Cordoba: where to eat and where to sleep

I state that this post on where to eat and where to sleep in Andalusian city Cordoba it will certainly not be related to the concept of low cost but surely the places that I will show you will allow you to experience theexcellence of the city.

Where to sleep in Cordoba?

Cordoba it is not very big but, in my opinion, its main feature is the fact of turn it completely on foot. There are very many things to see in Cordoba, so I recommend a hotel possibly close to the historic center. .

We can understand this as a general indication.

If you want to overdo it and maybe you even have an occasion to celebrate, well then you can't not go to theHotel Hospes Palacio del Bailio . This is a 5 star hotel within walking distance of all sites of interest.

It is a hotel in which there is one mixture of art, culture, excellent catering and above all elegance. Hotel Palacio del Bailio was built between the 16th and 18th centuries and in 1982 was awarded as a cultural interest under the heading monuments.

Cordoba: where to eat and where to sleep

Just think that inside there is a huge room where the tables are placed on a window that acts as a floor. A few meters below the window you can see the Roman remains, among other things you can also ask to go and visit them. They are maintained with a machine that ensures that there are suitable characteristics for the safeguarding of cultural heritage.

And that's not all: the Palacio del Bailio it is characterized by having numerous patios where there are many orange plants that contribute to adorn the building and at the same time perfume the environment. It is no coincidence that it has been included among the 8 Spanish hotels with the best smell and this is evident because when you move around the hotel the smell is very pleasant.

It also has a very large patio with an adjoining swimming pool and is also present on the lower floor a SPA area with the possibility of massages or simply relaxing in the indoor swimming pool area with water of different gradations. The term pools is incorrect because they are so characteristic and romantic that the term is almost offensive. Maybe with a photo you can understand me better.

Cordoba: where to eat and where to sleep

The rooms are huge, practically bigger than my apartment, slice of cake waiting for you directly on the table at the entrance and bathroom which is as big as a normal hotel room.

It is certainly not a cheap hotel, it all depends on your budget. Basically it's like live an experience within the experience and if you are celebrating an important event, this hotel is definitely for you.

Where to eat in Cordoba?

Here we are at the part you've all been waiting for. Where to meet the excellent Spanish cuisine in Cordoba? I give you a tip that will make you stay enraptured.

But first, I wanted to remind you that Cordoba has a great tradition regarding wines, so the advice is to discover the city through a wine tour accompanied by tapas .

What is the place? Is called Taberna La Montillana, not far from Plaza de Las Tendillas.

I tried a menu prepared by Taberna which included 6/7 courses each accompanied with a local wine. Has been a heavenly path and with the right proportions in terms of quantity.

Each course and each wine pairing are explained by the waiter who follows you so that you can taste in the right way. Such as with the "Rabo de Toro”Where he recommended a particular way to eat it with wine.

I was not aware of it but Cordoba is an area of ​​particularly intense wines. The grape used is Pedro Ximénez and the gradations are very high dictated by the fact that the intensity of the sun dries the grapes a lot. The gradations of their white wines do not drop below 15 degrees, I just tell you that to eat the “Rabo de Toro” they served me a wine of 21 degrees, in a while I was reaching the grappino.

Although wines of a certain strength are drunk, know that the next morning you will not feel the slightest headache because the quality is very high.

The concept of pairing wine and food in Cordoba it is that wine and food marry not so much as if it is meat, fish, cheese etc. how much more to the type of cooking used.

We started with two dishes that I have to recommend and will leave you speechless, one is a well-known dish and it is the Salmorejo, the other is a little less known and belongs to the gastronomic culture of Cordoba and is the Mazamorra.

Cordoba: where to eat and where to sleepCordoba: where to eat and where to sleep

It is said that the Mazamorra was created before gazpacho, which is older. They are both of the cold creams, the first based on tomatoes, the second based on almonds.

I already knew the Salmorejo and I would eat tons of it, Mazamorra I would eat tons of it, remember to try it if you go to Cordoba.

Another dish that you can find at Montillana are the Berenjenas or fried aubergines accompanied by honey. In some restaurants we have found them with a licorice sauce. They are spectacular.

Cordoba: where to eat and where to sleep

Keep in mind that they are like french fries. The waiter told us that they are often brought to the table by default especially if there are children, precisely because they are so good that they entice you like french fries.

Finally, other dishes were brought to us, but at this point, cause the wine I forgot to write them down. I certainly remember the jamon croquettes accompanied with an Alioli sauce and finally the Rabo de Toro.

Il oxtail (I put the photo in the beginning) is the bull's tail. I could perhaps compare it to our ossobuco, perhaps a little more gelatinous. As well as for the ossobuco the waiter explained that the top would get a bit coarse, take the bone of the Rabo de toro with your hands and suck the marrow. What we have done, traditions are traditions.

What about the Taberna La Montillana? I definitely put it on the podium among the restaurants where I ate better during the tour in Spain. It deserves first place in terms of wines and in fact I brought home an excellent bottle of wine that you can buy directly at the restaurant.

La Taberna la Montillana is at Calle San Álvaro, 5, 14001 Córdoba.

It has a tripadvisor rating equal to 4,5 which it amply deserves. On their website you can find the whole menu with the relative prices and as you can see the restaurant has prices that are more than normal.

If you were to be near the center of Cordoba, both for lunch and dinner, I highly recommend you go and eat at the Taberna La Montillana.

If you are in a hurry or maybe you just want eating outdoors or in a somewhat informal way I give you another perfect place that I recommend for your lunch break.

Not far from the center, easily reachable on foot in a few minutes, you can eat at the Mercado Victoria.

Cordoba: where to eat and where to sleepIt is a covered market with numerous counters inside that prepare completely different dishes, obviously you will find the best of Spanish cuisine. If you want to stop there is also the adjoining restaurant with outdoor tables.

Between wandering around the city of Cordoba, a trip to the Mercado Victoria for lunch you can't miss.

Il Mercado Victoria is in Paseo de la Victoria, s / n, 14004 Córdoba. Also a 4,5 rating on TripAdvisor.

If you follow the advice I have given you in this post you will see that you will be able to enjoy the excellence of Cordoba. For the hotel it depends on the budget but as regards the two places I have reported to you to eat, well, don't miss them!

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