Tyrol: the Stubai Valley in Austria

    Tyrol: the Stubai Valley in Austria
    For a holiday dedicated to an active life in the company of dogs and cats

    Tyrol: cared for nature, Small and charming towns above which the bell tower rises., snowy forests, traditional cabins and places to enjoy genuine flavors. The Stubai Valley in Austria, nestled in the Austrian mountains, is all of this. The second Tyrolean valley, located just a few kilometers from the Brenner Pass, is a snow-covered treasure chest that ends in the wonderful glaciers of Stubai Alps. The proximity to Innsbruck allows you to reconcile sport with culture and masterpieces of art From the capital.

    It is the largest glacier ski area in Austria, in addition to three other splendid areas nearby. But it's not just skiing. You can go looking for the real ones. pristine environments. Free-riding excursions, high and low altitude cross-country ski routes, climb ice waterfalls, snowshoe tours, winter trails: choose the one you prefer. There are several well-travelled and controlled itineraries, divided by category (snowshoeing, hiking, Nordic walking on snow) and with a total length of 88 km, starting from each of the five villages of Schönberg, Mieders, Telfes, Fulpmes and Neustift. . In the Valley there are 12 slopes equipped for skiing. sled, for a total of 60 km. For cross-country skiing, both classic and skating, the Stubai Valley offers more than 130 km of circular trails, of which 4,5 km on the Stubai Glacier and on the high-altitude routes (over 1500 m) of Hochserles and Schlickeralm. The most adventurous can dedicate themselves to ice climbing, using the alpine guides of Ice Age Stubai, ice climbing professionals. Or throw with paragliding and hang gliding for an individual or tandem flight with the instructor.

    Most tourist establishments do not welcome the presence of dog, when it is not even expressly prohibited. However, this is not a problem in the Stubai Valley, which welcomes all dogs with a series of small but essential services. Even in winter you can take beautiful walks in the mountains and along the valley floor, thanks to the numerous trails prepared in the fresh snow, which allow not only the owners but also the dog beautiful walks through the forest and through the charming landscape. . . The dog You can go up the ski lifts., and throughout the valley there are 398 public businesses where the doors to credit are also open. There are numerous pantries of toiletries distributed throughout the area. Of course, there are also small prohibitions: normally you cannot take them to restaurants and never to restaurants. Spa. But in alpine huts there is always a bowl of fresh water for them.

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