Carry-on and checked baggage: Austrian Airlines rules on weights and measures

    Carry-on and checked baggage: Austrian Airlines rules on weights and measures
    Luggage on an Austrian Airlines flight can be carried in the cabin as long as it respects certain height and weight limits.

    Travelers of Austrian Airlines They have carry-on luggage for the cabin at no additional cost, but they must comply with certain restrictions. The maximum weight of the suitcase set by the airline with a hub at Vienna airport is 8 kg, while the total dimensions of the luggage must not exceed 55 x 40 x 23 cm. In the event that the item exceeds these data, then the package will need to be registered and the luggage will be placed in the hold of the plane. These limits refer to economy class passengers, since business class passengers have a wider choice.

    In fact, the latter may provide a second hill, which must in all cases respect the previous weight and size limits established by Austrian Airlines. The Austrian airline allows passengers to carry a second item, no larger than () cm and with a weight of less than 5 kg, which can be placed under the passenger seat. These accessories include a women's bag, a shoulder bag or a briefcase to store your laptop. Austrian Airlines also offers some options for travelers with small children.

    In fact, the latter will be able to take on board a folding stroller, a crib or a chair free of charge, ideal for being close to their child. Austrian Airlines also allows people with walking problems to have a wheelchair or a pair of crutches nearby. Those who want to travel with additional luggage will check their luggage in the hold, prices varying depending on the route taken and the class in which they travel. The maximum weight limit for a single package is set at 23 kg. for Economy Classic and Flex.

    Those who have a Business Class ticket can check in two suitcases of 32 kg each for free in the hold. In the case of continental flights, from Austria to Italy or vice versa, those who have an Economy Light ticket will have to pay a surcharge of 15 euros if they made the reservation online, reaching €40 in the case of the balance paid directly at the airport. airport. In any case, additional baggage may not exceed 158 cm total for 32 kg of weight and will reach a maximum of 225 euros more to pay in case of boarding.

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