Some of the most beautiful dives in Italy are done in this sea.

A region full of wonders, to the point that in these parts it is even possible to do some of the most beautiful diving in the entire country.
Some of the most beautiful dives in Italy are done in this sea.
The spectacular island of Bergeggi

What we are going to talk to you about is a beautiful region of our country which stands out, in Italy and in the world, for many small characteristics that make it even more excellent than we think. One of all is its sea, in which it can be done some of the most beautiful dives in the entire country.

Liguria, a dream sea

Welcome to Liguria, the region with the largest number of Blue Flags in the entire country (32 in total), but also with seabeds that leave you fascinated thanks to the variety of the underwater landscape: a silent universe in which to explore the interior of a wreck or find close the rich fauna and underwater vegetation.

The Ligurian Sea offers spectacular expanses of sea included in national or regional marine protected areas such as the Portofino Marine Protected Area, the Cinque Terre, which is home to the rare false black coral, and Bergeggi Island. The botanical gardens of Hanbury (Capo Mortola) and Portovenere, recognized as Marine Protection Areas, while Gallinara Island is a Regional Nature Reserve.

The Ligurian Diving District System

It is no coincidence that the Liguria region, thanks to a seventy-year history and tradition of diving, has launched a memorandum of understanding for the promotion of the "Ligurian diving district system", with which a network has been activated Between public and private. people who intend to develop a new culture of tourism and promote its modernization by enhancing the environmental and landscape aspects of the territory.

There are many routes available such as Camino Azul de Bergeggi which has been designed and created specifically for snorkeling and swimming activities, easily accessible to everyone. Located off the coast of the municipality of Bergeggi, it is accessible from May to the end of September along its 2,5 km length: it is one of the longest routes of this type in all of Italy. The Camino Azul concerns an area of ​​great landscape, environmental and historical-cultural value. The crystal clear waters, the Posidonia forest, the sea caves that open at the foot of the cliff and the island of Bergeggi, the true beating heart of the protected marine area.

Some of the most beautiful dives in Italy are done in this sea.
The spectacular island of Bergeggi

Another especially interesting route is located in Riomaggiore where there is a swimming trail that runs south towards the Capo Montenero promontory. Looking in any direction, bream, black damselfish and salps can be seen in large numbers and not at all shy.

Snorkelers will also have the opportunity to spot other fish closer to the rocky bottom covered with algae, such as the sharani, damselfish and perch, which, being very territorial and curious, often stay still and allow themselves to be observed.

Lastly, but these are just some of the routes available, we highlight the Vernazza swimming lane that starts at the entrance to the town's tourist port and follows the profile of the coast, towards Monterosso, for about 300 meters.

As you swim, you are immediately greeted by clouds of black and gold damselfishes, bogues and salps. Underwater, however, it is easy to find small schools of bream or specimens of bream and pizzuto, as well as baby bream and groupers. It is also possible to find spots of Posidonia oceanica, extremely valuable for the survival of many species that find refuge there from predators. The Vernazza swim lane is located right at the intersection between two habitats, making it particularly rich in biodiversity.

What the waters of Liguria hide

There really are many wonders that are hidden among the Ligurian seabed. Above all there is the Christ of the Abyss, a bronze statue located 17 meters deep in the bay of San Fruttuoso, between Camogli and Portofino, within the protected marine natural area of ​​Portofino.

Suffice it to say that diving to observe it is one of the most famous excursions on the coast and that Christ, over the years, has become the symbol of the passion for diving and the sea. A relatively simple adventure at the bottom of the sea that does not require particular precautions, except for the presence of companions registered in the Liguria region.

Equally interesting is the sea in front of Sestri Levante, which was the scene of bloody battles during World War II. Precisely for this reason, its waters preserve the memory of the tragedies that occurred and house some remains of military ships of interest from both a historical and biological point of view.

Currently, in fact, boat foils have become home to many species of fish, giving them a new life. Dives reserved for expert divers that lead to the discovery of wrecks such as the Barge, a Dutch barge used for the transport of goods and sunk on 12 February 1944, or the Kt, with a story very similar to that of the Bettolina, sunk during an allied attack on September 13, 1944, while returning to port after a mission.

Some of the most beautiful dives in Italy are done in this sea.
The Christ of the Abyss in the Ligurian Sea

Sea, sunbathing and water sports in Liguria

Many different possibilities also for children. lovers of the sea and the sun. In Liguria you will really be spoiled for choice. You go from the golden sand beaches of Alassio and Varigotti, to the wild environment of the beach of Punta Corvo, in the extreme east of Liguria, to the rocks of Punta Chiappa, which sink into the crystal clear waters of San Fruttuoso.

Sailing by sea in Liguria means discovering coves and varied coastal landscapes that are unattainable sailing from port to port. But not only that: when the calm waters of the Ligurian Sea are raised by the wind, the so they become an irresistible attraction for windsurfing lovers and for those who cannot give up the emotions of an exciting nature to experience even out of season.

In Levanto, for example, considered one of the ideal destinations for fans of these sports, waves can reach up to 4 meters. The waves of Ventimiglia and San Remo are also ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts: here, in particular, the wave generated in the bay is softer and suitable for beginners. Also very popular are the beaches of Alassio, Diano Marina, Pietra Ligure and Varazze.

Some of the most beautiful dives in Italy are done in this sea.
A corner of San Fruttuoso

What else to do in Liguria?

A sea that is a masterpiece, but the attractions of the region certainly do not end here. A trip to Genoa, for example, is essential and constitutes an exciting discovery that starts from the panoramic terraces on the heights of Castelletto, runs through its thousand alleys until reaching Porto Antico, today a lively and international square on the water.

Then the towns, 7 of which have been awarded the prestigious Orange Flag award. 25 are those that have obtained the recognition "The most beautiful towns in Italy". And, along with these recognized realities, there are towns and cities that deserve a visit for their beauty and particularity. Small towns perched on hilltops, where life flows slowly and to the rhythm of nature, or near the sea. Just think of Bussana Vecchia, an artists' village built on the ruins of a medieval town abandoned after the earthquake and Upper Towers, an uninhabited medieval town that is reborn as an ecological town.

Lastly, but let's remember that these are just some of the many things to do in Liguria, lovers of trekking and hiking will also find something that suits their needs. The Alta Via dei Monti Liguri, for example, is a 400 km tourist route. From Sarzana to Ventimiglia, it is a journey between the coast and the interior, between the Alps and the Apennines, the ideal route for excursions of several days or walks of a few hours, even on horseback.

Or the Ligurian Road that connects Luni with Ventimiglia Grimaldi: more than 600 km of vineyards and oak forests, beaches and cliffs, paths of devotion and ancient Roman roads, crosses and paths. Twelve routes that intertwine with the natural beauty of the region.

In short, Liguria boasts excellence in any sector, you just have to choose which one to enjoy the most.

Some of the most beautiful dives in Italy are done in this sea.
The splendid Bussana Vecchia
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