it will surprise you!

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