Timanfaya Lanzarote: The Park of the Volcanoes

Lanzarote is a beautiful island, with some of the most beautiful natural attractions in the world. Among these I cannot fail to mention the Timanfaya National Park, certainly the main point of interest on the island.

The landscape that we find in Timanfaya is something unique and spectacular, it almost seems to be on another planet, and is the result of a series of volcanic eruptions dating back to 1700.

The lava has created a crazy scenario, an experience you will never forget, so make a note of Timanfaya immediately among the things to see in Lanzarote!

In this guide I will explain everything there is to know about Timanfaya, we will see what the Park of the Volcanoes is, how to get there and above all what are the ways to visit it.

Timanfaya Volcanoes Park

Starting from 1 September 1730 for about 6 years there were a series of volcanic eruptions that hit and devastated an area of ​​about 50 square km located in the southwestern part of the island. Following these events the appearance of this area changed completely, the passage of the lava in fact created a science fiction landscape, made of craters of all shapes and sizes and volcanic rocks.

All this today is the Timanfaya National Park, A Unesco National Heritage Site and a major attraction in Lanzarote.

How To Get To Timanfaya Park

Timanfaya Lanzarote: The Park of the Volcanoes

There is no public transport leading to the park, the best way is by renting a car. But don't worry why reach Timanfaya it is very simple and beautiful. Located on LZ-67 halfway between Yaiza to Mancha Blanca, the surrounding landscape is already spectacular and is the prelude to what you will see in Timanfaya.

The entrance to the park is well signposted, you can't go wrong, when you see "El Diablo" the little devil symbol of the restaurant of the same name, it means that you have arrived.

You can access the park directly by car and buy tickets upon arrival, after about 1 km you will reach the parking lot and the point from where the tours start.

If you really can't rent a car, the alternative is to take part in organized tours departing from the main towns of the island.

Timanfaya Lanzarote: The Park of the Volcanoes

How to Visit Timanfaya National Park

Let's see now how to tour Timanfaya. In reality, the only way to visit the Timanfaya park, also called Montanas del Fuego, is with guided tours by coach that cover about 14 km of the volcano park. Alternatively, there are guided walking routes and external paths that can be walked freely.

In summary, there are 3 options:

  • Tour in Pullman
  • Ranger Walks
  • Free Trekking

Visit By Bus Timanfaya: Fire Mountains

Timanfaya Lanzarote: The Park of the Volcanoes

It is certainly the most popular option among tourists who decide to visit this beautiful park. The bus tour lasts approximately 45 minutes, during this time you can discover the history of Timanfaya thanks to an audio guide in English, Spanish and German.

During the visit there will be various stops that allow you to photograph the spectacular landscape, but unfortunately it is not possible to get off the vehicle.

Buses leave frequently, about every 20 minutes, in any case it is preferable to reach the Timanfaya Volcanoes Park early in the morning, by 10.30 am, because afterwards it is filled with tour operator buses. Alternatively, a good time to visit Timanfaya is after 15.00pm.

After visiting the park do not miss the demonstration of the great power of Timanfaya's subsoil with various experiments including natural grids and artificial geysers.

Also in Timanfaya could not miss the creativity of the genius Cèsar Manrique, who designed the restaurant “El Diablo”, a panoramic structure where you can enjoy food cooked through the heat coming from the volcanic soil.

Timanfaya Opening Hours: 9:00 am to 17:45 pm - Last visit 17.00:9 pm. Summer hours (July-September) from 00:18 to 45:XNUMX

Trekking among the Volcanoes

In the surroundings of the Timanfaya National Park there are other volcanoes with different routes all accessible for free and without guides. Among the best routes are: il Raven (where there was the first eruption), the Montagna Colorada and Caldera Blanca. It is possible to reach these routes by car, leave it in the parking lots and continue on foot.

Guided Walking Tour

Finally, there are free guided walking tours organized by the Park Rangers. However, keep in mind that there are few of them a week, usually they are groups of 8 people, so you must book well in advance. To participate, a good knowledge of English or Spanish is required.

You can book the guided tour on this website: reservasparquesnacionales.es

Timanfaya Visitor Center

Another unmissable stop is the Timanfaya visitor center, located about 4 km north of the park, near Mancha Blanca.

The visit to the educational center (free) allows you to discover even better the history of the Timanfaya park and offers general information on volcanoes and geology, through documentaries and audio guides (in English, Spanish and German).

Also in the basement it is possible to witness a simulation of a volcanic eruption with light and sound effects, to relive the events of 300 years ago. Outside there is a suspended walkway of 200 meters that crosses the solidified lava.

It would be best to visit the Visitor Center first and then Timanfaya Park.


We have seen in detail all the information necessary to better enjoy a visit to Timanfaya and to admire this incredible work of nature. To discover all the splendid attractions of the island you can read the article what to do in lanzarote. You just have to reach the island and enjoy the show!

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