Where to stay in Malaga

Have you finally chosen Malaga as your next destination and are wondering where to stay? Then this article is perfect for you.

Malaga is a city with many things to do and see. Ideal for any need, especially for those who want combine a seaside holiday with a cultural stay exploring the city.

There are in fact many monuments and museums, but the city is also very lively and animated and offers a wide choice of restaurants and clubs, in short, the ideal place to spend pleasant evenings.

Malaga is also a good base for exploring the surroundings, such as Marbella, Gibraltar, Ronda, Antequera, Nerjia and much more. All these places are connected to Malaga by frequent buses, so it is not compulsory to rent a car. Indeed it is preferable not to have it at all.

But according to your preferences it is good to choose the best area to sleep in Malaga.

Where to stay in Malaga

Let's see some of the best areas to stay overnight in Malaga, each with its own characteristics. In this way you can choose according to the type of stay you prefer.

Malaga Center

The best area to stay in Malaga is certainly his Old Town.

Staying in the center you can easily visit the main attractions of the city, all reachable on foot. The pedestrian streets of the center are pleasant to walk, full of restaurants and shops. An excellent choice therefore for shopping lovers, especially Larios Street, with the best shops.

You can also reach the city ​​beach of Magueta with a short walk.

Then in the evening you will not have to move because the historic center is always lively and full of movement.

From here you can then go around the surroundings of Malaga by suburban buses. If you are looking for a better sea, I recommend you to spend a day in Nerja where the sea is more beautiful.

The historic center of Malaga is very nice and is perfect for those looking for a mix between culture, relaxation and fun. If you find a hotel with a swimming pool even better.

The center is also well connected to the airport by bus or train.

In general, the center is the best solution to stay overnight in Malaga, especially if you have a few days to spare, for example if you choose the Spanish city for a weekend.

Finally for those who go to Malaga during the Holiday of Malaga, I recommend choosing an area adjacent to the pedestrian area and bus stops, so as not to be in the midst of chaos but to comfortably reach the focal points of the party.

Where to stay in Malaga


Soho is the artistic and cultural district of Malaga, strategically located between the historic center and the sea.

In addition to being full of clubs, cafes and tapas bars, Soho is the district of Street Art. Everywhere you go you will find paintings and murals made by artists from all over the world. A charming and multicultural neighborhood ideal for backpackers or anyone who wants to experience an alternative Malaga.


La Malagueta is a neighborhood very close to the center and where the city beach is located. So it's a good choice for those who want to stay near the beach and at the same time conveniently located for visiting the city.


 If you find a good structure you can also evaluate the Pedregalejo area, where there is one of the busiest beaches in the area.

However, it is a suburban neighborhood and therefore not close to the center, to reach it you will have to take public transport. There is no shortage of restaurants and clubs in the area.

El Palo

If your budget is not that big and you want to be within walking distance of the beach, you can evaluate the neighborhood El Palo. You will find a wide choice of delightful beachfront apartments.

It is also a good option for families with children, as there are areas equipped for the little ones.

The neighborhood is also lively, the promenade is full of restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors and shops. You can reach the center in about 20 minutes thanks to the various bus lines, which run frequently.

Neighborhoods to avoid in Malaga

Malaga is a fairly quiet and safe city and there are no areas that are too dangerous. The advice is to avoid more peripheral neighborhoods that do not offer relevant tourist attractions, as the Palma-Palmilla district, a neighborhood characterized by severe social degradation.

The best thing is to stay in central areas or towards the coast.

Conclusions and Advice

We make a small recap to guide you in choosing the strategic base where to stay in Malaga:

  • Center: prefer central areas near the pedestrian area;
  • Malagueta: beachfront accommodation a stone's throw from the center;
  • Pedregalejo: good choice for those looking for the sea, but further away from the center;
  • El Palo: nice apartments facing the sea;
  • Malaga and its surroundings can be easily explored by public transport. The car is useless, indeed it could be just a hindrance;
  • Avoid too peripheral neighborhoods.

Where to stay in Malaga

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