Where to stay in Zakynthos

The island of Zakynthos, also known as Zakynthos is a wonder of nature, with white beaches and a turquoise sea.

The choice of area where to land in Zakynthos it is of fundamental importance for this island, it depends on your tastes and what you are looking for in a holiday.

In Zakynthos you will find many places with a party soul, among these it stands out Laganos, very popular with young English people with a passion for alcohol. Valid alternatives for more content fun are: Argassi, Tsivili, Alykes and Alikanas.

The town of Zakynthos is very busy both day and night, but has a more classy evening life.

Much quieter areas ideal for families or couples looking for peace and relaxation are: Vassiliki and Limni Keri, where you will find beautiful beaches.

Then I remind you that the most beautiful beaches are in the south of the island, the best are Gerakas, Dafni and the islet of Marathonissi.

Do not miss the splendid beach of the wreck, Navagio, however, if you go between June and September be prepared for the invasion of tourists.

Where to stay in Zakynthos

Let's see the main recommended places to stay in Zakynthos


The busiest place on the island is certainly Laganas, an ideal place for those who want to spend the nights in discos and disco bars. Laganas, however, is besieged by British teenagers, who invade the area to party and drink all night. I do not recommend Laganas for families and couples looking for a bit of tranquility.

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If you are looking for a quieter but at the same time lively area, Kalamaki is a great choice to stay in Zakynthos.

The location is excellent, it is located in the gulf of the marine park, in front of the turtle island. The town is full of hotels, restaurants, shops and bars, it is a tourist area but quieter than nearby Laganas and more frequented by families.

It is about 5 km from Zakynthos city, where you will find a more elegant nightlife than the lively Lagos, which is still very close and can also be reached on foot, maybe some evenings you can even have dinner there.

The beach and the sea in this area are very beautiful, and if you rent a vehicle you can visit the various beaches of the peninsula including the splendid Gerakas.

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Alykes / Alykanas

If, on the other hand, you want to stay far enough away from the young Englishmen, a good choice where to stay in Zakynthos is the Alykes / Alykanas area. Zakynthos is an island monopolized by British tourism, so here too you will find English, but much quieter, mostly couples and families with children.

In the area there are taverns, bars, shops and supermarkets. Alykes beach is long and sandy and the sea is clean and very beautiful.

The location is strategic to get around the island, about twenty minutes by car from Zakynthos city, and about 30 minutes to reach the beautiful beaches of the South. The beaches of the North are even closer and you are halfway to go to the Navagio. , the famous beach of the wreck.

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Argassi is located about 5 km from Zakynthos city, it is an excellent base for visiting the island, to move both south and north. The area is lively, there is no shortage of restaurants and taverns, but you will not find the confusion of Laganas.
The beaches here are not the most beautiful, but as I said the location is good for visiting the most beautiful beaches on the island.
In Argassi I recommend stay at the Contessa Hotel, located in an excellent position in the center of the town.

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Tsilivi is located along the east coast a short distance from Zakynthos city, together with Kalamaki, Laganas, Argasi and Alykes is among the places with the most modern tourist facilities and with an intense nightlife.

Tsilivi beach is a long stretch of sand, bathed by a crystalline sea, is well equipped and offers many tourist and sports facilities, it is possible to practice water sports and rent pedal boats and water scooters.

Tsilivi beach is one of the busiest, but it is ideal for small children as it slopes gently into the sea for about 400 meters and has a sandy bottom.

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Limni Keri

A place that in my opinion deserves a lot is the small village of Limni Keri, located about twenty kilometers away from the city of Zakynthos, located on the slopes of Capo Marathia, facing the islet of Marathonissi.

The place is very quiet, but there is no shortage of restaurants and bars, here you can breathe a different atmosphere than in the other areas of the island, there are mainly families with children.

The small beach of Keri is made up of pebbles and surrounded by trees, not far away is Marathia beach, a small pebble beach, with beautiful water colors.

From the port of Keri you can embark to visit the island of Marathonissi, the caves of Keri and all the beauties of this stretch of coast.

So if you are looking for a quiet place to stay in Zakynthos, Limni Keri is the right choice.

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Zona di Vassilikos

For those looking for beautiful beaches and tranquility there best area to stay in Zakynthos it is undoubtedly Vassilikos, south of Zakynthos city.

The village is not very busy with a few taverns and a couple of beach bars, but it is not far from Argassi or Zante Town for dinner or an after dinner drink.

If you choose to stay in the Vassilikos area you will have 3 wonderful beaches at your disposal: St Nikolas, Plaka Beach and Banana Beach.
In particular, the beach of St. Nicholas is splendid, with fine sand and shallow water suitable for small children.
The sea is calmer as the area is protected from the winds, unlike the east coast which is windier.

The most beautiful beaches such as the famous Gerakas and Dafni beach are nearby.

In the Vassilikos area I feel like recommend the Vasilikos Beach Hotel, simple but well-finished, the rooms have a fridge and a kitchenette.

The strength of the Hotel is the location, it is located a few steps from the beach of San Nikolas.

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Where to stay in Zakynthos

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