Welcome to the Greek city where it doesn't feel like being in Greece

There are no white houses or blue domes, there are no cobblestone streets and there is not even the sea. However, Ioánnina is truly extraordinary.
Welcome to the Greek city where it doesn't feel like being in Greece
Lake Pamvotis, Ioanine

There is always a good reason to organize a trip to greece At any time of year. After all, there are so many things to do and see: the crystal-clear turquoise waters that surround the islands, the archaeological, historical and legendary sites, and the wonderful traditions that have been passed down for centuries. The truth is that this country never ceases to surprise, fascinate and enchant travelers from all over the world.

However, there is a place here that has nothing to do with those postcard landscape that we know well. Here there are no white houses or blue domes that we like to photograph so much, nor cobblestone streets dominated by shops, restaurants and small churches. Here the sea doesn't even exist.

And yet Ioannina, so unusual and different, is an extraordinary city that deserves to be discovered. A place far from the busiest routes of mass tourism that preserves an incredible history that lives and survives in those rich testimonies that characterize the streets and neighborhoods, the entire territory. Ready to go?

Welcome to Ioannina

A trip to Ioánnina results in aunusual experience, a certainly unusual adventure and unlike any other. This city, immersed in continental Greece, has a fascinating, seductive and evocative history inextricably linked to the figure of an eccentric sovereign and the Ottoman Empire.

Far from the Cyclades Islands, thousands of kilometers from Ioánnina, and the capital of the country, this city does not offer a standardized experience like those found in other tourist places, but rather offers a historical and cultural experience, fascinating and seductive. itinerary that catapults us to a world far away and different from the one we know.

The city, as we have mentioned, is not washed by the sea, but is located on the shores of Lake Pamvotida, which creates an almost fairy-tale setting. Capital of the Epirus region, Ioannina is surrounded by nature that reigns supreme. The blue of the waters gives way to lush and wild greens that alternate with canyons, rivers and lakes.

Welcome to the Greek city where it doesn't feel like being in Greece
Ottoman Library Ruins, Ioannina

What to do and what to see

Ioánina is indissolubly linked to figure of Ali Pascià Tepeleni, Albanian politician and military man who created, between Greece and Albania, a kingdom almost independent of the Ottoman Empire. His fame was so great that many illustrious people came to court, including Napoleon. His figure is also described in the novel The Count of Monte Cristo.

Under his control, Ioannina met the maximum of its splendor, but the power of the sovereign was so great that Sultan Mahmud II decided to crush his rise. Ali Pasha was thus murdered and his head given to the sultan. The remains of his body are preserved today in the city. He also has a museum dedicated to him on the nearby islet of Nissi.

The story, evocative and even a little tragic, takes us there. in the heart of Ioannina that today still pulsates within the city walls. It is here that a wealth of treasures from the past are kept, such as the ruins of the Ottoman library, the ancient synagogue, and historic houses that have been transformed into boutique hotels.

Around them, however, it is possible to admire the extraordinary visions they offer. perspectives on the past and present. And speaking of wonderful views, not to be missed is Lake Pamvotida that characterizes the entire panorama of the city.

The lake, which has its origins more than 20000 years ago, offers fabulous and incredible views that can be admired while walking through the streets that surround it. However, you can also cross the same lake to reach the small island of nissi which is home to some of the most beautiful Byzantine monasteries in the area.

Welcome to the Greek city where it doesn't feel like being in Greece
Moschea Fethiye, tumba de Ali Pasha. Ioanina
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