When to go to Tenerife, Best Month, Weather, Climate, Time

When to go to Tenerife, Best Time

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Tenerife is not only sea and beaches, in the largest island of the Canary Islands, an abundance of colors and plants awaits you immersed in the reliefs of volcanic origin. The interior of the island is characterized by a suggestive alternation between desert lands and rocky reliefs covered with lava, among which the Teide Volcano(the third largest in the world) stands out. The Corona Forestal Natural Park is ideal to discover all this through trekking.

Continuing west on the coast there is Los Gigantes, a seaside resort where you can admire the gigantic cliffs overlooking the ocean: up close they are even more spectacular and can be seen directly from the sea with a boat ride.

In the north of the island you will find the most important cities of Tenerife: Santa Cruz and San Cristobal de La Laguna, to be seen and discovered in the streets of the center, flanked by houses in perfect Spanish style, and to be experienced in the stores, in the discos and in the typical restaurants.

Tenerife, rocky reliefs Santa Cruz de Tenerife Tenerife, desert

The beaches are mostly of dark volcanic sand, the waters that dominate are of an intense blue. The only beach with golden sand is Playa de la Teresitas, formed with sand imported from the Sahara.

Tenerife is also known for its nightlife, where the resorts come alive to the rhythm of music and the party continues all night in the nightclubs of the major cities.


Tenerife's climate is temperate all year round and knows no winters. Daily temperatures hover around 29 掳 C in summer and 20 掳 C in winter, while winds blow constantly from the east and northeast. The north of Tenerife is cooler and rainy, while the south is drier and warmer. Rainfall is concentrated in the months of November to February and is not very abundant

; during this period an average of 5 cm of rain falls per month, while from April to September a dry climate prevails. It must be taken into account that in the southern area of Tenerife summer temperatures even reach 40 掳 C during the month of August and especially on the days when the warm winds from the Sahara reach the island.

The seawater temperaturein

Tenerife ranges from a minimum of 20掳C in April to a maximum of 25掳C in September.

The ideal time for a trip to Tenerife is in late spring and early summer or in the months of September and October.

to avoid the excessive heat of summer. The winter months are not ideal for a vacation alone at sea due to the frequent clouds, but are pleasant for those who want to discover the naturalistic beauties of the island.

For more details on precipitation and average temperatures

, see the following data.


Not only one of the most important events in the Canary Islands but among the most important in the world: the carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

, second only to that of Rio de Janeiro. Every February every year, simultaneously with Brazil and all the carnivals of the world, the streets of Tenerife are filled with colorful masks and floats for a whole month, an extraordinary party organized without restrictions, almost exaggerated and naturally transgressive. But the highlight is the official parade when the carnival queen is chosen close to the carnival dates. On this page you will find all the information about the Carnival program in Santa Cruz de Tenerife: carnavaldetenerife.com.
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