Where to stay in Lanzarote

You have finally decided to visit beautiful Lanzarote, but you don't know what is the best area to stay? Then you have come to the correct place.

Even if Lanzarote is not too big an island that is easy to get around by car, it is still important to choose the perfect base for every need. It is difficult to say which is the best location, because the choice depends on your preferences but also on the chosen period, both for climatic reasons and for tourist turnout.

However, there are different solutions for all tastes: from the most touristy and animated villages to the most characteristic and authentic villages.

In this article we go to the discovery of best areas to sleep in Lanzarote, analyzing in detail the characteristics of the various towns in order to help you choose the perfect place.

Where to sleep in Lanzarote

Where to stay in Lanzarote

First we need to make a distinction between the north and the south. Just like we have seen for the other islands of the Canaries, even in Lanzarote the north has a more variable climate and tends to be more cloudy and windy. The south, on the other hand, is more protected and with a better climate.

Keep in mind, however, that the center-south is generally more touristy, while the north is more authentic and the villages are more characteristic.

The main tourist resorts are 3: Playa Blanca, Puerto del Carmen and Costa Teguise. Among these Puerto del Carmen is the best in terms of location and services offered and is perfect for visiting Lanzarote.

There is no shortage of less touristy towns and ideal for those who want to experience a more authentic atmosphere. Apart from the capital Arrecife, lively and animated, the rest are very quiet villages with no evening life.

But let's see in detail the different options, so as to guide you in choosing the best location where to stay in Lanzarote.

Puerto Del Carmen: Lively Area and Strategic Location

Where to stay in Lanzarote

Puerto del Carmen is the liveliest resort, with the largest number of restaurants, bars and shops and is also a good choice for those looking for a bit of evening life, especially out of season.

However, it remains livable and never too crowded, it is not comparable to the famous Playa del Igles or Mapalomas of Gran Canaria.

The strong point of Puerto del Carmen is undoubtedly its central location, ideal for those who want a traveling holiday to discover the island and its main attractions.

There are three beautiful beaches: Playa Grande, never crowded and perfect for lovers of long walks, the very long Playa Pocillos and Playa Chica, the latter excellent for snorkeling.

I recommend staying not directly on the Avenida de Las Playas (the promenade) but inside, in a quiet area where it is more convenient to park, but still a stone's throw from the liveliest area.

There is also a beautiful cycle and pedestrian path that goes all the way to Playa del Reducto, the beach of Arrecife.

Obviously we are talking about a tourist place, it is not the typical Canarian town, the restaurants and shops are tourist oriented (mostly English and German) and there is little characteristic. However, it is located near the capital Arrecife and Tias where you will find typical restaurants and clubs frequented mainly by Canari.

In any case, for a first time in Lanzarote, Puerto del Carmen is an excellent choice, due to its strategic location, services and amenities it offers.

Arrecife: Most authentic area, Convenient for getting around the island

Where to stay in Lanzarote

If you are looking for a less touristy area more frequented by locals, a good choice is to stay in Arrecife. Most of the hotels are located in front of the city beach Redoubt Beach, it is not the best on the island but it is large, clean and sheltered from the wind. The sea is not exactly the best also because it is close to the port.

Arrecife is convenient for getting around the island both by rental car, thanks to the freeway, but also by buses.

The area of ​​El Charco de San Gines is very nice, with restaurants and bars, very popular with young Canaries, especially on Thursday evenings.

Arrecife can be an alternative to Puerto del Carmen if you are looking for a more youthful atmosphere (especially if you go in the winter) and want to mix and interact with the locals. In addition, Arrecife is also cheaper than Puerto del Carmen.

If you have a car it is preferable to find accommodation with paid parking agreements, unless you are staying in the Charco area where there is a large and free car park.

Playa Blanca: The Best Beaches and Relaxing Atmosphere

Where to stay in Lanzarote

Playa Blanca it is located in the extreme south of the island, in the warmest and least windy area, ideal for a seaside holiday in the winter.

It is close to the Los Ajaches Natural Park where the most beautiful beaches in Lanzarote are located, such as Papagayo Beach. If you are staying in the central area of ​​Playa Blanca, they can be reached on foot or by bicycle, but bear in mind that in some places the path is less easy.

The location can be more inconvenient for visiting the north, although as I have already said the island is not that big, from north to south it is about 60 km long.

The city beaches are very beautiful and more sheltered than the winds, they have white sand and transparent waters, in my opinion they are better than Puerto del Carmen. Just calculate that they are not very big and can be particularly crowded in busy periods.

The area is quiet, offers pleasant walks along the seafront between restaurants and shops and can be a good solution for a family holiday with children.

Where to stay in Lanzarote

Costa Teguise is located north of Arrecife and is more prone to wind and bad weather. The area is heavily built, with huge facilities and is the favorite destination for tourists looking for an all inclusive holiday. Costa Teguise doesn't offer much in the evening. If you find an advantageous offer you can evaluate it as a base for touring the island during the day.

Where to stay in Lanzarote

Costa Teguise is located north of Arrecife and is more prone to wind and bad weather. The area is heavily built, with huge facilities and is the favorite destination for tourists looking for an all inclusive holiday. Costa Teguise doesn't offer much in the evening. If you find an advantageous offer you can evaluate it as a base for touring the island during the day.

Stay In Less Tourist Areas

If you prefer to stay away from the tourist centers, you are not interested in nightlife and are looking for a quiet area, there are some characteristic villages both inside the island and on the coast. They are very quiet areas with zero nightlife. They are perfect for those looking for an authentic place to get away from it all. Obviously it is essential to have a car to get around and visit the island.

Council: if you come during the winter months it would be better to avoid the areas to the north or inland, as they are more prone to temperature variations.

Arrieta: Quiet Fishing Village

Located in the north of the island, the village is nice and convenient for visiting the northern part of Lanzarote. On the other hand, it is more inconvenient to get around the rest of the island and being in the north it is more exposed to wind and bad weather.

For those who love tranquility Arrieta can be the right solution, there is a supermarket and some restaurants where you can eat very well. There is a beautiful beach and you can easily reach Orzola, convenient if you decide to go to La Graciosa.

Playa Quemeda: Absolute Peace

Playa Quemeda is a small, non-touristy resort located on the east coast south of Puerto del Carmen, near the vineyards of La Geria and not far from the volcanoes park of Timanfaya.

The village is very, very quiet, there is practically nothing, only a few restaurants, the nearest supermarket is in the village Uga about 4 km away. The facilities are few so it is advisable to book well in advance.

Playa Quemeda is the place to be if you are looking for true peace and total silence and prefer to stay away from the tourist spots.

San Bartolomé: authentic and central town

Another good solution if you prefer authentic and not very touristy areas, outside the chaos of the city, can be to stay in one of the towns inside, such as San Bartolomé.

It is a small town where nothing is missing, restaurants, typical bars, supermarkets, in short, there is everything. The location is strategic, it is located in the central area not far from Arrecife and Puerto del Carmen, perfect for visiting the whole island.

Playa Famara: Perfect for surfing

Finally, on the north-west coast there is the splendid Famara Beach. It is a very windy area, but with a truly fascinating landscape. On one side the ocean and on the other a large promontory. Famara is the perfect area for surfing enthusiasts, as this is where the best waves on the island are.

Stay here if you mainly want to surf.


In this article we have seen in detail which are the various places recommended for a stay in Fuerteventura. In summary:

Puerto del Carmen: strategic central location, ideal tourist area for a first trip to Lanzarote;

Reef: Central area but more authentic and less touristy;

White beach: Far south, better weather and beautiful beaches;

Costa Teguise: more variable climate, an area to be preferred for a holiday in an all-inclusive resort;

Arrieta: small town on the north east coast, calm and relaxing atmosphere;

Quemeda Beach: fishing village in the central-south area, a peaceful holiday;

San Bartolome: small, characteristic and non-touristy town, well served and perfect location;

Famara Beach: very nice but windy area ideal for surfers.

Where to stay in Lanzarote

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