In Carinthia, between Austrian parks and lakes

    In Carinthia, between Austrian parks and lakes
    Just over the border is a region in southern Austria ideal for outdoor lovers and recommended for family holidays.

    On the other side of the border, a few kilometers from Udine, there is a region ofAustria southern which is absolutely worth visiting. And the carinthia, an area made of natural parks, lagos of drinking water, rivers, walking or cycling paths and tracks for Hiking, montagne another 2.000 meters, natural reserves of rare plants and animals. Ideal for a vacation in the family, this area offers numerous activities for lovers of outdoor life, thanks also to the particularly mild climate.

    The closest city to Italy and the heart of Carinthia is a delight Villach, with a beautiful historic center, surrounded by mountains and crossed by the Drava river, where they are organized folklore events throughout the course of the year. Villach is not far away either Slovenia, an area rich in low-cost spas. 

    But the beauty of this area is due above all to the natural landscapes surrounding areas, further enhanced by the care and respect that Austrians have for their cultural heritage. The largest lake in the area is Lago Ossiach which, like the other lakes (Often e Afritz), and of drinking water! The lake offers endless entertainment and watersports, from diving to boat rides or pedal boats to simple baths. Equally healthy walking and cycling tours are organized around the lakes. Hiking lovers will find their paradise just a stone's throw from the lakes, in Dobratsch Nature Park, a mountain more than 2 thousand meters high that can be reached through s, boschi, cave, meadows e natural pools. In Monte Gerlitzen, halfway between lakes Ossiach and Afritz, you can practice Nordic walking on marked trails and by renting special snowshoes. And horse riding lovers will also be able to explore the trails by horse. The Carinthian mountains offer stunning landscapes, Botanical Gardens with rare plants, small churches perched on the tops, but also natural reserves of plants and animals. Don't miss the meeting with me raptors of these areas to Landskron Castle, where they can be admired Eagles, hawks, owls and other types of birds that live practically in the wild, but also the reserve of very friendly birds. Japanese macaques ad Afenberg. For those who want to spend a family holiday and make adults and children happy, Carinthia is truly the ideal place.

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