Holidays in Veneto: where to go and stay

Veneto is one of the most beautiful and interesting regions to visit in Italy. It offers the possibility to do any type of holiday: beach holidays, lakeside holidays, mountain holidays, or visit beautiful world famous cities such as Venezia, Verona,… But not only that, beautiful landscapes, lots of nature, delicious cuisine and a huge number of natural, historical and cultural attractions.

If it is certain that holidays in Veneto are an excellent choice, it is certainly not easy to know or choose which place or places to stay. For this reason, in this guide, in addition to indicating the reasons why to go on holiday in Veneto, you will also find advice on which are the places to stay for a pleasant stay and visit the region at its best.

Holidays in Veneto: where to go

Located in the north-east of Italy, the Veneto extends from the Dolomites to the Adriatic Sea, the landscape is rich in hills and valleys crossed by rivers, canals and the important Po Delta. Veneto is the Italian region with the highest number of visitors and tourists a year, a region with a thousand different faces, rich in nature, art and tradition.

The most important and visited destination in Veneto is Venice, the capital of the region and the most romantic city in the world; but also all provinces: Belluno, Padua, Rovigo, Treviso, Verona and Vicenza, they are wonderful places to visit and where to stay.

The region is crossed by important rivers: the Po, the Adige, the Brenta and the Piave. The typical landscape of the Venetian coast is the Venice lagoon, and it is precisely on these lagoons that the most unique city in the world, Venice, rises. Once the cradle of the Venetian Republic, then a land of emigration, Veneto is today among the richest and most industrialized regions of Italy.

This region has many historical, cultural and artistic works, the most visited by tourists in Italy, with about 60 million visitors arriving here every year. Veneto is located between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, in north-eastern Italy, bordering with Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy, Trentino-Alto Adige and Friuli-Venezia Giulia, as well as with Austria.

Veneto expresses an extraordinary variety of landscapes: from the The Dolomites, immersed in a fairytale hue of the sunset, passing through the eastern bank of the Lake Garda with Peschiera del Garda, Lazise and other tourist destinations. Or the long beaches sandy where famous alternate Beach resorts among the most famous in Italy such as Lido di Jesolo, Bibione and Caorle.

In this spectacular natural setting there is a rich cultural heritage which makes Veneto a fascinating region, from the cities of art to the magnificent Palladian villas scattered along the Riviera del Brenta. Without forgetting the small villages of Arquà Petrarca, Monselice, Asolo and Bassano del Grappa that bring together the most typical aspects of this multifaceted and varied region.

Veneto is also an ideal destination for a holiday dedicated to wellness and relaxation, thanks to the springs of thermal waters with their precious therapeutic properties. The gentle slopes of the Euganean Hills house the well-equipped facilities of the Euganean Baths, for example in Abano Terme, Montegrotto and Teolo. Guests can combine treatments and therapies, with leisurely excursions out into the surrounding areas.

Where to stay in Veneto

In this guide we wanted to collect not only the the most beautiful and interesting destinations to spend your holidays in Veneto, but also those that offer one greater hotel offer and that I am a good starting point to see other interesting destinations around the city.

Venice: unmissable destination during your holidays in Veneto

Holidays in Veneto: where to go and stay
Venice, Veneto - Photo from Istock

Venice is the main tourist destination in the region and one of the most famous in Italy. The city offers a lot from a tourist point of view, in addition to its peculiarity of being a city on the water, made up of many canals that cross it.

Internationally famous for places like Piazza San Marco and its Basilica, for events like the Venice Carnival or for the gondolas on the Grand Canal, is considered one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world.

The city, located in a lagoon along the north Adriatic coast, is made up of many islands. I am over a hundred islands that form the central part of the city, the most characteristic and visited one. The city and its lagoon are included in the list of Unesco World Heritage.

With over 3.000 hotels of various types, it is the city of Veneto with the widest and most varied hotel offer, as well as being the most visited. Staying in the center of Venice will be a unique and unforgettable experience.

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Lido of Venice it could be a good choice if, in addition to visiting the city, you also aim for a pleasant and relaxing beach holiday. For over a century this area of ‚Äč‚ÄčVenice has welcomed an aristocratic and elite tourism, with beaches of great charm and elegance.

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There are numerous low cost flights (Ryanair, easyJet and Volotea) to Venice Marco Polo airport. If you don't find a direct flight, a flight to Treviso airport would also be fine, from where buses leave for the lagoon city.

Verona: magnificent historic center

Holidays in Veneto: where to go and stay
One of the best areas to sleep in Verona - Photo from Istockphoto

Verona, famous for being the city of Romeo and Juliet, is the second largest and most visited city in Veneto. The city, which has developed in several stages, is an exceptional representation of the concept of fortified city.

The city of Verona is a major tourist destination, visited by over three million people annually due to numerous international events, but above all for his artistic wealth, so much so that the Old Town has been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The city is very interesting to visit, with various monuments, squares, towers and churches interesting. The main attraction is Arena di Verona, a Roman amphitheater located in the historic center of the city, the even best area to stay.

In the city there are over 1.500 hotels, therefore, finding the right and most comfortable type of accommodation, according to your preferences and needs, will be quite easy and if you book in advance you will also find good rates.

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You can get to Verona easily by various means: by car, by train, by bus and by plane, thanks to the nearby Verona Villafranca airport which receives numerous low cost flights such as: easyJet, Wizz Air, Volotea and Ryanair.

Bibione: excellent for beach holidays for everyone

Holidays in Veneto: where to go and stay
Bibione beach - Veneto - Photo from Istock

Bibione è an important holiday resort on the Adriatic coast in the north of Veneto. It is located between the seaside resorts of Caorle and Lignano. Bibione has a sandy beach more than 10 km long and about 400 meters wide.

The locality is divided into various areas: Lido dei Pini, Bibione Spiaggia, Bibione Lido del Sole and Bibione Pineda. Along the main road, Via Orsa Maggiore, very busy during the summer, there are numerous restaurants, bars and shops.

The bathing season in Bibione goes from May to September, with the months of July and August representing the high season. Since tourism is almost exclusively seaside, during the rest of the year many hotels and most tourist facilities remain closed.

The gradually rising sea water level makes it a destination perfect for a beach holiday with children. There are nearly 1.000 hotels with about 100.000 beds. The most common types of accommodation are: hotels, campsites, tourist villages, apartments and holiday homes.

We strongly recommend that you stay in one of the hotels overlooking the beachao in the areas very close to the seafront to better enjoy your holidays in Veneto. These hotels, especially those on the beach, have umbrellas, sunbeds, deck chairs and chairs available for hotel guests.

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Le beaches of Bibione are sandy and flat, perfect for families with children, although everyone can benefit from it for pleasant walks, relaxation or for games and sports on the beach. On the beach they are offered watersports of all kinds: windsurfing, kayaking, sailing and fun sea ‚Äč‚Äčexcursions.

The promenade and beaches are easily accessible accessible to people with disabilities, also there are dedicated beaches for tourists with dogs and small pets. Many evenings in summer on the seafront take place beautiful and evocative pyrotechnic shows. Bars, clubs and discos complete the offer of the nighttime fun.

Lido di Jesolo: beach holidays and lots of fun

Holidays in Veneto: where to go and stay
Lido di Jesolo in Veneto -

Lido di Jesolo è a renowned seaside resort on the northern tip of the Venice Lagoon. Equipped with a very long and wide beach and over 500 hotels, is one of the best Italian destinations for beach holidays.

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Le numerous attractions such as amusement parks, water parks, aquariums, amusement parks and discotheques make it a good destination for everyone for young people, couples and families with children. Don't miss the Caribe Bay water park, one for the largest and most famous water parks in Italy.

Jesolo and its Lido can be reached easily from all over Italy. You can get there by car, bus, train or plane. The two closest airports are Venice and Treviso.

Mestre: staying near Venice for less

Mestre is a district of Venice, but on the mainland, and of great tourist importance as it is connected to the tourist area of ‚Äč‚ÄčVenice by a railway and road bridge five kilometers long.

Since from Mestre you can easily reach Venice by all means of transport: bus, train and car, has gradually become a place to stay to spend less and be close to the lagoon city.

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It is an interesting area to stay for large availability of accommodation and cheap 3-star hotels, to be one easily connected area at Marco Polo airport, for the greater ease of finding car parks and for the cheapest parking rates.

Padua: art, history and culture

Holidays in Veneto: where to go and stay
Piazza Prato della Valle in Padua - Image from Pixabay

Padova, located about 10 km from the Euganean Hills and about 20 km from the Venice Lagoon, is an interesting tourist destination both for what the city offers and for the central position, which offers the possibility to easily reach other tourist destinations.

The most important places to visit are the Basilica of Saint Anthony richly decorated, a pilgrimage destination for thousands faithful and tourists every day, and the Scrovegni Chapel, known for Giotto's frescoes. There are many other interesting places to see such as museums, churches, ancient buildings and squares.

Padua is also famous for its university, founded in 1222, which makes it a pleasant one student city. The most interesting area is the Old Town, which can be visited on foot or by renting a bike. With over 350 hotels it will not be difficult to find a good hotel, even in the central areas of the city.

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Lazise: lake holidays with many outdoor activities

Holidays in Veneto: where to go and stay
Lazise on Lake Garda - Photo from Adobe Stock

Lazise, ‚Äč‚Äčlocated on the Veronese shore of Lake Garda, it's a picturesque town with small ancient port it's a medieval castle. There are connections with many lake destinations, especially those in the southern part of the lake.

Le main attractions they are: the Scaligero Castle, the fifteenth-century castle of the Scaligeri; the Church of San Nicolò dating back to the XII century; Villa Pergolana, a former Franciscan monastery with the appearance of a castle and the old port.

Lazise is one of the best areas where to stay on Lake Garda, also for the numerous possibilities of outdoor activities it offers. In the area there are three of the largest and most important amusement parks and water parks in Italy such as Gardaland, Movieland and Caneva Aquapark.

THEhotel offer is quite wide and it is a perfect destination for nature lovers, lake holidays and for families with children who will find various things to see and do.

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Caorle: quality seaside holidays

Holidays in Veneto: where to go and stay
View of Caorle (Veneto) - Photo from Istockphoto

Caorle, located between the towns of Eraclea and Bibione, is one of the main seaside resorts in Veneto. The city is divided into 6 areas, a beautiful center for pleasant walks and 5 areas along the seafront: Spiaggia di Ponente, Spiaggia di Levante, Duna Verde, Porto Santa Margherita and Lido Altaneae.

Awarded for several years with the Blue Flag, for the quality of the bathing water and the services offered, it offers over 20 km of beach equipped with umbrellas and deck chairs, but also free beaches. I am over 350 hotels, most of them are hotels, campsites and tourist villages.

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Peschiera del Garda: lake holidays and amusement parks

Holidays in Veneto: where to go and stay
Peschiera del Garda, Veneto - Photo from Istock

Peschiera del Garda is one small but charming tourist resort on the shores of Lake Garda. Known for being the location that hosts the most famous amusement park in Italy, Gardaland, offers many other opportunities for outdoor activities.

The most interesting areas are the Old Town, located inside an ancient fortress, and the lakefront where there are free beaches equipped with deck chairs and umbrellas. It is a splendid destination for holidays with family and children and for those who like it take long bike rides.

Beyond Gardaland, there are nearby aquariums, theme and water parks come Movieland e Caneva Aquapark. L’wide hotel offer it allows you to easily find good facilities with good value for money.

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Bardolino: cheap lake holidays

Holidays in Veneto: where to go and stay
Bardolino on Lake Garda - Photo from Istock

Bardolino, with over two million tourists a year, is among the top 25 most visited Italian locations. Located on the eastern shore of Lake Garda and about 25 km from Verona, it allows you to combine one pleasant holiday at the lake with a visit to a historic Italian city. The city matters over 300 hotels.

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Treviso: affordable accommodation and convenient location

Treviso, located in the eastern part of the region, offers one of the most interesting historical centers to visit during your holidays in Veneto. The historic center is quite small, and can be easily visited on foot or by renting a bike.

Defined by many the most frescoed city in Italy, the heart of the city is represented by Piazza dei Signori, around which they rise historic buildings and important monuments, such as the Palazzo dei Trecento and the Campanile.

The city offers a lot to see: ancient villas, churches, museums, monuments, markets, palaces and squares. They are present in Treviso over 200 accommodations of various types. To visit it takes 2-3 days, staying for longer periods you can see the nearby places.

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Treviso is a great choice to stay to visit Venice in one day, 30 km away, or Padua about 50 km away. But not only that, they can easily reach 3 famous seaside resorts venues such as Caorle, Lido di Jesolo and Bibione.

Treviso is connected via the motorway A4 Turin-Milan-Venice-Trieste and theA13 Bologna-Padua, or from railway line which connects Venice with Udine. The presence of Treviso airport with numerous low cost flights operated by Ryanair and Wizz Air, makes the city a good gateway to get to Veneto and then visit the region.

Vicenza: for art and culture lovers

Vicenza is especially known for being the city of Palladio, a Renaissance architect who was inspired by ancient Greek art, but also influenced the evolution of European and American architecture. His works have been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO from 1994.

The urban landscape of Vicenza is shaped by the buildings of Andrea Palladio, who designed numerous villas and palaces in the 1994th century. In 23, XNUMX buildings in the historic center and three villas on the outskirts of the city were declared a World Heritage Site. FromVerona airport you can reach Vicenza in about an hour by bus or train.

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Cortina d'Ampezzo: for mountain and winter sports lovers

Holidays in Veneto: where to go and stay
Cortina d'Ampezzo, Veneto - Photo from Adobe Stock

Cortina d'Ampezzo it is the place par excellence for mountain holidays and winter sports of Veneto. Located in the Dolomite Alps, Cortina is one renowned tourist resort all year round, with luxury hotels and for elite tourism.

The city is located at 1.210 m above sea level, in the heart of the Dolomites, and already in the middle of the twentieth century it was there most famous and fashionable Italian ski resort. Me too'summer is a destination for thousands of tourists who come to relax, enjoy nature and landscapes, but certainly the best and most beautiful period for a holiday in Cortina is thewinter.

In the Cortina area there are 3 ski areas: the areas of Faloria Crystal Mietres, Tofana and Lagazuoi 5 Torri; for a total of 120 km of slopes of varying difficulty. The hotel offer is decent, but almost all the hotels are of medium-high range. The easiest way to get there is by car or through an express bus from Venice. 

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Cortina is part of the Dolomiti Superski, the largest and most famous ski area in Italy, which with a single ski pass allows you to use 450 ski lifts and ski on over 1.200 km of slopes in 12 different stations.

For lovers of the cross country, Dolomiti NordicSki it offers numerous routes that cross the wonderful natural park of the Ampezzo Dolomites, for a total of about 1.300 km of slopes amidst unique and evocative landscapes.

Chioggia: for lovers of Venice and beach holidays

Chioggia is one seaside resort located between the Venice lagoon and the Po Delta, halfway between Venice and Ferrara, and about 50 km from Padua and Rovigo. The old town is located on an island, connected to the mainland by a stone bridge. The historic center of Chioggia was built, like Venice, on wooden poles.

Sottomarina di Chioggia, known for its beautiful and long sandy beach, is the most touristic area and the best to stay, also due to its proximity to Venice. Formed by a strip of land that separates the lagoon from the sea, it has a wide and varied hotel offer.

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Chioggia is a miniature version of Venice, as it has a canal and the characteristic narrow streets called calli, as well as several medieval churches. The historic center of the city is located at the southern end of the lagoon, on a group of small islands divided by canals and connected by bridges.

Abano Terme: for well-being and relaxation

Abano Terme, located in the province of Padua at the foot of the Euganean Hills, is the most famous spa town in Veneto. It is a perfect place to stay for those seeking relaxation and well-being. Her thermal waters are internationally recognized for being of great well-being for the treatment of rheumatic diseases.  

Many of its clientele are wealthy tourists, this explains i many 5-star hotels. However, this does not mean they cannot be found cheap hotels or accommodation, there are good hotels with rates starting from 50 euros per double room per night.

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Belluno: beautiful historic center and interesting location

Belluno, overlooking the Po valley and considered one gateway to the Dolomites, is a strategic place to stay in the northern part of the region. For example, lets be just 65 km from Cortinabut pay a lot less for accommodation.

Divided into two parts by the Piave river, the most interesting area is the one located on the right bank of the river, which also includes the Old Town. The historic area is located on a ridge and surrounded by medieval walls.

The historic center is crossed by five routes which lead to main attractions and indicated with colored signs. Belluno offers excellent opportunities for outdoor activities, mountain biking and hiking in the summer months, e winter sports in winter. The city is easily accessible by train from Padua and Venice.

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Holidays in Veneto: how to get there

Arriving in Veneto is quite easy. You can get there by car, train, bus or plane, thanks to 3 airports (Venice, Verona and Treviso) which have both scheduled and low cost flights to practically all airports.

The main airport of the region is theMarco Polo Airport in Venice. If you want to visit the city of canals, from the airport you can take a bus to the Venice-Mestre station, and then explore the historic city on foot or by water with a vaporetto or gondola.

THETreviso airport can be a good choice for the greater offer of low cost flights or to reach the central and northern part of the region, while theVerona Airport, in addition to being a few km from the city of Romeo and Juliet, it is a good choice to reach the tourist area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLake Garda.

Veneto is very well connected with the highways which allow you to easily get inside auto, or from trains and buses which offer connections from virtually all major Italian cities and is a convenient choice if you don't want to drive.

Holidays in Veneto: where to go and stay
Venice Veneto - Photo from Istock
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