Visit the Euganean Spas: Abano and Montegrotto Terme

Il Veneto it is famous not only for its beautiful cities, such as Venezia, Padova, Vicenza, but also for its spas. In fact the region hosts the Euganean Baths, which constitute the largest spa complex in Europe, as well as the oldest. It extends over an area of ​​36 square kilometers, surrounded by greenery Euganean Hills, and has very ancient origins.

The Euganean Spas, famous for their thermal waters and therapeutic muds, are located a few kilometers from Padova, and include the municipalities of Abano and Abano TermeGalzignanoBattle e teolo.

In addition to the Euganean Spas, the Veneto also hosts the Recoaro thermal baths, near Vicenza, le Caldiero thermal baths in the province of Verona and the new Bibione spa center.

Terme Euganee: Abano and Montegrotto Terme

Abano e Abano Terme are two of the most important municipalities of the Euganean Hills. The hills are located south-south-west of Padua and have been known since pre-Roman times for their thermal waters.

The first inhabitants to immerse themselves in the warm waters of these natural spas were the Ancient Venetians. Subsequently the Ancient Romans conquered these lands and transformed these places into resort areas very popular for nobles and emperors who could come here to relax and heal.

Properties of thermal water

The uniqueness of the thermal water that gushes from the springs comes from the long journey that must take to get to the Euganean Baths.

The waters come from the basins of the Lessini Mountains, in the Pre-Alps, and flow into the subsoil through the limestone, making a journey, lasting about 30 years and 100 km in length, reaching a depth of about 2000-3000 meters.

Here, the presence of impermeable layers of soil forces them to re-emerge on the surface, very hot (between 75 and 87 ° C) and enriched with all the minerals present in the subsoil, with a mineral composition that is not found anywhere else in the world.

The thermal establishments of the Euganean Spas

There are more than 100 spas available within the area, and accommodation facilities range from three-star hotels to luxury hotels offering five-star services. All offer thermal pools and spa facilities, and nearly all of them include mud wrap treatments in their offering.

There are various packages and solutions offered to visitors: swimming pools, Turkish baths, inhalation therapies, balneotherapy, curative and slimming massages, water gymnastics, beauty treatments, mud therapy, chromotherapy and much more.

In order to enjoy the benefits associated with the Euganean Spas, you can:

Use a public swimming pool

If you just want to swim or soak in the thermal waters, you can access public and semi-public hot water pools such as the Municipal swimming pool of Abano Terme and Columbus Thermal Pool. You can pay only the entrance, or you can participate in the various courses and activities organized in thermal water.

Pay for daily use of the hotel pool and spa

Most of the hotels in the spa area allows non-guests * to use their own facilities for periods ranging from a few hours to all day. Daytime guests can make appointments for spa and mud treatments and use thermal pools, whirlpools, saunas, steam rooms, and other facilities.

* Note that in many hotel pools, non-guest entry may be limited to certain times of the day and may pay a little more for spa treatments.

Staying in a spa hotel

To relax and enjoy the spa holidays, book a stay of one or more nights in one of the many hotels in Abano and Montegrotto Terme. Most hotels allow guests to choose between all-inclusive packages offering meals, access to the pool and spa area, and a number of spa treatments, or just book for a night or two, use the spa facilities and select optional a la carte spa treatments.

Where to sleep in Abano and Montegrotto Terme

Facilities in both cities range from modest to luxury hotels, with many offering affordable packages of a week or more. Here are some of the best-rated properties, sorted by stars:

Sleeping in Abano

THEAbano Grand Hotel The five-star hotel has indoor and outdoor pools and a beautiful park.

The thermal garden ofHotel Mioni Pezzato The four-star hotel is the centerpiece of this modern and luxurious hotel.

THEHotel Terme Milan is a pet friendly three-star hotel with indoor and outdoor pools, right in the center of Abano.

Discover all the facilities and book accommodation in Abano Terme


Sleeping in Montegrotto Terme

Terme di Relilax Boutique Hotel & Spa is a five-star hotel that houses a lagoon-style pool, saunas and other wellness services, as well as spa and doctor-run diet programs.

THEHotel Millepini is a modern four-star hotel, surrounded by a lush 30.000 m² garden, and houses a 42-meter-deep swimming pool with thermal water where it is possible to dive.

THEApollo Hotel Terme, pet-friendly, is a three-star hotel equipped with a complete wellness center, 3 outdoor pools, 1 indoor pool and a park that extends over 19.000 m²

Discover all the facilities available in Montegrotto Terme

Terme Euganee: what to do in the surroundings

After filling up on thermal waters and mud packs, don't miss out on some of the attractions of the Euganean Hills. The Regional Park of the Euganean Hills it offers hiking trails, waterfalls, historic churches and ruins, and many opportunities to observe local flora and fauna.

The Veneto region is known for its Palladian villas, the large residences designed by the Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio. Several are located just 30 minutes drive from Abano and Montegrotto, including Villa Saraceno, Villa Repeta and Villa Pojana.

Nearby you can visit some of the most beautiful villages in the whole of Veneto, such as Arquà Petrarca, Monselice and Este, or the numerous cities of art that are nearby. Last but not least, Padova it is a few kilometers from the spa area, and can be easily reached by bus, train and hotel shuttles.

The Euganean Baths are one ideal destination also for families with children that in addition to the various activities such as minigolf and Nordic walking offered by the hotels, they can also take many walks, horseback riding or mountain biking, or visit some particular museums, such as the Butterfly Arc in Montegrotto, or Esapolis in Padua, the largest insectarium in Italy.

How to get to the Euganean Spas

The nearest international airports are at Venezia e Bologna.

In car To get to the Euganean Spas you take:

  • the A13 motorway for those arriving from Bologna - Terme Euganee exit
  • from Milan and Brennero, A4 motorway - Padova Ovest exit
  • those arriving from Venice or from the north-east, A3 and A4 motorways - Terme Euganee exit.

As soon as you leave the motorway, follow the signs for Abano and Montegrotto.

By bus - There are several bus companies that connect the Euganean Spas to Padua and Venice.

On the train - Abano and Montegrotto Terme are about 11 km from the center of Padua. Frequent trains leave from Padua central station and stop in both cities, as do commuter buses. If you arrive at a train station in the city, many hotels are within walking distance or have a shuttle bus service.

Visit the Euganean Spas: Abano and Montegrotto Terme
Terme Euganee – Apollo Terme Hotel
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