Balearic Islands: Which Island to Choose

Among the most popular destinations for summer holidays in Europe there are certainly the Balearics. A Spanish archipelago of four wonderful islands that attract more and more tourists every year. But which will be the best island of the archipelago?

Choose the right destination between Ibiza, Formentera, Majorca and Menorca it's not that difficult, because each one has its own characteristics and peculiarities. Certainly what unites the four islands are the fabulous beaches and the crystal clear sea.

In this guide we will see in detail which island to choose based on your preferences and needs. We will find out which is the best for relaxation, which for a family or couple holiday and which is more suitable for young people looking for unbridled fun. In short, the Balearics really have everything you could want in a holiday.

In addition, the Balearics enjoy a mild climate throughout the year and are connected by low cost flights with several European airports. The only island that does not have an airport is the enchanting Formentera, but just reach Ibiza and take a ferry which takes about 20 minutes.

Council: they often ask me if it is possible to take a tour of the various islands. In reality the only ones that can be visited together are Ibiza and Formentera, being very close and connected by a fast ferry. Mallorca and Menorca, on the other hand, deserve a holiday apart.

We just have to see the four Balearic Islands one by one and choose which will be your ideal destination to spend the perfect holiday.

Balearic Islands: Which to Choose


Majorca is the largest island of the Balearics and is the most concreted and the most touristic one. The island is perfect for any need: families with children, couples who dream of wonderful beaches and a bit of evening life, but also young people looking for nightlife in clubs and discos.

Of course it all depends on which area you will choose, for example Magaluf is known as the realm of fun, therefore suitable for the very young.

Balearic Islands: Which Island to Choose

Majorca is the best island for a family holiday with even small children, thanks to its sandy beaches and the various facilities that overlook the sea, ideal for an all-inclusive stay.

The island is also perfect for those who, in addition to relaxing on the beach, want an itinerant holiday and want to visit its cities and discover their cultural aspects. Palma in particular is rich in museums, churches and monuments. Precisely for this reason, among the various islands of the archipelago, Mallorca is the one I most recommend even for an out of season trip.

Mallorca for whom: couples, families with children and young people, lovers of the sea, fun and cultural attractions.


Menorca compared to Mallorca is wilder and less chaotic. The island is ideal for those who want to discover a new beach every day. The sea is gorgeous and the island is full of hidden coves, many of which are rocky and reachable only by sea or through long paths.

Balearic Islands: Which Island to Choose

Menorca is the perfect destination for those looking for a relaxing holiday in full contact with nature. Even in the high season you will be able to find a hidden corner not overrun by tourists.

The evening life in Menorca is very soft, Ciutadella still offers several pubs, clubs and restaurants.

The only downside is that Menorca is much more expensive than Mallorca.

Menorca for whom: couples and families who want a quiet holiday to discover the island.


If you are looking for a relaxing holiday, by the beautiful sea and you prefer a glamorous nightlife, Formentera is the island for you. You will not find large discos but trendy clubs open until late at night.

The strong point of Formentera is the wonderful sea the best ever, with beaches that have nothing to envy to the Caribbean.

Balearic Islands: Which Island to Choose

The island is also suitable for families with children, as the beaches are all easily accessible, the only thing to consider if you are traveling with small children is the ferry from Ibiza.

The beauty of Formentera then is its wild aspect, the only one in the archipelago where there has not yet been a strong building speculation.

However, keep in mind that in the high season the island is besieged by tourists. If you are looking for pure relaxation it is preferable to stay in Formentera in the months of June, September and the first days of July. Otherwise it is better to consider Menorca, which as we have seen is never too crowded.

Formentera for whom: couples and families in search of the most beautiful sea in the archipelago and a sophisticated nightlife.


When it comes to Ibiza, one immediately thinks of its famous discos and the wild nightlife.

But not everyone knows that the island offers much more, in particular it is full of splendid coves, dream beaches and paths immersed in nature. This is why Ibiza can also be a suitable destination for a family or couple holiday.

Balearic Islands: Which Island to Choose

Obviously the strength of the island remains its wild nightlife, so it is the ideal place for young people or for all lovers of discos and beach parties.

Ibiza for whom: young people, nightlife lovers, families or couples and for all nature lovers.

Balearic Islands: Which Island to Choose

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