Like the Maldives: Italy also has its peaceful beaches

The first beach to join the Gentle Italy Movement is located in Fregene: what is it about?
Like the Maldives: Italy also has its peaceful beaches
The first quiet beach in Italy is located in Fregene

Will kindness take over the world? The "revolution", if we want to call it that, has begun. After the Maldives (specifically Nika Island), also theItaly is home to its soft beaches., places that have embraced a philosophy that is taking hold in various places around the world and that has at its base important values ​​such as kindness, heather, hospitality and respect for the environment.

But where are these beaches located? Specifically, it is a lido that has been in existence for just over a month. joined the Soft Italy Movement (born in 2020) and its international expression, the International Kindness Movement, which began thanks to the natural biologist Daniel Lumera and is promoted by the volunteer organization My Life Design.

The revolution also began in the sand and starts from don't care, near Rome, where Miraculous Singita Beach It was proclaimed in July 2023 first “peaceful beach”.

Soft beaches, where they are found.

Da don't care, where Singita Miracle Beach is located, to the other two beaches that are part of the group (the brand has joined the Movement) and which are Singita Marina in Ravenna, in Italy, and then in Malta, near the town of Mgarr.

Places you've been accepted the spirit of the project; In fact, during the membership evening, which took place in early July, the company that owns the Singita brand also signed the Manifesto of the Gentile Company as “confirmation of the daily and continuous commitment that goes beyond the summer season – we read in Ansa -. And from Fregene, kindness also extends to Marina di Ravenna and Malta, places that are home to the other two beaches of Singita; In these three places the The biology of values ​​takes shape and goodness is expressed in four areas of expression: people, nature, art and philosophy, be kind.”

One of the methods? On all three beaches there are blackboards with quotes that help you reflect.

If to this we add the beauty of the placesThe soft beach experience is definitely worth trying at least once in your life. Is about beautiful places, in which to live moments that last forever, places where, even before joining the Movement, you can enjoy the charm of a unique context focused on great attention to hospitality, but also to the environment. In Fregene the beach is clear, the sand is fine, the sea is crystal clear and expands towards the horizon. This is the first soft beach in Italy, in which to carve out moments of relaxation and deep beauty.

“A “peaceful” beach is a place that train people to be kind to themselves, towards the tourist educated in "friendly tourism", the place he visits being that it must be improved compared to what is found, and respect for the environment - said Daniel Lumera on the occasion of joining the movement -: concrete acts and social projects that take care of relationships and the environment. "Singita will support Odv's educational projects in local schools."

Kindness conquers the world.

In April, Nika Island became the world's first Kindness Island, with a proclamation ceremony that saw it join the International Kidness Movement. After the Maldives now Italy, thanks tojoin the Singita Miracle Beach movement.

Since the first confinement of 2020, we read on the My Life Design website, citizens, associations, activities and institutions have created projects aimed at spreading kindness throughout Italy, taking as inspiration the book Biology of Kindness written by Daniel Lumera and Immaculata Live.

The projects, as listed on the site, are divided into different sectors that refer to education, justice, health, social integration, conscious economy and environment.

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