Where to Stay in Las Vegas

It might seem easy to choose where to stay in Las Vegas, in reality it is not. It is true that there are many hotels, but it is also true that in recent years the entertainment capital has become much more expensive.

In addition to the type of hotel, it is essential to choose the location of the structure, so as to better enjoy the city. It is therefore necessary to understand how Las Vegas is made and where the main attractions are concentrated.

In this guide we will see every aspect to consider to guide you in choosing the area and hotel that best suit your needs.

Where to Stay in Las Vegas

Before discovering which is the ideal area to sleep in Las Vegas, we need to make some important considerations.

First let's say that the real attraction of the city are its Hotel-Casinos, where inside there are shops, shopping centers, restaurants, pubs and clubs.

Unfortunately, as we said, costs have increased. In fact, for some years now the Hotel-Casinos have been charging a resort fee very expensive, from $ 25 to $ 40 per day, which greatly affects the cost of the room.

Also in recent years almost all Strip hotels have put up their own paid parking lots while before they were all free

Also keep in mind that there is a substantial difference if you are staying in Las Vegas during the week, in fact, hotel rates triple over the weekend.

With these due considerations, let's see where to stay in Las Vegas.

La Strip

Surely the best area to stay in Las Vegas is the Strip, the most famous street of the city, where the most famous Hotel-Casinos are located and which you will surely have seen in films or photos. Here you can experience the true atmosphere of Las Vegas, throughout the day and especially when the sun goes down.

However, we must consider that it is a long route, about 6 km in length, so it is important to choose the right position, so as to be close to the main attractions.

The ideal would be to choose a hotel in the center of the Strip, near Caesars Palace or Bellaggio. Obviously you have to consider the higher costs, but keep in mind that even in the center there are several more or less economical options.

For example the Flamingo it has an excellent value for money and is located in the center.

There are really many hotels on the Strip, for all tastes, even slightly further from the center, but which often offer excellent deals. For example I have been toExcalibur Hotel Casino, during the week it costs very little and is in a good location, not too remote and convenient for walking on the Strip.

Where to Stay in Las Vegas

Calculate that the most extreme points of the Strip are to be identified with the Mandalay Bay to the south and the Stratosphere Tower to the north.

If you are planning to visit Las Vegas for the first time, choose a hotel on the Strip, so you can easily move between the must-see attractions and experience the real Las Vegas!

Off the Strip

If you really can't find a property that fits your budget, you should consider moving away from the Strip.

In this case it is essential to have a car to reach the center of Las Vegas both day and evening. However, taking into account the inevitable traffic of a chaotic street like the Strip.

However, I reiterate that, especially if it is a first visit to Las Vegas, the best choice remains that of a Hotel-Casino on the Strip.

Fremont Street di Las Vegas

Fremont Street, after the Strip, is the second most famous street in Las Vegas and is the old part of the city, known for the famous Fremont Street Experience, one of the most important shows in Las Vegas.

In this area there are cheaper hotels than in the heart of Las Vegas, but Fremont Street is not comparable to the Strip, which is always the best choice.

If you have time, however, you could spend an evening on Fremont Street, it can be reached in about 10 minutes by car from the Strip and there are also buses.

Some Tips For Your Stay in Las Vegas

Where to Stay in Las Vegas

Duration: Las Vegas is worth a visit of at least 3 nights. I recommend always staying in the same hotel and not changing the structure. So you can visit all the Hotel-Casinos you prefer.

Parking: As mentioned, more and more hotels on the Strip charge parking, with rates starting at $ 10 per day.

The free parking spaces of some shopping centers remain, but obviously they are to be used for short stops, perhaps to visit the Strip if you are staying outside. Just check the closing times of the shopping centers.

Resort Fee: is the tourist tax. Usually if you book online you will find the Resort Fee in the costs not included. So check carefully when booking because the total rate would change a lot, as the resort tax for Las Vegas Casino Hotels is very expensive, especially those on the Strip. The Resort Fee is paid per room and per night.

Hotel or Hotel-Casino: the beauty of Las Vegas is its particular Hotel-Casino, where you can find everything inside. They are the real attraction of the city and therefore are preferable to normal hotelsespecially if it's your first time in Vegas.

But if the budget just doesn't allow it, a standard hotel on the Strip could be a viable alternative. For example the Best Western Casino Royale it is located in a great location, close to the Venetian and the Ceasar Palace, has a good price, does not charge the resort fee and has free parking.


We have said everything about Las Vegas, I hope that thanks to this article you will be able to choose the solution that best suits your needs and live an unforgettable experience.

Where to Stay in Las Vegas

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