Playa de Barbati, the exceptional beach in Greece

Barbati Beach, about twenty kilometers north of Corfu Town, is one of the beaches not to be missed on the spectacular Greek island
Playa de Barbati, the exceptional beach in Greece
Men's Beach, Greece

For a holiday dedicated to the spectacular sea and unforgettable views just a few steps from Italy, the Greek islands They are an exceptional destination.

Among them stands out without a doubt Corfu, accessible in less than two hours by plane, an extraordinary island bridge between two towns and two cultures that have in common the love of the sun, crystal clear waters and good food.

It is one of the pearls of isolate Ionia, whose coast is adorned, on all sides, with fantastic beaches, accessible and bathable, for all tastes and needs: rocky, sandy, pebble and gravel, solitary, crowded, for young people, couples, families...

Today let's find out more. beach men, about twenty kilometers north of Corfu Town.

El paraíso de la playa de Barbati

Not far from the capital of the island, on the eastern coast, Barbati beach stands out above all for the silver olive trees that extend to the sea, turquoise and transparent like the Greek sea, awarded with the recognition Blue flag demonstrating the quality of its waters.

Also known as the “riviera”, it is idyllic strip of sand and very white pebbles surrounded by a regenerating green area where you can relax in the sun without further worries, finally away from the frenetic daily routine, a privileged starting point to discover the many beauties of Corfu and a popular destination for lovers of dive thanks to the clean bottoms where there is life, with cute little black and purple fish and, at the bottom, sea bass.

The water temperature is always pleasant, cool but not freezing, excellent for cooling off on the hottest days and there are many water activities that can be practiced.

Or, simply, the best thing here is to enjoy a totally relaxing holiday by the sea, renting an umbrella and sun lounger and taking advantage of the showers and services on site.

But that is not enough because they organize, daily, pleasant boat trips that allow you to see even the most hidden coves on the coast, with the backdrop of hills covered with green forests.

The country then immerses itself in you.a quiet and private environment but there is no shortage of souvenir shops, supermarkets, food stores, taverns near the sea or along the coastal road where you can taste the best of typical cuisine and a selection of hotels, apartments and villas spread along the slopes of the mountains. hills to enjoy the view. That is nothing short of wonderful.

How to get to Barbati beach

The city of Barbati is served by bus numbers that run along the coastal highway: in detail, they serve the A4 line (Corfu-Kassiopi), the A5 line (Corfú-Barbati-Nissaki) and, during the summer period, also the S6 line (Nisaki-Paleokastritsa) which also allows you to reach one of the most famous beaches on the island, Paleokastritsa, and the rest of the beaches on the east coast.

Coming in place drive, you can reach the beach by turning towards Akti Barbati or, a little further on, towards Riviera: going down towards Akti Barbati, from the car park looking towards the sea, you will find the free beach on the right, while on the left is the beach equipped with two bars (one in Barbati-Riviera and another in Akti Barbati) to have a delicious snack.

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