The OBB night train from Milan to Vienna

The OBB night train from Milan to Vienna

The plane for mine trip to Thailand departed from Vienna airport. What better way than to reach the Austrian capital by night train from Milan to Vienna?

The OBB night train from Milan to Vienna

The obb train from Milan to Vienna, from the match report leaves at 21.54 from Brescia and arrives at around 9.32 in Vienna Meidling. Regarding the purchase, I advise you to move much earlier, especially if you intend to travel in high season. Tickets can be purchased at this link starting from 100 days before the day of departure.

Being a night train the types of tickets are multiplici, ranging from normal seating to classic 4 or 6-seater berths. We chose the seat and paid the ticket only 29 euros each way (also for the return always 29 euros each). So, the night train to Vienna cost 58 euros. Do you know why I tell you to move first ?! Because on the day of departure we took a look at the site out of curiosity and our own accommodation cost 89 euros! Also forget to buy the ticket on the train, we heard how much another person who was traveling in another compartment paid: a powerful bloodletting!

Advice on the Obb train from Milan to Vienna


First tip: buy the ticket for the Milan Vienna train long before !!

One piece of information we struggled to find was whether we needed to change trains in Mestre or not. We came to the conclusion that in Mestre they reassemble the night train to two different destinations.

I'll explain: the train that leaves from Milan goes to both Vienna and Munich in the sense that some train carriages are called Munich, others Vienna. In Mestre, the carriages called Vienna are joined to the other “Vienna” carriages that come from Rome to form a single train.

 Second tip: read the carriage on the ticket carefully!

Third tip: if you don't like closed environments, better adapt to your seat.

We would have missed the air, we prefer to adapt to a normal armchair. With all the years of experience we have in trains, we have gotten used to it by now. We can almost say that we have developed a technique to sleep, indeed to try to sleep. On the night train from Milan to Vienna there are obviously couchettes, personally I find them a bit claustrophobic.

How is the compartment of the night train?

They are quite large seats with the possibility of cramming any luggage over your heads. If you have big luggage you have to hope that the cabin is free. There is not much space available and if the cabin is full it is not enough. Our train was very busy. It was Friday 7th August and it was also quite normal. Initially the air conditioning was struggling to cool down and therefore for a couple of hours we suffered a little heat. Then it decided to work and it was the opposite. Too cool!

Fourth tip: have something handy to cover yourself if you are cold.

Chapter sockets there are no problems, on the window side there are 2 230 V sockets ready for smartphones, tablets and so on and so forth.

Food chapter instead problematic, not so much for the food, as for quenching your thirst. We have not noticed where it is possible to buy a few bottles, so try to take precautions. As for the journey, it is very peaceful and enjoyable, it makes several stops during the night and “gathers” numerous travelers. Once you arrive in Austria, beautiful green landscapes open up to your eyes that can only make you happy and remember that you have just embarked on a beautiful journey. The time at this point will be the right one for a cappuccino and a brioche. Here comes my final advice.

Fifth and last tip: keep your cravings for a nice slice of Viennese Sacher!

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