What is and where is the Cueva de Los Verdes, Lanzarote?

The Cueva de Los Verdes is one of the truly unmissable tourist attractions during a trip to Lanzarote. It is located in the municipality of Haría, in the north of the island, and is a unique place of its kind: a cave that was formed after several volcanic eruptions .

Visiting the Cueva de Los Verdes is an unforgettable experience, it almost seems to enter another world, impressive colors and shapes created only by Mother Nature.

In this article we go to the discovery of this wonderful cave, we see in detail what it is and how it was formed and all the tips to visit it in the best way.

What is the Cueva de los Verdes?

What is and where is the Cueva de Los Verdes, Lanzarote?

The volcanic eruption of Mount Corona dating back more than 5,000 years (before those of Timanfaya) created a series of caves formed by the lava flow, about 6 kilometers long that go from the volcanic cone to the sea.

Inside this tunnel is precisely the Cueva de Los Verdes, one of the most evocative places of Lanzarote that can be visited through a subway path of about 1 km. These famous caves also known as "Tunnel of Atlantis" form the largest volcanic tube in the world.

History of the cave

Contrary to popular belief, the name Cueva de Los Verdes has nothing to do with the mosses growing on the rocks but seems to derive from the surname (Verdi) of a family of shepherds who lived in these lands during the 18th century.

You should know that in the past the caves were used by the local population to take refuge from the frequent pirate attacks during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

In the 60's then the artist Jesús Soto insieme to the visionary genius César Manriquetransformed the caves into a real tourist attraction, a trip to the center of the earth!

The two artists did not intervene directly in the structure of the cave but created a system of light and shadow to highlight the rocky walls of the caves, perfectly integrated with the geological formations of the caves.

The interior of the cave

What is and where is the Cueva de Los Verdes, Lanzarote?

Approximately one kilometer of the Túnel de la Atlántida has thus become a tourist route between tunnels and light games that will be toured exclusively with guided tours.

Crossing the volcanic tunnel is certainly an unforgettable experience, admiring the incredible work of nature among stalactites, salt deposits and unique colors highlighted by the reflections of light.

The particolarità della Cueva de Los Verde is the presence of an auditorium that can accommodate up to a thousand people and is occasionally used for concerts and artistic performances.

The cave is directly connected to another important attraction of the island: the famous Jameos de Agua.

Visiting the Cueva de Los Verdes

What is and where is the Cueva de Los Verdes, Lanzarote?

Unlike other attractions of Lanzarote, such as the Jameos de Agua, it is not possible to visit the Cueva de Los Verdes alone but accompanied by expert guides.

A walk of about 1 hour in a magical atmosphere, going through tunnels alternating with wider spaces. The path is quite simple, easy and well lit, only some points can be more slippery and there are narrow corridors with very low ceilings, where you have to pay attention to your head.

In any case, I recommend wearing comfortable clothes and rubber-soled shoes to avoid slipping.

At the end of the visit you will discover the secret of the Cueva de Los Verdes, a surprise that will leave you speechless. I advise you not to look for information about it so as not to spoil the surprise and it will be a secret that you will love to keep.

Cueva de los Verdes Reviews

What is and where is the Cueva de Los Verdes, Lanzarote?

The visit to the Cueva de Los Verdes is absolutely recommended, it is an experience that you will hardly live anywhere else. The unique beauty created by nature and enhanced by the artistic genius of Manrique y Soto. A path suitable for everyone, very much appreciated even by the little ones.

The guided tour is in English and Spanish, but you can listen to an audio guide in English by downloading the CACT Lanzarote app.

Cueva De Los Verdes: General Information

Tours open at 10.00 a. M. and close at 16 p. M. (Last visit).

The entrance fee to the caves is 10 € for adults and 5 € for children from 7 to 12 years old. Children under 7 years old do not pay.

Getting to the cave is very easy and there is ample parking for both bicycles and cars.

Other must-see attractions in Lanzarote

I recommend combining the Cueva de Los Verdes with a visit to the nearby Jameos del Agua. Also in the north of Lanzarote there are other important points of interest not far from the famous caves, such as the Cactus Garden and the Mirador del Rio.

In any case, to discover all the wonders the island has to offer, I suggest you read the article What to do in Lanzarote, where I describe all the attractions to see.

Nice tour to discover the center of the Earth!

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