Spain and Greece by ferry, low-cost beach vacations

    If you travel between Mediterranean countries, the ferry is the most comfortable and economical way to get around
    Spain and Greece by ferry, low-cost beach vacations

    If you are looking for a summer destination that combines beautiful sea, culture, history and excellent food., you don't have to go who knows how far.

    Just look towards the Mediterranean to find enchanted islands, rugged coastlines and vestiges of ancient civilizations and a unique gastronomic culture. No, we are not referring to Sicily and Sardinia. Or, at least, not only to the two largest Italian islands. In fact, if we move a little further west or a little further east, we find Spain and Greece respectively, two of the most popular summer vacation destinations of 2019 for sea lovers.

    When choosing travel by ferryThen you will have the opportunity to savor the sea air before reaching the beach and, above all, not to waste too much time getting to your chosen destination. By ferry, for example, it will be possible Also take your car or camper on board., thus having the possibility of moving freely once you reach your destination. Safe and comfortable, the the ferry is cheap too: Thanks to the Grimaldi Lines Last Minute Summer offer it will be possible to organize a last minute holiday in Spain or Greece saving 20% ​​(excluding fixed costs) on the ticket price, for the selected dates.

    Travel to Spain and Greece, why travel by ferry

    when you have to Organize a low-cost, last-minute trip to Spain or Greece The first means of transportation that comes to mind is probably the plane. Many believe it is the fastest way to travel to reach your chosen destination and enjoy rest and relaxation. And, on the other hand, among the many means with which you can move, The ferry is the smartest "exit" there is..

    Spain and Greece by ferry, low-cost beach vacations

    Unlike the plane, in fact, the ship guarantees a comfortable and smooth ride, making you feel like you're on vacation while you enjoy the outdoor pool with solarium and the rest of the numerous services on board. As mentioned, choose Grimaldi Lines FerriesFirst of all, you can bring your car full of luggage or your caravan, so you can wander and explore freely once you reach your destination. Thanks to the car, for example, you can move freely between the different coastal towns in Spain and Greece; The campervan, on the other hand, will allow you to further reduce the costs of your stay, making it unnecessary to book a hotel or a room in a holiday complex.

    Not to mention convenience! For those who choose to travel with Grimaldi Lines, you have until July 31 to make your reservation and take advantage of the 20% discount (not including fixed rates) on selected departures from 01/07/2019 to 30/09/2019. The Last Minute Summer offer can also be combined with other Grimaldi Lines promotions: by choosing Greece, for example, you can take advantage of a discounted return ticket; If you travel to Spain, however, you can pay for a double cabin and stay there even with your children at no additional cost.

    How to get to Spain and Greece by ferry

    Grimaldi Lines ferries connect Spain with departures from the ports of Savona (Liguria), Civitavecchia (Lazio) and Porto Torres (Sardinia). Ferries leave the ports in the late afternoon, so you can travel overnight and not miss a single day of vacation. The port of arrival is Barcelona, ​​​​the nerve center of the Costa Brava: from here you can easily reach Valencia (further south) or other highly prestigious coastal cities.

    To get to Greece by ferry, however, you can choose to depart from Ancona, Venice and Brindisi and arrive in Igoumenitsa, Corfu or Patras. Furthermore, thanks to the internal maritime connections of Grimaldi Minoan Lines, you will be able to discover all the charm of the Greek islands: Chania, Milos, Crete and the Cyclades (Santorini-Ios-Paros-Mykonos).

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