Online tickets for the Sagrada Familia, which ones to choose?

Surely if you are planning to visit Barcelona, ​​at the top of the list of things to see, you will have the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. And how to blame you? They are not just two of the biggest attractions in the city, but the whole world.

I Sagrada Familia online tickets there are so many: a series of portals on the web offer from the simple skip the line ticket to combined tours of multiple attractions. Trying to get a complete picture of what the market is offering can be frustrating.


La Sagrada Familia has reopened its doors to the public after months of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is gradually reopening its spaces to accommodate a small volume of visitors. Those who intend to visit it are recommended to inquire about the new guidelines and health measures.

Visitors are encouraged to book online to avoid physical contact at the ticket offices.

Meanwhile, I leave you here the buttons from which you can book your ticket online Skip the Line with audio guide (highly recommended)



That's why I tried to group the most interesting tickets and combined tours in this post - so you can get the big picture all on the same page without having to waste hours of your time hopping from portal to portal.

Online tickets for the Sagrada Familia, which ones to choose?

Obviously looking on the internet you might find something that I missed. In this case, write it to me in the comments so I can add it to this list!

Visiting Barcelona can be expensive, especially if you are planning your visit during the high season. In fact, in recent years, tourism has exploded in the city, resulting in a substantial increase in the price of hotels and accommodation in general.

In any case with Barcelona online tickets you can save money. Let's try together to understand, we smart and low cost travelers, how to save our wallet from ruin, perhaps taking advantage of combined tickets of some Barcelona attractions.

I tickets for the Sagrada Família and Parc Guell they can be purchased directly at the ticket offices located just outside the monuments, but there are great advantages in buying the ticket online.

So my dispassionate advice is to buy tickets before to go to Barcelona: not only do you avoid the immense queues, but you can save up to 50%!

Buying tickets online is therefore not only cheaper but will also save you a lot of time… e time is money.

If you want to know more read my post on mistakes to avoid when visiting the Sagrada Familia.

In general, when I have to buy tickets for the Sagrada Familia I take these 4 portals into consideration, simply because I have tried them in person and therefore I can guarantee their seriousness:

  • il Official site
  • il site of the Barcelona tourist board
  • my co-worker Tiqets
  • my co-worker GetYourGuide

Please note: that the Sagrada Familia applies exclusivity policies to third party retailers. This means that if you buy on Ticketbar, for example, you have an additional € 2 management fee.

However, I also point out these portals for the simple reason that the official site of the Sagrada Familia, but only in Spanish and English. If you are not very proficient with languages ​​then it is also worth spending 2 euros more and buying from Ticketbar.

In addition Ticketbar, GetYourGuide and the Barcelona Tourist Board offer combined tickets, while the official site no.

So let's analyze the various cases together below, taking into consideration the tickets for the Sagrada Famiglia (and also the combined ticket "Gaudí Bundle" which allows access to the Sagrada and Parc Guell).

Online tickets for the Sagrada Familia

Online tickets for the Sagrada Familia, which ones to choose?

There are tons of online tickets for the Sagrada Familia and the decision on which one to choose is entirely up to you and your needs. Do you just want to have the simple skip-the-line ticket? Do you prefer a tour with a guided tour in English? Do you want to climb the towers or not? Are you looking for a ticket that combines a visit to the Sagrada Familia and some other Barcelona attractions?

Buying your ticket online saves you up to 6 euros each, in short, not bad especially if you are a family.

Below you will find the tours available that I found on the web, where to buy them and the discounts you get by buying your ticket online!

Tickets online Skip the Line

I Skip-the-line tickets for the Sagrada Familia they are not an option, they are in my opinion indispensabili: queuing could take you half a day without thinking that you may not even find more availability and therefore remain screwed.

I skip-the-line tickets they allow you to choose on which day and at what time to visit Gaudi's church. With your tickets, just show up at the entrance dedicated to priority access (in Carrer Marina) just 10 minutes before, show your ticket even from your smartphone (there is no need to print the voucher) and enter.

Beware that the single ticket does not allow access to the towers!

- >> Skip the Line Ticket + Audio Guide in English

I advantages purchase Skip the Line tickets only:

  • Skip the Line
  • You have the freedom to stay as long as you like inside the church

- disadvantages instead:

  • You have to study before going there to understand what you are seeing
  • you miss a lot of interesting details about the history of the Sagrada and about Gaudí (and trust me, it's a real shame)

At this point I would say that theonly option I would consider is the one with audio guide in English.

Online tickets with guided tour

Surely the Sagrada Familia visited with a guided tour gives you much more than visiting it with a simple skip-the-line ticket.

The church presents many symbols related to mystery and Freemasonry, but I won't tell you anything else so you will be free to discover them together with your professional guide during your visit.

Also in this case you can buy your tickets online with a guided tour below. Buy them as early as possible in high season because they run out quickly:

  • online tickets with guided tour from the official website of the Sagrada Familia (€ 26,00)
  • online tickets with Guided tour from the website ofBarcelona tourist board
  • online tickets with Guided tour HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Here too we try together to understand what are the advantages and disadvantages compared to other types of tickets.

Among the advantages to choose such a tour you surely have:

  • Skip-the-line priority access
  • a guide at your disposal that explains everything
  • you can ask the guide other questions and learn more
  • It gives you a 360 degree view of the church, its history and its secrets

disadvantages Instead, few come to mind: it is certainly more expensive than the simple ticket but there is a more than valid reason since you have a real person dedicated to you (even if you choose a group tour and not a private one) .

Perhaps for those who have small children for them it could be boring after a while.

Online tickets with access to the towers

It is really worth the extra money and visit the towers of the Sagrada Familia? In my opinion yes, unless you suffer from claustrophobia because the stairs downhill are a bit difficult.

Obviously, a visit to the towers is not essential, but if you already go to the Sagrada Familia, you may regret not having done so.

There are two towers: that of the Nativity which is 55 meters high, while that of the Passione is 75 meters high.

If you follow my advice, and you want to visit only one tower, for me the Tower of the Passion is better.

At the time of purchase you will have a time to enter and visit one of the 2 towers. Don't worry, even if you go directly to the tower, when you go down you can continue to visit the church for as long as you need.

Please note: that children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Unfortunately, since the descent is done via the stairs and not the elevator, the towers are not wheelchair accessible.

Please note: also that on certain days the towers could be closed due to bad weather or renovations (the Sagrada Familia looks a bit like Penelope's canvas, it's never finished… even if it should finally be in 2026). In this case you are entitled to a refund within 30 days!

Here is where you can buy yours online tickets with access to the towers:

  • online tickets with access to the towers from the official site
  • Guided tour with access to the towers 
  • online tickets with access to the towers and audio guide 

I advantages in my opinion:

  • offers you a complete view of Gaudí's masterpiece
  • after the visit to the tower you can stay in the Basilica as long as you need
  • you enjoy the splendid panorama of Barcelona from an unusual point of view
  • there is no question of whether it was worth it or not


  • It costs more
  • it is not accessible to strollers and people with reduced mobility
  • it is not suitable for those suffering from claustrophobia

If at the end of your visit you will have decided if the towers are worth visiting, let me write it in the comments for other travelers after you!

Student tickets for the Sagrada Familia

You probably already know, but if you are a student you are entitled to a € 2 discount on tickets for the Sagrada Familia, also for those online.

Being a student means that there is no age limit. You can be a student even at an advanced age, as long as you have a document that proves it (the university card for example)

In any case, never forget to bring your student card with you in case you need to show it when you log in. The offer is valid for both national and international students.

The process of buying discounted tickets is very easy, just enter "student tickets" at the time of purchase.

Until recently, if you did not have a student card, an identity card was sufficient. But don't rely on that too much, if you have your college card (badge) bring that!

More online tickets for the Sagrada Familia

Online tickets for the Sagrada Familia, which ones to choose?

In addition to the ones I've listed above, there are a myriad of online combined tickets which unite the Sagrada Familia with other Barcelona attractions.

I recommend some of these combined tickets because they often offer extra services, such as a visit to the Sagrada together with a walk with a professional guide or combined with the visit of Casa Batllo.

I personally believe that if you are planning to visit more than one thing in Barcelona then it's worth it.

Leaving aside the combined ticket for Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell, to which I have dedicated an entire chapter below, some of the online tickets combined with the visit to the Sagrada Familia are:

  • Casa Milà La Pedrera and Sagrada Familia
  • Barcelona and Sagrada Familia tour for small groups

Online tickets Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell

Online tickets for the Sagrada Familia, which ones to choose?

Since if you go to Barcelona you wish you could visit both the Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell, you can take a look at the Gaudi Bundle, a package that includes the two visits with audio guides downloadable to your phone (bring headphones).

ATTENTION: at the moment Gaudì Bundle is no longer available, but on the other hand here you find a lot of combined tickets

How does it work? Very easy, after the purchase you will receive an email with a code and a link to download the app on your phone. After downloading the app you can enter the code and download your guides.

Let's also see it agrees.

La visit with audioguide to the Sagrada purchased online costs € 25,00.

THEentrance to Parc Guell (with monumental area) from official website of the Park costa 8,50€.

Il total it is therefore € 33,50
Gaudí Bundle ticket: 33,50 €

Which ones are they the advantages then to buy the Gaudi Bundle?

  • It costs you same identical that if you buy the two tickets from the 2 official sites of Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell
  • You have the option of purchase in English while from the official sites no
  • You buy one ticket only instead of two which is more comfortable
  • Shark audio guides download
  • It also pays off in terms of time
  • You can visit the two attractions even on different days

Please note: that on the official site of the Sagrada Familia you will find a combined ticket for Sagrada Familia and Casa Museo Gaudí: this ticket does not allow you to visit Parc Guell, but only the Casa Museo!

So if you ask me if I think it's worth it, I'll answer absolutely yes: it makes my life easier!
When purchasing, remember to leave at least 3 hours difference between visits. Better if more.

One last tip… The Barcelona City Pass

Online tickets for the Sagrada Familia, which ones to choose?

There are other ways to save on Sagrada Familia tickets.

That is, if you are planning to visit many attractions in Barcelona, ​​my advice is to take a look at the Barcelona City Pass that in addition to various discounts on admissions to sites of interest and some transport (such as that from El Prat airport to the city center), it also includes the Sagrada Familia.

In this case, you can choose an entrance between the general ticket or with towers + audio guide, skipping the queue.

The Barcelona City Pass, in addition to the Sagrada Familia also includes theentrance to the monumental area of ​​Parc Guell and tourist bus (1 or 2 days depending on the option you choose.

With the Barcelona City Pass you also have skip-the-line priority access!

see all the things included in the Barcelona City Pass (or buy it) you can click on the button below:


This article has tried to give you an overview of online tickets for the Sagrada Familia so that you can find the one that best suits your needs.

Obviously there are other portals, in addition to the ones I have considered, to buy them.

Those I have told you about are the ones that I have personally tried and that I therefore consider reliable.

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