The Best Beaches of Santorini and How to Reach Them

Ammoudi, Kamari, Perivolos, Perissa and the red beach are some of the best beaches of Santorini, but these are not the only ones.

The beaches of Santorini are mostly covered with black pebbles, white or black sand and are well organized with many services and things to do.

The Best Beaches of Santorini and How to Reach Them

The best beaches of Santorini -

La Greece it is certainly one of the most fascinating places in the world, not only for the landscape but also for the stories full of mystery that portray it as the land of myths, ancient civilizations and great wars.

Today, as well as a place full of history, Greece is undoubtedly one of the best tourist destinations for those who love the sun and beaches.

It is from one of the islands of this fantastic and particular state that I want to tell you about today.

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THESantorini island, formerly called Thera, together with the island of Crete was the seat of the Minoan civilization. We can therefore only imagine how much history this splendid place can tell! Our island was born round but following a volcanic eruption and a subsequent flood it obtained the shape we know today.

Thanks to these events, the myth of the city of Atlantis which is believed to be right near the island. You will find yourself in front of an arid and rocky land in front of a still active volcano. The presence of the latter, wind and weather conditions contributed to create an island of a thousand colors.

How are the beaches of Santorini?

Santorini is not famous for its beaches. They're good but not great, so don't expect those idyllic stretches of sand you've seen a thousand times in photos of Greece.

In fact, most of the beaches on the island are made up of dark volcanic sand that gets very hot in the midday sun. Beach sandals or shoes are highly recommended.

But what Santorini's beaches lack in sandy splendor they make up for in their breathtaking views. The cliffs looming over some of the beaches and the nature of the sand itself make them a surreal setting for swimming and sunbathing.

Below is the map of the beaches of Santorini:

The Best Beaches of Santorini and How to Reach Them

Santorini Beach Map - Img of Dramaj on

Maybe it's just in my head, but I think the water around Santorini is the clearest and coolest I've ever swam in. It is truly wonderful.

1 - The best beach for children: Kamari

The Best Beaches of Santorini and How to Reach Them

Kamari beach -

The first one I want to tell you about is there Kamari beach, one of the most popular locations because it is very well equipped and therefore perfect for families and for those who want all the comforts. You can find many restaurants, hotels and shops.

Kamari Beach is the best beach to visit with children or seniors and is the resort more suitable for families of all Santorini.

You will find yourself in front of 5 km of black beach, I'm not kidding! The pebbles and sand are so dark that they give it this magical color.

How to get to Kamari beach

Getting to Kamari beach is really easy, but if you haven't rented your car you will need to use Fira as a main basis.

Kamari beach is located about 10 km from Fira and there is a regular bus service local that runs every 30 minutes during the summer months.

A taxi from Fira to Kamari should cost you no more than 20 euros!

If you have a car, (the best website for booking a car in Santorini is, from Fira just take the road to the airport and follow the signs.

Recommended hotels near Kamari beach: Santorini Kastelli Resort (luxury) • Tamarix Del Mar Suites (luxury) • Sigalas Beach Hotel (average price)

2 - The most unique beaches of Santorini: Ammoudi Bay and Red Beach

The Best Beaches of Santorini and How to Reach Them

Santorini Red Beach -

If black is not your favorite color or you love adventure so much that you even look for it on the way to your beach, I recommend the two beaches of Ammoudi Bay e Red Beach.

Respectively to the north and south of the island both red, always protected by rocks of the same color.

The Red Beach is well known so it's best to show up early in the morning if you want to find a spot.

Both unforgettable beaches and definitely worth seeing but if you are looking for a romantic place Ammoudi Bay offers many restaurants at sea level, really perfect for a candlelit dinner!

How to get to Ammoudi Bay

Unfortunately there is no bus that can take you directly to Ammoudi Bay, although this beach is very easy to reach.

If you have a car, you can simply follow the signs from Oia which is only 5 minutes away and there is a small car park in Ammoudi where you can park your bike or car.

If you don't have a car, you have to take the local bus from Fira to Oia and then basically walk all the stairs / path from Oia to the bottom.

You can also take a taxi from Oia or directly from Fira.

A taxi from Fira to Ammoudi bay should cost no more than 25 euros.

Recommended hotels in Oia (near Ammoudi): Wait (luxury) • Fanari Villas (luxury) • Art Houses Oia Castle Hotel (luxury)

How to get to the Red beach

If you want to reach the red beach, be prepared for an intense hike through the red rocks that lead to the beach.

When you arrive at the archaeological site of Akrotiri, you have to turn right, park in front of the Agios Nikolaos chapel and continue on foot (wear comfortable shoes, no flip flops!).

Alternatively you can get to the red beach by sea, taking a boat from the archaeological site of Rahidi to the red beach, which runs every half hour and costs € 5.

The bus from Fira to Red Beach is pretty much the one that goes to Akrotiri.

A taxi from Fira to Akrotiri (and then the red beach) shouldn't charge you more than 25 euros.


To get to the red beach and Ammoudi you will notice that the path leading to sea level can actually be a bit tiring (especially on the way back). However, please do not rent one of the donkeys that will be offered to you.

These poor animals are not treated very well, they are suffering and it is really exhausting for them to take tourists under the scorching Greek sun. By paying for this service you support this cruelty.

3 - The most beautiful beaches of Santorini: Perissa and Perivolos

The Best Beaches of Santorini and How to Reach Them

Perissa Beach -

La Perissa beach  it is one of those preferred by tourists, the sand is of volcanic origin and black in color formed by tiny grains, so I recommend footwear especially if you have small children. Here, umbrellas and sunbeds are free if you eat something at the restaurant.

Perissa is very close to Kamari beach and is also very social with restaurants, pubs and hotels. Precisely for these reasons you will surely find it very crowded. In any case, it remains a perfect place for families and for those who love served beaches.

Easily accessible and great for scuba diving and snorkeling, if you decide to go to this beach, don't forget to take a trip to the picturesque town of Perissa!

Continuing on this beach you will find that of Perivolos which is a continuation of it.

How to get to Perissa beach

It is really easy to get to Perissa and Perivolos.

Both are located about 15 km from Fira and there is a regular bus service running every 30 minutes during the summer months.

A taxi from Fira shouldn't charge you more than 20 euros.

If you have a car, from Fira just take the road to the village of Emporio and follow the signs. Directions are everywhere you can't go wrong!

Popular Hotels in Perissa: Aqua Blue Beach Hotel (average price) • Meltemi Village Hotel (average price) • Sellada Beach Hotel (average price)

4 - The most romantic beach in Santorini: Vlychada

The Best Beaches of Santorini and How to Reach Them

Vlychada Beach -

The place I'm going to talk about now is a little more particular: Vlychada. This beach, with gray sand, is located south of the island and is less crowded than the others, so you can take walks along the promenade and admire the sunset that tinges the cliff with red and orange.

You will certainly find it fascinating how wind and weather have managed to create such a wonder on a beach. In the first part of the beach you will find very comfortable and equipped establishments while the farthest part is frequented by nudists.

How to get to Vlychada

You can only get to Vlychada if you own your own transport or take a taxi.

There are many signs all over Fira but it is basically the same road that goes to Akrotiri. You will see a sign on your right indicating the two beaches of Vlychada and Eros.

Recommended hotels in Vlychada: Notos Thermae Spa <br>• Estate Villas Rooms

5 - The best nudist and LGBT beach: Koloumbos

Perhaps the most secluded and unspoiled beach, located on the north east coast of Santorini (about 4 km from Oia and 12 km from Fira).

Columbo Beach it's popular with gay visitors, beach goers, and nudists who like a little more privacy. This quiet beach is covered in gray-black sand, tiny pebbles, and there is a cave nearby. The beach is accessible by car or motorbike.

Park your vehicle on the road, then follow a narrow path that leads to the beach. Food and drink is scarce here, so it's a good idea to bring something to eat and drink.

How to get to Koloumbus

Unfortunately, if you don't have your own car, motorbike or quad, you cannot visit Koloumbo beach as there are no local buses to take you there.

You can take a taxi or rent the car.

Other beaches of Santorini

The Best Beaches of Santorini and How to Reach Them

Nea Kameni Beach -

6 - Nea Kameni beach

To conclude, the last two beaches that I want to mention are something a little more special. The first is Nea Kameni located in the caldera opposite the town of Fira, you can get there easily with an excursion on a catamaran or by ferry from the port of Fira.

A place not to be missed in fact here beyond the crystalline waters of the Greek sea you can also enjoy the view of the volcano and through excursions you can get closer to immerse yourself in the smell of sulfur.

GetYourGuide offers this magnificent tour which in one day takes you to visit the beaches and thermal springs of Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni.

7 - Palea Kameni beach

Among the last beaches, I left the one that for me is by far the most
particular and picturesque, although it cannot be defined as a beach in all respects, that of Palea Kameni it is definitely a place of pure magic not to be missed.

Here at the foot of the old volcano you can find special waters, the Hot Springs, thermal waters of brown color, so please be careful with your favorite costume! Unique and magical experience a direct dive from the boat will take you to swim to the red waters of a volcano.

Unfortunately, I have limited myself to mentioning the beaches that I find most fascinating than
this island, the rest is up to you.

8 - White Beach

La White beach (White beach) can only be reached from the Red beach on foot or by boat, at a price of around 10 euros for a round trip.

There are no bars or restaurants around the beach so you should bring something to eat if you don't want to starve! You can rent umbrellas and sunbeds even if the beach is very small but this will not prevent water sports lovers from practicing some snorkeling.

In summary, this is definitely a place for those who love nature and not really suitable for an afternoon with their children.

9 - Monolithos Beach

La Monolithos beach it is a long and wide beach (very suitable for children and families) equipped with sun beds and umbrellas, with some taverns and restaurants serving mainly fresh fish.

The sand of Monolithos beach is probably the best on the island and is very similar to that found in Kamari.

How to get to Monolithos beach

Monolithos beach can be reached mainly by car, bicycle or quad bike from Fira, Kamari or even Pyrgos.

If you like walking you can also take the bus to the airport and then walk, it shouldn't take you more than 20-25 minutes.

But as always you can also take a taxi from Fira.

A taxi from Fira to Monolithos shouldn't cost you more than 15 euros.

The Best Beaches of Santorini and How to Reach Them
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