Alghero: the little Barcelona of Sardinia

Alghero: the little Barcelona of Sardinia
The city is located in Sardinia, on the coast of the Coral Riviera.

The unforgettable voice of Giuni Russo he sang his "secret" desire to reach the small Sardinian town. And you have to understand it, because this land, and the places that surround it, truly offer a unique contact with nature, the sky and the infinite. It is located in the province of Sassarien Sardinia, and is also known as Barceloneta, the small Barcelona: The Catalan language is still very widespread in the city, of which it is a linguistic island, spoken by one in five inhabitants, although in the Alghero variant.

The city, which has a truly charming historic center, surrounded by its famous walls and full of interesting monuments and historical buildings, offers an ideal place for excursions and walks along this stretch of Sardinian coast, which presents quite a few surprises.

Alghero It has a very varied natural panorama, which deserves to be discovered and studied carefully. But it could also be enough to venture down the road and take random paths to realize the heterogeneity of scenarios and contexts. Give him fine sand beaches and very white cliffs with flat or very jagged stones, without leaving aside the immense cliffs that overlook the sea.

The promontory is wonderful. Capo Caccia, one of the main naturalistic sites in the area, whereNatural marine space protected Capo Caccia – Isola Piana, full of caves and ravines, very long stairs dug into the rock, like the famous ones Staircase of the Cabirol, with its 656 steps that create a corridor worthy of an adventure movie, in a paradisiacal naturalistic environment.

For lovers of the beach and comfort, an almost obligatory stop in Stintino, on one of the many beaches and lidos that crowd along the coast, with the island ofAnguillara and suggestive hairy tower. Of the Bomber, a small corner of paradise just a stone's throw from the center of Alghero. For lovers of surf and there are less crowded beaches with a slightly less familiar clientele. railway port, a huge stretch of beach free of orange sand and an always rough sea. and a sunset exciting, unforgettable.

For those who want to snorkel, Cala Dragunara, Punta Giglio, the two caves on the island of Foradada and Porto Conté, the largest natural harbor in the Mediterranean, offers crystal-clear sea and marine jewels visible even without a mask. For a weekend full of nature, relaxation, peace, charm, Alghero.

There is a comfortable and advantageous way to get to Sardinia: 10 routes, up to 28 trips per day, a wide variety of schedules and ports and in high season the possibility of traveling both at night and during the day. Sardinian specialists guarantee all this: Moby and Tirrenia, the largest network of connections with the island with 5.600 departures per year
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