How to get to Vienna from the airport

How to get from Vienna airport to the city center? Here are the solutions
How to get to Vienna from the airport
Vienna city center

Vienna, aristocratic capital of the great Austro-Hungarian Empire, hides an incredible heritage, a precious legacy of the Habsburg monarchy: between charming palaces, elegant buildings, theaters, parks and artistic masterpieces, it is undoubtedly one of the most interesting European cities. worth exploring.

Airport L'aeroporto internazionale Vienna-Schwechat

The Austrian capital is actually very well connected to the Main European cities thanks to a modern international airport, Flughafen Wien-Schwechat, located in the city of Schwechat, about twenty kilometers from Vienna. It is also especially strategic for connections with neighboring Slovakia: in fact, Bratislava is about sixty kilometers away.

So, tickets in hand: all that remains is to discover how to get from Vienna airport to the center to start exploring it! The short distance from the city center makes it very convenient to reach Vienna Airport and there are numerous connections available, from bus ai car rental with driver by taxi e Trains

How to get from Vienna airport to the center by train

If you are wondering how to get from Vienna airport to the center Using the most comfortable, simple and fastest means of transport, the answer is undoubtedly: the train.

Il CAT – city airport train – is the rail connection that will take you to the heart of the city in exactly 16 minutes. In fact, once disembarked from the flight, all you have to do is follow the green signs that lead to the CAT-City Airport Train platform; The arrival station, then, is Vienna Mitte-Landstrasse, located on the Landstraße metro line (U3/04).

In addition to not making intermediate stops, the CAT offers the city check-in service, that is, the possibility of checking in your luggage before arriving at the airport; The trains are active from 5.36:23.36 in the morning until 15:XNUMX at night and for children under XNUMX years of age the ticket, which can be purchased at this link, is free.

Of course, there are also other rail alternatives. HE tren S-Bahn, similar to our meters, or i tren Railjet which take longer and make many stops but whose ticket is cheaper than the CAT.

How to get from Vienna Airport to the city center by bus

If the roads don't convince you, don't panic: all roads will take you to the center of Vienna from the airport. Another quite comfortable means of transportation. get from Vienna airport to the center is bus.

There is a transportation company that in this case takes care of the airport line, and it is Vienna Airport Lines: In just twenty minutes by bus you can reach Morzinplatz/Schwedenplatz. The buses are active from 03.30:23.30 in the morning until XNUMX:XNUMX at night, guaranteeing almost total coverage of the service.

Just a recommendation: buses to and from the airport are not included among the services that can be used with the purchase of a public transport pass.

How to get from Vienna airport to the center by car

We have already considered earlier in this article the proximity between the airport and the city center as one of the great advantages in the logistics of a trip to the Austrian capital. This aspect becomes even more clear when considering get to the city center by car: Twenty kilometers can be covered in approximately half an hour, depending on the traffic situation.

The possibilities are many: rent a car and traveling on the A4 is the first. In fact, there are numerous international companies, from here you can take your car directly to the parking reserved for P4 level 0 rentals, which can be easily reached on foot from the terminal through an underpass. The main car rentals are located there.

The second solution for get from Vienna airport to the city center, especially if you don't like driving yourself, it's a taxi. The cost of a trip from the airport to the city center is around €45 and the stations are located just outside the arrivals area; Alternatively, you can always book one online in advance.

Finally, for travelers who prefer comfort and elegance without sparing expenses, a rental with a driver could be the ideal solution, especially for those traveling for work.

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