Malia, among the best destinations for young people in Greece

Malia is a perfect city for a fun-filled holiday and also the ideal place to discover some treasures of the island of Crete.
Malia, among the best destinations for young people in Greece
Travel to Malia, a destination to have fun

From the crystalline sea, from the typical architecture often tinted in blue, from the simple and excellent gastronomy and from the numerous towns in which you feel at home: this and much more is the Greece. In these parts there is everything you need: the place for naturists, the tourist town where you can spend time in company, the isolated and authentic beaches, but also the perfect destinations for the youngest, those where fun is the watchword. . One of them in Greece is Malia, a destination worth discovering.

Where is Malia?

Malia is a curious town located on the island of Crete. The municipality in which it is located, Chersonissos, extends from the slopes of the Dikti and Selena mountains in the south, to the coasts of the Cretan Sea in the north.

Surrounded by a mountainous area that offers interesting views, it overlooks a short coastal strip where the visitor finds everything they need and where everything goes happily. Thanks to its position, among other things, it is also an excellent starting point for visiting the many wonders found in the surrounding area.

What to expect

Malia has a “big sister” who comes to life just seven kilometers away from her: Hersonissos, a city that can be considered the capital of nightlife in Crete. However, as we well know, "the apple never falls too far from the tree", and that is why Malia is also a seaside resort much sought after by young people from all over Europe.

The reason lies in its numerous venues open 24 hours a day as well as theme parties and foam parties. In particular there is a pedestrian avenue, approximately 1,5 km long, where numerous nightclubs are concentrated.

Malia, among the best destinations for young people in Greece
Young people around Malia

But Malia is not only that: equipped with a beautiful urban beach where you have everything you need at hand, it has accommodation suitable for all budgets, good proximity to wonderful places of interest, a historic center that offers serenity and a crystal clear sea. that has nothing to envy of the one that bathes less frequented destinations.

What to see

Spending a holiday in Malia means being able to discover a small and intimate historical center. Located approximately 1,5 km from the seafront, it is a pleasant place to walk and where to experience the special emotions that a typical Greek village can offer. Worthy of mention are the greats Church of Agios Nektarios, where there are beautiful paintings by Michael Vassilakis, and the church of Panagia Galatiani, the oldest in the town.

From the city beach, however, it is impossible not to notice in the middle of the placid sea a curious islet where one of the symbols of the city stands: the small church of Afendis Christos. Easily accessible by pedal boat, it enchants visitors with its little blue door and the Greek flag that always flies proudly.

Without a doubt, Malia's strong point is her Minoan Palace, one of the four most important in Crete along with that of Knossos, which is a true masterpiece.

Built between 2000 B.C. and 1900 BC. C. It is accessed by a paved road from which several paths called processional streets branch off. Excavations in this area began in 1915 and to date have brought to light a true hidden treasure, including a gold pendant depicting two bees on a drop of honey.

Malia, among the best destinations for young people in Greece
View of the small church of Afendis Christos

The sea of ​​Malia

Malia is also synonymous with the sea and, as we mentioned, in addition to being beautiful, it is also a small temple of fun. The city's beach is approximately three kilometers long and is characterized by being composed of fine golden sand and being bathed by clean, calm, blue-blue waters with a gently sloping seabed.

We can define this coastline divided into two: the eastern part which is quieter and less equipped, the western part which is perfect for partying and having fun with water sports.

Many will be happy to know that Malia also offers ideal corners for those who want to carve out moments of tranquility. In fact, just three kilometers from here is the Playa de Potamos which offers a clear, transparent sea and a little more secluded.

What to do in the surroundings

I surroundings of Malia They make many small but precious pearls available to guests. An example of all this is the Monastery of Agios Georgios which is located in nearby Selinari and precisely in the place where God, according to the stories of the time, made the builder find an icon of Saint George.

Here you can visit a main central church, St. George's Chapel and the mysterious Anvalohos Cave, the corner where Nikolaos, the monk who built the monastery, is said to be buried.

It's also beautifulLassithi Plateau which, in addition to being an explosion of nature, is dotted with more than 10.000 windmills. Among the most evocative attractions of the area we cannot fail to mention the Psychro Cave, a particularly evocative cavity where, according to legend, Zeus was born.

By participating in one of the many jeep tours offered by Malia tour operators, you can also discover small villages, almond groves and farm fields as far as the eye can see. Those who decide to take a six-hour trail to the top of the mountain will also have many satisfactions. Monte Spath: From up there the view is impressive.

Then again the Roza Gorge which can be visited thanks to a route of almost 7 kilometers that connects the mountain towns of Kera and Gonies. Named for the pink tones of its spectacular rock walls, it can be explored through a sumptuous uphill route with an elevation gain of 300 meters.

Finally, the towns of Krasi and Mochos, which are located in the mountains south of Malia. krasi It offers cobblestone streets where you can get intoxicated with the aroma of sarikopita, a tasty dessert made with freshly baked cheese and filo dough, and discover the church of the Transfiguration of Christ and a charming little carved wooden temple.

mochos, For its part, it is appreciated for its stone houses that overlook beautiful squares.

Malia, among the best destinations for young people in Greece
The beautiful beach of Malia city
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