Welcome to the “most beautiful kilometer in Italy”

There, where the work of man meets the magic of nature, the "most beautiful kilometer in Italy" is born: it is a short walk that leaves you breathless.
Welcome to the “most beautiful kilometer in Italy”
The maritime paseo of Falcomatà, in Reggio Calabria

Can a simple walk become something wonderful? Yes, if we are in the “the most beautiful kilometer in Italy”: much more than any promenade, it is an incredible place where the work of man has managed to enhance the beauty of nature. Today it is a destination for many curious tourists to admire a small masterpiece and enjoy a short walk exploring a corner of paradise. Where is? Let's go together to find out.

The “most beautiful kilometer in Italy”

We are in Reggio Calabria, a splendid city with views of the Strait of Messina, where the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea meet those of the Ionian Sea, offering a magical and fascinating spectacle. The best place to admire it is a short walk that has attracted tourists from all corners of the world for more than a century, leaving them breathless. Its about Falcomatà seafront promenade, also known as Lungomare Matteotti: for its wonderful interaction between architectural works and suggestive nature, this place has been awarded the title of "most beautiful kilometer in Italy".

The walk is actually a little longer than you would expect. The promenade extends for approximately 1.700 meters., covering almost the entire coastal strip of Reggio Calabria. Born at the end of the 700th century, it was rebuilt to its current appearance only after the earthquake of 1908, which destroyed part of the historic center of the Calabrian city. But it was in XNUMX when, thanks to the effort of the then mayor Italo Falcomatà (from which it later took its name), the boardwalk has returned to its original splendor, in a mix of ancient and modern that captivates anyone who finds themselves admiring it.

Walking along the "most beautiful kilometer in Italy", the gaze is immediately drawn to the sea: between palm trees and dream beaches, highlights an immense expanse of crystalline water that, especially under the sun's rays, seems to shine with its own light. In the distance you can see the Sicilian coast, beyond the Strait of Messina, offering a simply wonderful panorama. Behind the boardwalk, however, it meanders the historic center of Reggio Calabria: ancient buildings and splendid noble villas are the perfect setting for a walk that will enter your heart and never leave it.

What to see in Reggio Calabria

El Lungomare Falcomatà es a must stop for anyone preparing to visit Reggio Calabria, but the city certainly has much more to offer its tourists. One of the most beautiful places is the Arena dello Stretto, an open-air theater that imitates the ancient Greek style, overlooking the sea right in the middle of the promenade. Not far away is the National Archaeological Museum of Magna Graecia, a majestic building that houses works of art of great value. Among them, the symbols of the Calabrian capital: the two Riace bronzes, exceptionally well-preserved statues found in the sea in 1972.

Upon entering the historic center of the city, the gaze is directed towards the modernist buildings that recall the immense strength of Reggio Calabria, reborn from its own rubble after the terrible earthquake that devastated it more than a century ago. Finally, one of the most evocative monuments to visit is the Aragonese castle, perfectly inserted into the urban environment: only two towers and some ruins belonging to the surrounding walls remain of the original defensive structure. Thanks to recent renovation works, today it hosts unmissable shows and events.

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