Amorgos: what to see on this Greek island

    Amorgos: what to see on this Greek island
    Amorgos is one of the beautiful islands of Greece. Let's find out what it offers to tourists.

    Amorgos is the easternmost island of the archipelago. Cyclades and is about 250 km from Athens. This is the island of tradition, where you won't find big parties or nightlife, but silence, nature and Greek culture. Amorgos is ideal for lovers of hiking and trekking: walking along its trails you can discover wild places and monasteries incredible. An example is Many in Chozoviot: to get to it you have to climb a path of 350 steps, only at this point you will find yourself facing a construction outside of space and time. Another must-see monastery is that of Ilias benefited, accessible after a one-hour walk from the capital, is located 700 meters above the sea and offers a stunning view.

    The island is characterized by numerous parks traditional. Among the many centers is, for example, Katapola, near the island's port, with numerous bars and cozy taverns. If, on the other hand, you want to spend your holidays on the beach, the place to choose is Aegiali, the town with the most accessible beaches. Last but not least is the capital of the island, Chora. Walking through its streets and buildings is like immersing yourself in Greek history. Obviously the most important city on the island is equipped with nightclubs, cafes and restaurants. It is undoubtedly the most suitable center for young people because of the lively atmosphere and the places where you can stay up late into the night.

    Amorgos also has a wide selection of beaches. In the Katapola area is Maltzei, with its sandy coast it is ideal for those looking for unspoiled nature. In Aegiali is Ormos, this sandy area is also ideal for families and children. Here you will also find the Agios Pavlos beach, which unlike the others is pebble and offers a wonderful crystal clear sea. Finally, if you are looking for complete silence and peace, you have to walk an hour and a half to Halara. In the surroundings of Chora there are several beaches, the best without a doubt is Agia Anna, one of the places with the most beautiful sea on the entire island. In Kato Meria you will find Klariotissa, inside a bay, a very equipped and comfortable beach.

    To get to the island the only possibility is by sea. The different ports of Amorgos are perfectly connected to the Piraeus. It is also possible to go to or from Santorini, Mykonos and other islands in the Cyclades. In addition, it is also possible to reach the Dodecanese coasts by ferry.

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