The 10 best beaches in Greece

    The 10 best beaches in Greece
    TripAdvisor annual ranking: the most spectacular Hellenic beach is that of the island of Elafonissi

    If you have to plan your next summer vacation and you intend to spend it in tracksuit, you might want to read the ranking of the ten most beautiful beaches prepared by TripAdvisor. It will give you an idea of ​​which island to choose.

    First is the Elafonissi Beach, a very small island between the Peloponnese and Cerigo, where all the light sand beaches are beautiful. The second most beautiful beach in Greece is San Pablo Bay, in Lindos, on the island of Rhodes. A small rocky bay with shallow, emerald waters. Also on the podium Playa Paleokastritsa a paleokastritsa, on the northwest coast of Corfu.

    The ranking continues with Balos Lagoon Chania Crete (4th place), a splendid lagoon of white sand and very shallow waters. The next one is the famous one. Shipwreck Beach (Navagio) por zacinto (or Zakynthos), in the Ionian Islands which occupies fifth place.

    is in 6th place Koukounaries Beach, on the island of Skiathos, one of the most picturesque in the Sporades. Seventh position for the beach. Port Katsiki, lefkada, one of the Ionian islands and the eighth largest Stalis beach, on the north coast of Crete. Only the penultimate one is a beach. Santorini, perissa beach, famous for its crystal-clear waters and fine sand and for being very sheltered from the summer winds of the Aegean. Another Lefkada beach closes the top 10 Egremni Beach.

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