Innsbruck, what to do in summer in the golden city of Austrian Tyrol

    Across the border, Innsbruck, the capital of Austrian Tyrol, is a true paradise ideal for summer holidays.
    Innsbruck, what to do in summer in the golden city of Austrian Tyrol

    Just beyond the border with South Tyrol, Innsbruck It is a perfect town to spend summer vacations.

    Halfway between the urban environment, with all its comforts, and the mountainous environment, with peaks, valleys, nature, walks and cycle paths, it is one of the favorite places of Austrians, but also of us, Italians.

    Innsbruck is famous for being a 'city by bike', precisely because of its wide cycling routes in and out of the city. You can take a panoramic tour of the main attractions of the city by cycling along the comfortable urban bike path, which passes by the most significant places, such as the Golden Roof, the symbol of the city, or the roof that covers the gallery added to the building. of the "Neuhof" from the year 1500, profusely covered with 2.657 gilded copper flake tiles.

    Around Innsbruck there are sunny and charming plateaus. towns to discover. The entire Austrian Tyrol is a paradise for two wheels; In fact, there is no shortage of bike paths for all levels of difficulty. lovers of Mountain bikes You will find rich and varied routes along 115 kilometers. Those who prefer to pedal slowly can opt for flat routes, there are even 350 km of beautiful cycle paths to follow, such as the cycle track of taste, the Genuss-Radweg, and the Inn Valley bike path, perhaps renting a bike on site.

    For lovers of adventure holidays there are numerous peaks to climb, while those seeking relaxation and well-being can enjoy one of the hotel spas and resorts in Austrian Tyrol. There northern chain It is the mountain range that watches over Innsbruck from the north and is a very popular destination for excursions. The Nordkette ski lifts will take you directly from the city center to the high mountains in just 20 minutes. 2.000 meters. At the top, in addition to a stunning view, there are numerous mountain huts and huts.

    Those who spend the summer in Innsbruck will not be bored even in the evening. There are many events scheduled in July and August. From July 2 to 29, 2018, the Hofburg imperial palace is transformed into a stage that hosts the Promenade Concerts and at the same time the XX New Orleans Festival also takes place between the venues in the historic center and in the squares. At the gates of Innsbruck, a InformaFrom July 21 to August 31, popular Tyrolean comedies are performed in original locations, such as a factory shed, an old barn or a circus tent.

    Innsbruck, what to do in summer in the golden city of Austrian Tyrol

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