What to do in Villach, a charming city in Austria

    Travel itinerary in Villach, a place that offers many things to do for mountain lovers, lake lovers, history and art lovers.

    What to do in Villach, a charming city in Austria

    Villach, an ancient town on the banks of the Drava River beneath the northern slopes of the Carnic Alps, is a charming town in Carinthia, southern Austria. Rich in culture and history, it attracts thousands of visitors every year, attracted not only by a holiday in the city, but above all by the numerous possibilities offered by the mountains, lakes and nearby thermal centers. The ideal time for a trip to Villach is between spring and autumn, while winter period, especially the month of December, gives the town a unique atmosphere, when the streets and squares are filled with lights from the Christmas markets.

    Just a stone's throw from the Italian border, Villach can be reached by various means of transport, including buses and trains; thanks, for example, to the frequent daily journeys from Venice and Udine aboard intercity buses or with intercity trains that also depart from other Italian cities, such as Rome, Florence and Bologna. For those who prefer to travel by car, Whichever region of Italy you start from, you should head on the highway towards Venice. Then we continue in the direction of Udine until the state border and take the Palmanova-Tarvisio highway that leads in the direction of Villach. For the most intrepid cycle tourists, Villach passes the famous cycle path along the Drava River that connects three countries with a route of more than 300 kilometers that starts from Dobbiaco, in Italy, crosses Tyrol and Carinthia until reaching Slovenia.

    Once you arrive in Villach following the course of the Drava River, after crossing the old bridge, you will enter the historic center of the city. From here our walk begins until we reach the immense haunted place, With numerous shops, restaurants, bars and hotels, an ideal place to rest or eat tasty dishes. The square is actually an elongated space, more like a street, as is often the case in Austrian cities, adorned with a Trinity column and flanked by ancient buildings with typical bay windows.

    Of great interest is the Hotel Post, headquarters of the postal station in the Habsburg era, with its white Renaissance fa├žade and sculpted stone galleries, and the house of Paracelsus, a 15th century house where the scientist Paracelsus lived, a famous doctor, naturalist and philosopher who lived as a young man in Villach. Walking through the square you will find the church of St. Jakob, one of the most beautiful religious monuments in the city. Of clear Gothic style, built around the 15th century, on the outside it has a huge tower in the shape of a spire on the fa├žade, while inside there are beautiful frescoes and paintings. It is worth climbing the bell tower, the highest in Carinthia, for a fantastic view of the city. Don't miss it in the surrounding area. Museum of the City, which houses some works, documents and relics of Paracelsus, as well as various archaeological finds from prehistoric and Roman times, an ancient pharmacy and art objects from the 15th century.

    Other museums to visit in Villach are the vehicle museum, which houses an extensive collection of vintage vehicles from the mid-20th century, and the Church of the Holy Cross (Kreuzkirche), near the Drava River, built in the Baroque style by Andreas Siegel in the 18th century. In the direction of Lake Ossiach, in the northeastern area, on a panoramic hill of great beauty that dominates the city, is the picturesque and imposing Landskron Castle. Built in 1351, it still retains an ancient charm, surrounded by walls with watchtowers and a bastion.

    The main attraction of Landskron Castle. This is the Adler Arena, an open-air space where shows are held with different species of birds of prey: griffins, peregrine falcons, owls and splendid specimens of eagles, which cause amazement and amazement in visitors. On the slopes of the castle is the Monkey Mountain, founded in 1996: it is an open-air zoo, the largest in Austria, with around 152 Japanese macaques living freely in a very extensive natural habitat. It is possible to take a guided tour of the mountain, lasting about 30 minutes, to closely observe the behavior of these friendly creatures.

    Furthermore, from Villach you can reach alpine lakes, such as the more false see, Lake Faak, with its almost paradisiacal atmosphere and turquoise waters, which has become a much appreciated destination for families, or Ossiach, one of the largest lakes in Corinthia, whose warm waters and the surrounding mountains constitute a notable tourist attraction, especially for fun-seeking visitors. In fact, tour operators Lago Ossiach They offer various activities: water sports, boat trips, excursions around the lake on foot or by bike.

    Villach not only attracts with its lakes, mountains and historical-cultural itineraries, but also stands out for its tourist offer in the wellness and wellness sector with the new K├ĄrntenTherme spa in Warmbad Villach, where swimming pools and slides promise pure fun and entertainment. Children activities. Nearby is also the famous spa town of sometimes Bleiberg: here the water flows from the springs at a pleasant and warm temperature, offering moments of well-being and relaxation throughout the year.

    Villach is a colorful and lively town and offers the ideal setting for events of all kinds, especially in the summer months. We highlight the CarinthianSummer festival, the most famous musical event in Austria, which has been celebrated for more than forty years on the shores of Lake Ossiach. This year it will be held from July 16 to August 26 with a wide repertoire of shows and concerts programmed by the most important conductors and soloists of international renown.

    From July 30 to August 6, 2017, the city will experience the 74th edition of the famous and folkloric festival Villach Church Day: hundreds of events that will liven up the city streets with rivers of Villacher Bier, a colorful parade of traditional costumes, mechanical attractions and concerts. And for motorcycle lovers, from September 5 to 10, Lake Faak will host the twentieth edition of the European Bike Week, the most important motorcycle rally in Europe.

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