Carinthia, the lake region of Austria

    Carinthia, the lake region of Austria
    In the southernmost country of Austria the lakes have clear waters and bright colors

    When the sun's rays reflect on the waters transparent gods 200 bathing lakes in Carinthia, the colors are filled with greens and turquoises. The region of the lakes corresponds to the southernmost of the nine Lands ofAustria. Here the climate is mild, almost Mediterranean, and the landscape is mountains around the lakes It is worth a visit. Coming from Italy and passing through Friuli, Carinthia is an alternative access to the Brenner to reach Vienna and northern Europe (LOOK AT THE MAP).

    The main tourist attractions are the capital of Carinthia, the city of klagenfurtAnd with the city of villach, which is located near the borders of Slovenia and Italy.

    Lago Wörthersee. The largest lake in Carinthia It is the ideal setting for picnics, excursions, water skiing (weather permitting) or motorboat rides. From the panoramic tower you can enjoy a stunning view of the lake and all of Carinthia. Pyramidenkogel, the modern multifunctional wooden structure: gazebo, playground and box.

    Ossiacher Ver. The lake reserves a program of high level events. When musical notes are heard around the lake, it means that summer has arrived with the Carinthian festivals. Around the lake there are five large towns.

    Millstaetter ver. Picturesque mountainous setting, the most romantic among lakes for bathing from Carinthia. Aboard typical wooden boats, tourists can go out to discover nature in the quiet bays of the south coast. Excursions to the surrounding mountain pastures promise intense contact with the mountains.

    Faaker Ver. The water of this lake hides a secret, a little magic: it shines with a color almost "Caribbean" turquoise blue because tiny particles of limestone that reach the lake from the nearby slopes of the Karavanke and shine in the sun are dissolved in its waters. In the middle of the lake there is a small island that houses a very exclusive hotel.

    Klopeiner ver. It is the warmest of the Carinthian lakes and the temperature reaches up to 28 ° C. On its shores, 12 bathing beaches, open to the public, guarantee moments of variety and fun for the whole family.

    Weißensee. Due to its shape it reminds us of the waters in the middle of norwegian fjords. It is located in the Weissensee nature park, where electric bicycles are available so that visitors do not lose their cars.

    Pressegger ver. The lake is located near Hermagor and is a safe source of entertainment for adults and children. Carinthia's first water amusement park is located here.


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