Innsbruck: what to see in the Austrian city

    Innsbruck: what to see in the Austrian city
    What to see in Innsbruck? This is a question with a simple answer: everything. The city is full of artistic and natural wonders. Let's find out which ones

    By understand what to see in Innsbruck You could buy a good history book. However, as a valid alternative, you can simply read this article. To start, just know that the Austrian city is located in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps and has had an eventful history. Innsbruck receives the largest number of tourists during the Christmas time. Thanks to the mountains that surround the town, you can breathe a very romantic air.

    And the small markets that are set up at Christmas manage to make the atmosphere of the place even more magical and evocative. Regardless of the time of year you want to go to the heart of the Tyrolean Alps, A lot could be written about what to see in Innsbruck. However, most tourist guides recommend starting your visit from the Golden Roof. The latter is represented by a window located in the palace of the counts of Tyrol. It is worth knowing that above the window there is a ceiling completely covered in gold.

    In the historic center of Innsbruck there are many buildings built in the late Gothic style, such as l'Helbing Haus. It is a building located in front of the Golden Roof, built according to strict instructions and decorated in a late baroque style. In addition to buildings worthy of architectural mention, Innsbruck is also home to some natural attractions. One of them is the Alpenzoo, a wildlife reserve that is home to more than 100 animal species and is considered the highest on the Old Continent. Even flora lovers have no problem knowing what to see in Innsbruck. In the park botanical of the Patscherkofel A truly impressive amount of mountain flowers and plants are grown.

    Even sports are no exception: it is located not far from the city. the Bergisel, considered one of the most important ski jumping facilities in Europe. It hosted the 1976 Winter Olympics and is a popular tourist destination for Austrian citizens crazy about ski sports. Finally, within the city of Innsbruck there are some places to relax after a hard day of skiing or sightseeing. So why not taste the typical beer of the area, try Tyrolean wine or eat a traditional dish from this region?

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