Visit to the Alhambra and 6 Solutions if Tickets are Sold Out

Psssst! Ma tu lo sapevi che l 'Alhambra of Granada is the most visited place in all of Spain? I did not know it before visiting it I was convinced that the most touristic place was there Sagrada Familia in Barcelona... but no!

There are place names in the world that evoke a feeling of magic and the Alhambra in Andalusia is undoubtedly one of them.

Apart from the fact that the Alhambra is considered one of the most beautiful palaces of its time (it is) and therefore declared a UNESCO site, the Alhambra is THE reason to visit Granada because it alone is truly impressive.

Visit to the Alhambra and 6 Solutions if Tickets are Sold Out

Perched on a plateau in theold quarter of Albaycin and developed on an area of ​​35 hectares, this impressive architectural complex is the best example of Islamic architecture in all of Spain (with influences from various cultures). In other words, it is, in terms of historical, artistic and tourist interest, one of the places in the world that cannot be missed.

Obviously, the Alhambra is so popular with visitors that a limit has been placed on their daily number of 6600. It seems strange true that with such a large number of people, finding the ticket is difficult?

Well it's more than difficult, sometimes it's a bit like a lottery game, but if you keep reading this article you have a good chance of being able to buy it without too much effort.

And if the tickets were sold out? Do not worry, even in this case I give you 6 SOLUTIONS on how to find them anyway!

How to buy tickets (you REALLY need to buy them in advance)

Visit to the Alhambra and 6 Solutions if Tickets are Sold Out

Pomegranate limit the number of visitors who can visit the Alhambra for 6.600 a day and also the number of visitors to Nasrid Palaces it is limited to 300 every half hour.

If you are going to visit the Alhambra in high season (summer!), it is not uncommon to have to book even 90 days in advance (from when the tickets are available).


The Alhambra has 3 entrances BUT the ticket office is located by only one, the one closest to the Generalife. If you want to buy tickets on the spot, bring your identity card!

In the meantime, booking well in advance has the advantage of not having to suffer and do not find out that the tickets are sold out when maybe you have already bought your plane ticket (it would be a nice scam to go to Granada and not see the most beautiful and important thing of all) and in addition it allows you to choose the time slot which is better for you (when it opens in the morning? at sunset?) and not having to settle for visiting it perhaps in the central hours of the day, when the light for photography is much less beautiful.

During the purchase process you will have to choose the date, time and type of ticket you want. L'standard option is the general entrance (called General Alhambra) and costs € 14, but there are also tickets for night visits, limited admission to specific parts of the complex, and combined tours with other monuments.

ESSENTIAL INFORMATION: the entry time on the ticket is to enter the Palacios Nazarìes, not in the Alhambra complex in general. This can be confusing. Many tourists, believing that the one indicated on the ticket was the entrance to the Alhambra, first visited the gardens, presenting themselves to the palaces that the time of their visit had expired and thus losing the right to enter. Nice rip off! Be careful that this doesn't happen to you too. Go at the time indicated on the ticket ai Nasrid Palaces (where there is the timed entrance) and then to see the other parts of the Alhambra (the Generalife gardens and the Alcazaba fortress) that you can visit at your leisure and for the time you deem necessary.

Visit to the Alhambra and 6 Solutions if Tickets are Sold Out

Buy tickets from the official website

1. Go to the tickets page of the official site of the patronage of Alhambra Granada. There are many websites that look official, but they are not, so the best solution is to use the site that I have indicated to you (only in English and Spanish).

2. Choose the type of visit you want: my advice is to choose the standard ticket Alhambra General, which allows you to access the Alcazaba, ai Nasrid Palaces and at the Generalife (i.e. the highlights) or the Night Visit ticket, in which case you will have to buy both the Night Visit at Nasrid Palaces that the Night Visit to the Gardens and the Generalife ticket, assuming you want to see them all.

Visit to the Alhambra and 6 Solutions if Tickets are Sold Out

Once you have decided on your ticket (below I will explain the process to purchase the General Alhambra), click Buy Tickets.

3. After clicking on the big orange button "Buy tickets" you have to select the number and type of tickets you want from the drop-down list. Go to step 2 and choose the date you want to visit the Alhambra (tickets are available from 90 days in advance).

If the chosen date is green it means that the tickets are there, if it is orange it means that they are about to run out (hurry up to book) if it is red it means that alas the tickets are sold out (but below we see how to find them anyway ).

4. This is where things start to get confusing. If you are purchasing the General Alhambra, you will need to make a reservation for the Nasrid Palaces. You can enter ai Nasrid Palaces only at the time indicated on your ticket, but once in there is no time limit. If you make a reservation in the morning, you will automatically be assigned a morning ticket for the entire complex and you will need to complete the entire visit during the morning session (08:30 to 14:00 with some seasonal variations). Conversely, if you make an afternoon reservation, you will be assigned an afternoon ticket, which is valid from 14:00 pm to 20:00 pm (again with some seasonal variations).

I'll tell you again because it's really very important and you don't have to go wrong: For i Nasrid Palaces you must enter the 30-minute window printed on your ticket, or you will have lost the right to visit them.

In winter, the queues to get in Nasrid Palaces they are not terrible. However, in the high season, it is advisable to be in line before the 30 minute window you have booked! If the queue is long, don't worry.

When I visited it, there was a person who passed by everyone, asked for tickets and if it was your turn he would let you pass. Despite this try to arrive early, because I don't know if things have changed in the meantime!

5. Enter your personal details and pay for the tickets. If you have been successful, print the tickets and keep them with care - the QR code must be legible.

Purchase from partner sites

If the tickets are sold out on the official website, you have several options, including that of purchase tickets through partner sites or book a guided tour of the Alhambra.

I generally recommend, as partner sites, Tiqets, Get Your Guide or Civitatis that for Granada and other Spanish destinations is unrivaled: Civitatis is a Spanish company, and is a leader in its market as it offers completely unique tours!

State offre also FREE TOURS OF GRANADA!

I have used both of them many times before, have recommended them to many, and they have always been extremely reliable.

Choose the ticket you want to buy and choose the day to visit. Note that if you buy tickets from partners, you may not have the choice between morning or afternoon. When I bought them, for example, all the tickets for the dates I checked were for the morning session.

-> Tickets for the Alhambra + Audioguide

The partner will then automatically assign you a reservation to Nasrid Palaces, so there is no need to make a separate booking. The time of the visit will be printed on your ticket.

Print the ticket if asked. Note that some tickets are 100% mobile and therefore you just need to show the ticket you will receive via email, from your phone without having to print it.

What to do if the tickets are sold out?

Visit to the Alhambra and 6 Solutions if Tickets are Sold Out

If the tickets are sold out on the official website, know that all is not lost, you can always try to get them in 6 ways below. It will probably cost you a little more than the € 14 ticket, but I assure you that it is worth spending. The alternative, which is to go to Granada and not visit the Alhambra, it is not an acceptable option!

Solution 1

Probably thesimpler option Is that of book one of the many guided tours available. Tour companies have the option of taking tours even when the tickets are sold out.

Below I have listed some tour options you can choose. Obviously I haven't tried them all, but I've looked for the ones with the highest customer ratings, read the reviews and I believe they are all great choices.

  • Alhambra private tour with guide in English
  • Alhambra and Generalife: priority access and guided tour
  • Alhambra and Nasrid Palaces: tour with private guide
  • Granada: Small Group Guided Tour of the Alhambra
  • Granada: Alhambra complex guided tour with transport included
  • Granada: evening tour to the Alhambra and Nasrid Palaces

Solution 2

Another option to gain entry to the Alhambra when the tickets are sold out is buy the Granada Card.

WARNING! The Granada Card is currently not available

Visit to the Alhambra and 6 Solutions if Tickets are Sold Out

The Granada Card in fact includes the ticket for the Palaces and the Generalife, the entrance to other main monuments of Granada and 9 stops on the tourist bus.

Paper is a great option and for that is the one that I recommend the most: you have the entrance to the Alhambra and to other 10 monuments. What if we don't have time or don't want to visit so many monuments? Well, let's visit the Alhambra and those that interest us the most. If we only visit 70% of the monuments, we have already paid off the investment.

Keep in mind that even Granada Cards can run out quickly, especially in high season and public holidays, so don't miss this option, buy it now!

Solution 3

THEAlhambra Card it is very similar to the Granada Card (although I personally prefer the Alhambra Card) from which it differs in a few things, essentially they have different monuments, so your choice should depend on what you prefer to visit the most.

ATTENTION: At the moment the Alhambra Card is not available!

Visit to the Alhambra and 6 Solutions if Tickets are Sold Out

In the Alhambra Card it is including the Last Minute ticket for the General Alhambra (the one that allows you to visit everything), other monuments of the city and 5 rides on the tourist bus.

Solution 4

Don't rely on it too much, but you can try calling your hotel and ask them to buy tickets for you, as the Alhambra assigns some hotel tickets for their customers.

Solution 5

Il Gold Double is a combination ticket designed to give you the opportunity to visit new places and encourage you to stay longer in the city.

The ticket includes the entire Alhambra General ticket experience and admission to other buildings of historical interest located in the Albaycin neighborhood.

Even if you see an “Alhambra tickets sold out” message on the ticket page of the official website, you may find some tickets available through the Dobla de Oro. You will know this at the time of purchase as you will be asked to book the entry time for the Nasrid Palaces.

You can see the Dobla de Oro here

Solution 6

I left this solution at the bottom as it must be your last resort (that of desperation in short): wait for a cancellation.

In fact, there is the possibility that tickets will be issued starting from 00:00 on the same day due to the cancellation of group or guided tours.

Go to the official site at 00:01 am, check and in case, be quick to buy. It is a risky strategy, there is no guarantee that you will be able to get tickets, but if it's the last one left, it's worth a try, you have nothing to lose and, sometimes, luck favors the brave.

How to reach us

Visit to the Alhambra and 6 Solutions if Tickets are Sold Out

On foot

Start from New Square and go up along Cuesta de Gomerez on a shady path lined with green elms which offer a pleasant shelter from the heat, especially in summer.

When you reach the Gate of the Granada (Porta dei Melograni) turn left and go up again until you reach the entrance to the Gate of Justice (Gate of Justice).

This is a nice walk but quite steep (15-20 minutes). The Gate of Justice is the entrance to the Alhambra recommended if you buy an early morning ticket since it is the closest to the Palacios Nazarìes and it will save you a walk around the complex.

Con i mezzi pubblici

La bus line C3 (you can pick it up behind the Isabella and Columbus monument) it will drop you off right in front of the Generalife ticket office.

If you have your own car you can't get to the Alhambra but the parking areas they are not too far from the ticket office.

You can also take a taxi for 6 Euros (one way) which is the easiest and most convenient way if you are more than one.

Entrances and Hours

Visit to the Alhambra and 6 Solutions if Tickets are Sold Out


THEmain access is where you can find the ticket office and where I entered from. There Gate of Justice it is the one I came out of instead. If you already have your ticket, it is best to enter here as it is the closest gate to Nasrid Palaces. The last one is the entrance from Porta de los Carros which is located between the other two entrances.

Opening Hours

As for the timetables of the Alhambra, here they are below:

From October 15th to March 14th

  • Day: 8.30 - 18.00
  • Evening Friday and Saturday: 20.00 - 21.30.

From March 15th to October 14th

  • Day: 8.30 - 20.00
  • Evening from Tuesday to Saturday: 22.00pm - 23.30pm

The Alhambra, What to See

Visit to the Alhambra and 6 Solutions if Tickets are Sold Out

The Alhambra is not a single building, but a complex of buildings that can be visited in about 4 hours (but you could stay there even longer): i Nasrid Palaces, which in my opinion are the best part; L'Alcazaba, a fortress that offers spectacular views over Granada; and the Generalife, which includes the gardens and a smaller palace.

Meanwhile download the map of the Alhambra from HERE so you begin to get an idea of ​​the visit itinerary you want to do. It is in English, but it is quite understandable.


Most people start their visit at Generalife. The Generalife or Palacio de Generalife was the summer palace where the royal family took refuge when they wanted to "escape" from official state affairs.

The gardens of the Generalife include the Garden of the Sultana (also called courtyard of the cypress) and the Patio of the Acequia (water garden courtyard), which has a long swimming pool framed by flower beds, fountains and pavilions.

If you go in spring or summer it will really be a show, full of flowers, it is something very similar to what you think about when it comes to gardens of Eden.


Dating back to the XNUMXth century, but the current complex was built by Mohammed I, who lived in the fortress together with his successor Muhammed II, theAlcazaba it is the oldest part of the Alhambra.

What to see at the Alcazaba:

  • The Piazza delle Armi
  • The garden of the Adarves
  • The Vela tower, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view, up to the Sierra Nevada.

Carlo V Palace

Charles V, king and elected emperor, decided to build his palace in the Alhambra, for himself and for his wife Isabella of Portugal. The construction of the palace of Charles V began in 1527 and was completely finished in 1957 and it is the most important Renaissance building in Spain. Today it hosts the Alhambra Museum and Fine Arts Museum of Granada.

Nasrid Palaces

And now i Nasrid Palaces - the main attraction of the Alhambra. There are three buildings inside, richly decorated:

Il Mexuar it is the oldest room. It was used for meetings between the king's ministers and as a court.
Il Comares Palace is the place where the king lived, with an imposing hall of 11 × 11 meters and a height of 18. Here are the courtyard of the myrtles (with a bright green lake), the room of the ambassadors (where the throne) and the boat room.
Il Leon's Palacei, that is the palace with the very fine stuccos, the inscriptions in Arabic and the particular decorations typical of Islamic art, which resemble small stalactites.

Where to sleep: Hotels near the Alhambra

Visit to the Alhambra and 6 Solutions if Tickets are Sold Out

There is a great choice of hotel near the Alhambra, with some located right on the royal grounds surrounding the monument, such as the Parador of Granada, a 4-star hotel right inside the complex.

these hotels offer easy access to the Alhambra within walking distance.

Most of the hotels are located in the historic center of Granada, the Albaycin, and offer spectacular views from terraces and balconies.


Located inside the Alhambra complex this is one of my favorite hotels in all of spain for its atmosphere.

Visit to the Alhambra and 6 Solutions if Tickets are Sold Out

Ideal for those visiting Granada just one day due to its location, right within the grounds of the Alhambra Palace, Hotel America combines the style of a traditional hotel with the comforts of a modern hotel with air-conditioned rooms and WI-FI.

See HERE prices and availability of Hotel America

Hotel Casa 1800 Granada: a little expensive perhaps (in high season), but absolutely worth it, it is one of the best hotels in all of Granada and one with the best value for money on

Palace of Santa Inés: another fabulous boutique hotel with a panoramic terrace and wonderful views of the Alhambra, reachable on foot in about 20 minutes. It offers all the comforts: private safe, wi-fi, courtesy set and buffet breakfast.

The Water Thief: located in a perfectly restored 500th century building, a few steps from the Alhambra, this hotel offers rooms with wooden ceilings, modern comforts and a nice decor.


  1. Purchase a guided tour
  2. Buy the Granada Card
  3. Buy Alhambra Card
  4. Buy the Dobla de Oro
  5. Ask your hotel
  6. Wait for a cancellation
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