What to see in Le贸n in Spain, a trip to the charm of Castilla

    Stop in Le贸n, Spain, along the Camino de Santiago, a city rich in history and art, which seems straight out of a medieval fairy tale.

    What to see in Le贸n in Spain, a trip to the charm of Castilla

    Le贸n In Spain, it is the capital of one of the most important autonomous communities in the country, Castilla y Le贸n, one of the historical regions that gave rise to the Spanish national State at the end of the Middle Ages and which is home to a truly impressive concentration. of monuments, castles, spectacular churches and testimonies of a millennia-old past. 脕vila, Burgos, Segovia and, indeed, Le贸n are just some examples of this magnificence.

    Le贸n is a city of around 140.000 inhabitants, with a history that has its origins in the first Roman colonization of the Iberian region when a military post was founded for the seventh legion, in Latin legio which over the centuries became Lion. Many towns have passed through the streets of Le贸n, each one leaving a mark on the face of the city, which thanks to this cultural wealth quickly became one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

    Today Le贸n is one of the most visited destinations by cultural tourists who come to Spain to discover the history and art of the country and its position on the line of the Camino de Santiago that leads to the sanctuary of Santiago de Compostela also makes it a center very important. for Christianity. In this guide we will discover the must-see destinations and the most important attractions of Le贸n, a city that brings together all the charm of Castile and ancient Spain.

    The most famous and celebrated monument in Le贸n is its spectacular Gothic cathedral, which dates back to the 13th century and was inspired by the great French Gothic cathedrals but with a local character that makes it unique. The cathedral is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is nicknamed Pulchra Leonina due to its beauty and elegance. It represents one of the peaks of Spanish medieval architecture, both for the magnificent architecture and for the wonderful decoration work that embraces every corner of the structure.

    Inside the main nave of Le贸n Cathedral, visitors are enchanted by what is one of the most incredible spectacles of Spanish art: almost 2000 square meters of brightly colored stained glass windows where you can admire the Old Testament stories created both in the Middle Ages and in more recent years and they merge into a general hypnotic whirlwind.

    What to see in Le贸n in Spain, a trip to the charm of Castilla

    Another religious building of primary importance that you can visit in Le贸n is the Royal Basilica of Sant'Isidoro, a splendid church built in the 11th century on the ancient Roman temple dedicated to Mercury, and which is considered the "Sistine Chapel" of Spanish Romanesque. The nickname is due to the majestic fresco decoration that covers a large part of the interior of the church and represents one of the most incredible results of Spanish medieval religious art, right in the place where the Leonese rulers were buried and where the mortal remains are preserved. of Rest of Isidore of Seville, Spanish bishop of the 6th century who was also one of the greatest intellectuals of the Early Middle Ages.

    To enter the heart of Le贸n it is necessary to reach the main square of the city, Plaza Mayor, geographical center of the urban fabric a short distance from the Bernesga River that crosses the city. The splendid square is a triumph of baroque architecture and right here is the town hall, known as Balc贸n de la Ciudad, due to the habit of the Leonese nobles of observing the development of the city's activities from the top of their balconies.

    A short distance from the town hall you can visit interesting buildings. Casa delle Butchers and palace of Count Luna. The first was the institution in charge of distributing meat in the city and had its headquarters in a very elegant building from the 17th century that today has been transformed into an exhibition center where exhibitions of great interest dedicated to art and photography are held. He Palace of Count Luna It is a very interesting structure that still preserves the original 14th century doorway and is a testament to the eclectic artistic taste of Le贸n, which combines the Gothic style with the Arab influences of Moorish architecture.

    The narrow streets of this neighborhood, San Mart铆n, are dotted with bars and restaurants, considered by many to be the best in the city, where it is possible to taste the best of the region's cuisine, including the delicious and celebrated Serrano ham, and For this reason, the nickname with which the people of Le贸n refer to this area is The Humid, that is, the language in Spanish.

    A monument not to be missed is the famous Wholesale Boots, designed by the famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaud铆 at the end of the 19th century as the new headquarters of the association of textile artisans of Le贸n. The building is a magnificent example of a hybrid between neomedievalism and modernist architecture, of which Gaud铆 was the most important exponent in Spain in those years, with spiers, decorations and fretwork that make the fa莽ade a jewel of elegance and architectural mastery.

    To know the history of the city in every detail then the best option is to visit the Leon Museum, located in the Pallar茅s Palace, in the Plaza de Santo Domingo, where a wide variety of finds, works of art, documents and all types of material testimony are kept that cover the historical history of Le贸n from the first testimonies of the Paleolithic to the Contemporary. With great attention to the multimedia and interactive aspect, the museum offers the possibility of learning about history through the contamination between the different cultures that have occurred in Le贸n over the centuries, thus allowing us to better understand the development of its rich culture. and eclectic.

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