Skiathos, what to see and the most beautiful beaches on the island of 'Mamma mia'

Skiathos, what to see and the most beautiful beaches on the island of 'Mamma mia'
A beautiful island with a crystal clear sea, famous for the famous musical based on Abba's songs - this is what to do on the island of Skiathos

La tracksuit It is a destination much loved by tourists and especially by those who do not want to give up the crystal clear waters by staying in the Mediterranean. A very popular place even among the youngest due to the wide range of entertainment possibilities. A country where art, culture and natural beauty come together in an almost symbiotic way.

The Island Skiathos It is part of the outskirts of Thessaly and belongs to the Greek archipelago of the Northern Sporades, in the Aegean Sea. Although it is a very small island, it represents one of the most sought after tourist destinations among the islands of Greece, especially since the premiere of the well-known film 'My mother'that showed all its beauty.

What to see in Skiathos

The island of Skiathos is rich in history: in ancient times it was a focal point during the Persian Wars and in 1794 a group of monks founded the Evangelistria Monastery on the Mount Athos. The first flag of Greece was also created here and it was the home of a famous Greek writer and poet. Alexandros Papadiamantis. Here we tell you where to go and what to visit in Skiathos.

Skiathos Town and surroundings

The only center on the island also bears his name: the City of Skiathos It was built in 1830 and is one of the most touristic places in all of Greece. Modern cafes, luxury restaurants and expensive haute couture stores fill its narrow streets.

In this place it is essential to take an excursion through the small area. Bourtzi Peninsula, which divides the city's port in two. Here you can admire the remains of a ancient castle Venetian from the year 1200. The castle was completely destroyed in 1660 after the occupation of Francesco Morozini, but has recently been partially renovated and converted into an open-air theater. Precisely thanks to the magical atmosphere enjoyed on the Bourtzi Peninsula, the Skiathos City Council decided to organize it here. artistic and cultural events.

during your holidays in Skiantos you can also visit the birthplace of the writer Papadiamantis, transformed into a true museum that houses, in addition to 19th century furniture, also some of his original writings. The house is very small and typical greek style: In addition to the objects that belonged to the writer, you will be able to get an idea of ​​what life was like in Greece at the end of the 19th century.

Also worth seeing Monastero de Kounistra which houses a splendid interior chapel. Smaller and less known than the Evangelistria Monastery, this well-preserved building is definitely worth a visit. Of garden well maintained to the stunning views that can be enjoyed: the monastery is a true oasis of peace.

the old one fortified town of Kastro It is located in the northern part of the island and can be reached on foot along a steep trail that requires a two-hour walk. It's a little frequented place, but it used to be the most inhabited town on the island, with more than 300 houses and 20 churches. Today you can admire the few remaining ruins and the splendid views of the surrounding landscapes.

The Evangelistria Monastery

Il Convention on Evangelism It is built on the highest rock on the island, Mount Athos. It is the spiritual symbol of the island, built in 1794 and reserved only for men. The structure is large and complex: the monastery includes a library, popular museum and one ecclesiastical in which sacred objects are preserved. Today only two monks live in the monastery, but in the past this place was a refuge for many religious people. The best day to visit the monastery is August 15, when it is celebrated an emotional mass for the epitaph of the Virgin Mary.

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The most beautiful beaches in Skiathos.

Skiathos It offers different types of beaches, suitable for all your needs. some are from fine white sand, others have parts rocky: The water is always wonderful and crystal clear. Here are some beaches not to be missed.


The koukounaries, 10 km from the capital of the island, known for its fine white sand, surrounded by a pine forest. It is a fairly large beach, equipped with umbrellas and sun loungers and perfect for families with children. Behind the beach you will find the Lake Strofilia, where swans, ducks and many different fish live.


Vromolimnos beach with its golden sand is considered one of the most elegant on the entire island. Thanks to the presence of forested hills it remains protected from the wind and here you can admire the most beautiful sunsets in Skiathos. On the beach you will find numerous beaches and tavern and also water sports agencies.

Megas Gialos

Located on the northeast coast of the island, Megas Gialos It is a small beach within a bay. The beach is small and isolated, is not equipped and is little frequented by tourists, making it ideal for those seeking relaxation. Access to Megas Gialos is difficult, you have to take a long dirt road or you can reach it. by sea with a boat excursion.

'Mamma mia': the film filmed on the island of Skiathos

L'isla of Skiantos It offers, in addition to impressive landscapes and wonderful beaches, the emotion of immersing tourists in the setting of one of the most beloved musicals of recent years. The big screen adaptation of the famous musical based on ABBA songs, 'Mamma Mia', was the best promotion Greece has ever had for its tourism.

The beautiful landscapes, from which you can glimpse the characteristic marinas and white sand beaches with transparent waters, convey to viewers the desire to visit these places. TO Skiathos Some beach and sea scenes were filmed, as well as the initial meeting of Pierce Brosnan and Colin Flinth in the harbor.

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