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When to go to Florida, Best Time

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The Sunshine State announces the billboards you will see as soon as you land on U.S. soil in the state of Florida. It's no coincidence that the Land of the Sun is located on the sunniest peninsula in the United States, to the south, overlooking the Caribbean Sea right across from Cuba and next to the Bahamas. In Florida, life is mostly spent outdoors on the long beaches, relaxing, socializing and playing sports. But Florida is not just Miami, it is much more.

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The Florida Keys, for example, an archipelago of coral origin formed by more than 1500 islands, linked to the mainland by the Seven Mile Bridge, a bridge of almost 7 miles (11 km) long that starts from the southern end, are the ideal place. place for diving enthusiasts. Or the city of Orlando surrounded by numerous amusement parks, among them the magical Disney World, from where to leave for the coast for a dive in the space world of Cape Canaveral and the curious site of NASA. The Everglades National Park with its diverse ecosystem will make you encounter numerous species of plants and animals. On this page of the travel-usa.it website you will find all the information on the attractions not to be missed.


Florida's climate is subtropical, humid in the north, influenced by ocean currents and the Gulf of Mexico, which make temperatures mild during the winter with values hovering around 24 ° C during the day in the south and 20 ° C rising towards the northern regions. At night, temperatures rarely drop below 10°C and this happens when cold incursions from the north arrive during the beginning of winter and until mid-March, the latter significantly lowering the degrees of the thermometers in northern Florida. In southern areas, such as Miami and the Florida Keys, temperatures are higher and, consequently, winters are warmer. The coldest month is January, while the warmest month is August.

Beginning in late spring, between May and June, starting from the south, the rains are felt abundantly through intense but short-lived thunderstorms. In this way, very often, a constant humidity is created in the air that makes the summer heat less bearable than the rest of the year. From December to March it rains very little, on average 5 to 8 days a month, while during the summer from 15 to 20 days, with the passage of hurricanes and typhoons especially in the months between August and October that are seen almost every year ... .

The best time to travel to Florida is between March and April.

The best time to travel to Florida is between March and April, when temperatures are certainly excellent for beach life without the heat and humidity of summer and rain is still limited to an occasional phenomenon. However, Florida is a year-round destination. In fact, during the winter, many Americans often spend their Christmas vacations in the warmth of South Florida, away from the gray and snow of the north. We discourage the period between August and October due to the frequent passage of hurricanes, it would be a great shame to ruin the holiday by facing the violence of these phenomena that have given the worst of themselves in times past on these shores.

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