The most beautiful outdoor spa destinations

Enjoying thermal benefits in a beautiful natural setting is ideal: here are the best outdoor spas in Italy
The most beautiful outdoor spa destinations

Hot springs have always been characterized by their healing effects on numerous pathologies, but above all for its ability to offer a moment of intense well-being for both the body and the mind. The relaxing sound of water and steam that fades into the air help to recreate an atmosphere suspended in time, distant and protected from the pressing rhythms of daily life, to take care of yourself and reconnect with your inner sphere. Contact with nature is the perfect complement to this experience, allowing you to truly distance yourself from everyday scenarios, to immerse yourself in a totally regenerative experience.

For this reason the outdoor spa They are the perfect choice to relax and recharge your batteries. In fact, the benefits of thermal waters are combined with the beauty of the natural context, sometimes spectacular, with its intrinsic capacity to produce pleasant and calming effects. Italy certainly offers numerous dream settings, where spas are immersed in wonderful landscapes, to truly satisfy all the senses. Give him spas in the mountains to those on the lake, between five-star establishments and completely free natural spas, here are the best suggestions for living the outdoor spa experience.

Outdoor spa surrounded by mountains

The snow-capped peaks are the ideal setting for a thermal bath. Perfect in summer, to escape the stifling heat by taking refuge in the mountains for a moment of relaxation, the outdoor spas in the mountains They are at their best in the winter months, when it is possible to immerse yourself in boiling water surrounded by snow and wisps of steam.

Bagni Vecchi de Bormio

Among the most famous spas in Italy, i Bagni Vecchi de Bormio They are very inviting and perfectly managed, but the real wonder is the panoramic outdoor pool. It is an ancient pool dug into the rock, with an impressive panoramic view of the Bormio basin, where the gaze can travel for kilometers over the Valdidentro. Recent renovation works have turned it into a simply stunning infinity pool, where it is possible to experience the sensation of being suspended over the Alps. In winter, the snowdrifts around the pool make the atmosphere truly magical as you comfortably bathe in boiling water;

Pré-Saint-Didier thermal baths

Fed by sources already known in Roman times for their healing waters rich in iron, the historic spa center of Pré-Saint-Didier dates back to the first half of the 19th century and still maintains all its charm intact today. The structure includes three wonderful outdoor bathtubs, surrounded by greenery in summer and romantic snowdrifts in winter, when the atmosphere becomes even more special thanks to the braziers placed spectacularly in the middle of the ponds, letting the glow of the embers reverberate in the warm waters. From here you can enjoy an incomparable view of the Mont Blanc massif. Waterfalls, whirlpools and hydrojets promote relaxation at high altitude for a truly unforgettable experience.

Outdoor spas on Lake Garda

The splendid landscape of the Italian lakes is the backdrop for numerous wellness centers that take advantage of the healthy waters of these places. Here are the best options for a regenerating day with views of Lake Garda.

Aquaria Thermal SPA

The spectacular thermal center of Sirmione, immersed in a large park, is crowned by an infinity pool in Lake Garda, fed by the famous thermal water of Sirmione, sulfurous-bromoiodinated salt, known throughout Europe for its undoubted healing qualities. The outdoor pool is a charming idyll of blue tones, in continuous reference to the lake open before the eyes of bathers, pampered by all the comforts of a high-level structure. The well-being that emanates from this vision is omnipresent and the atmosphere becomes truly magical when the sun sets on the lake;

Villa dei Cedri SPA

Il garda thermal park Located within the elegant park of Villa dei Cedri, in Colà di Lazise, ​​it is one of those places that seem to come straight from fairy tales. Immersed in the large park are a main lake and a smaller lake, as well as pools with fountains and high waterfalls, fed by hot thermal water that flows below the villa, about 200 m away. deep. Centennial trees and rare plants contribute to creating a fairy-tale atmosphere, especially when you watch bathers enveloped by the dense spirals of steam that emerge from the pools, with the silvery sound of waterfalls in the background.

Outdoor Spas in Tuscany

La Toscana It is the land par excellence where nature and the hand of man merge in perfect harmony, creating an unrepeatable balance and a vision of absolute beauty. The landscapes of the Maremma and Val d'Orcia invite contemplation and inner tranquility. For this reason, these and other Tuscan landscapes are the perfect setting for outdoor spas, like the splendid ones below:

Terme di Saturnia

Immersed in the charming natural landscape offered by the Maremma Grossetana, a land full of history and beauty, are located The most famous outdoor spas in Italy., those of Saturnia. We are in the municipality of Manciano, a few kilometers from Saturnia, in an area incredibly rich in thermal springs. The most suggestive point is the Mulino waterfalls, near an old mill that serves as a backdrop to a complex of terraced limestone pools and natural waterfalls unique in the world, with sulfurous water that flows at about 37°C. The Mulino waterfalls are open and free, so they can also be visited and enjoyed at night, for a dive under the stars surrounded by the tranquility of the night;

Bagni San Filippo

In the extraordinary setting of the Val d'Orcia, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, in the heart of the chestnut trees that cover the slopes of Mount Amiata, the white limestone ponds of Bagni San Filippo, completely free and free, located in the municipality of Castiglione d'Orcia. The place retains a natural and uncontaminated appearance, in the middle of a fairytale forest. The most characteristic points are the Fosso Bianco and the Balena Bianca, formed by limestone. The water reaches high temperatures and the mud that accumulates at the bottom of the pools has a splendid softening action.

The open-air spa with sea views.

That of the sea and the Italian peninsula is a love story more than 7.000 kilometers long. Along the Italian coasts the sea constantly changes between lagoons, cliffs and white sand beaches, always offering a new spectacle but always of inimitable beauty. There are also numerous options to enjoy the spa with sea views. Here are some specific suggestions:

Gardens of Poseidon

The thermal waters of Ischia have been known since the time of the ancient Greeks and the island, a true pearl of the Mediterranean, has numerous establishments overlooking a spectacular sea. The Poseidon Gardens are a complex of twenty pools surrounded by vegetation, three of which are seawater, with temperatures that vary up to 40°C. Here you will also find a very particular thermal steam cave, excavated directly in the tuff according to the Greco-Roman tradition. Between thermal showers, natural saunas and Kneipp trails you can admire the blue of the sea that mixes with that of the sky, and perhaps crown your day of relaxation on the quiet adjacent beach;

Grade Marine Toilets

Appreciated since the times of the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy, the spa grade They still offer state-of-the-art hydrotherapy treatments today. The peculiarity of this spa complex is the water park, located directly on the beach, where it is possible to immerse yourself in saltwater pools equipped with slides, hydromassage jets and even channels reserved for swimming against the current. In Grado, therefore, the perfect combination between fun and well-being is achieved, benefiting at the same time from the thermal waters and a splendid view of the suggestive Marano lagoon, of which Grado represents the northern end;

Mirror of Venus

Le free spas on the island of Pantelleria They are truly worthy of the suggestion of their name. The Mirror of Venus is a natural oval-shaped lake, fed by thermal waters that flow at a temperature between 50 and 60°C, in an area corresponding to the ancient caldera of an extinct volcano. The pink sand descends towards the intense blue of the lake's thermal waters, surrounded by the green of the Mediterranean scrub that then opens towards the sea. Another suggestion of these charming spas is the presence inside the lake of some particular species of algae that allow the formation of a dark mud rich in sulfur with a softening action capable of providing excellent benefits to the skin.

The most beautiful outdoor spa destinations
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