Tenerife Carnival: start date and program

Il Tenerife Carnival held every February in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital of the largest of the Canary Islands, it attracts tourists from all over the world. Is considered the second most popular Carnival and important internationally, after the one held in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Partly for this reason, the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is twinned with the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Don't miss the opportunity to take part in the most colorful and crazy open air party in the Canary Islands.

How the Tenerife Carnival is celebrated

Tenerife Carnival -

Every year, tens of thousands of people become part of this spectacular celebration. The celebration of the carnival lasts a whole month but the climax of the festival is concentrated in fifteen days in which the streets of the city explode with joy, beauty, color, freedom and extravagance. Each year the carnival chooses a theme that is selected by the public vote.

The Tenerife Carnival begins with theelection of the queen. During this competition, the audience and the jury observe the extraordinary beauty of the costumesi, specially designed for Carnival. The girls wear costumes that can weigh up to a hundred kilograms. There are also many other dancing and singing competitions. Be prepared though for tickets which often sell out very quickly.

If you don't have a ticket for the races, simply join the "Great Announcing Parade”Or the Great Parade. This large outdoor carnival party has a lot to offer: entertainment, Latin music, salsa dancing and charming colorful costumes. If you are unprepared, there are many stands selling masks, wigs and costumes.

The party continues night after night, until Ash Wednesday. On that day the people of Santa Cruz de Tenerife celebrate theBurial of the Sardine (burial of the sardine). A paper mache fish, thirty meters long, is carried through the streets of Santa Cruz to the coast where it is burned.

Magnificent fireworks close all celebrations and signal the end of the Carnival. However the party starts again the following weekend, known as the piñata weekend.

Dates and Program of the Tenerife Carnival 2019

The dates for the 2019 Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife have been announced. For the year 2019 this celebration takes place from the 27 February to the 10 March. The selected theme is The Sea Depths, the most voted theme online by the public.

The most important days of this holiday are:
• Wednesday, February 27, 2019, at night is the traditional Gala de la Reina.
• Friday 1 March 2019, the first daytime Carnival is celebrated.
• Tuesday 5 March 2019, in the afternoon, the big parade on Avda. Francisco La Roche.
• Wednesday 6 March 2019, the Entierro de la Sardina (Ash Wednesday).
• Saturday 9 March 2019, the second daytime Carnival is celebrated.

There are many tour operators and travel agencies that organize packages for a week or just for a weekend, with volo ed hotels included, to attend the final and culminating phase of the Tenerife Carnival.

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